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Welcome to Ang Thong
Ang Thong, originally known as Mueang Wiset Chai Chan, is located along the Noi River and the low-lying banks of the Chao Phraya River. Historically, Ang Thong was an essential frontier outpost of the Ayutthaya Kingdom in defense against the Burmese.

Ang Thong province is a center for the production of numerous handicrafts, including miniature dolls, firebricks, drums, and wickerwork. It is also the site of origin of Li Ke folk dancing and many native folk songs, as well as the hometown of Nai Dok and Nai Thongkaeo, heroes of the legendary Bang Rachan Battle against the Burmese. Ang Thong also features more than 200 magnificent and interesting temples.
North : Singburi South : Ayutthaya
East : Ayutthaya and Lopburi West : Suphanburi
Distances to Other Provinces
Ayutthaya 38 km Lopburi 48 km
Singburi 42 km Suphanburi 48 km

Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Pa Mok 12 km Chaiyo 15 km
Pho Thong 13 km Sawaeng Ha 26 km
Wiset Chai Chan 15 km Samko 26 km
Festivals & Events
City of Rice and Water Bowl Fair and Annual Red Cross Fair
When: March
Where: City Hall, Mueang District
Is the annual fair of the Ang Thong people held after harvesting period in late March every year. There are interesting activities like cultural shows, exhibitions, local handicraft sales, display and demonstration, stalls, Mueang U-Khao U-Nam beauty contest, agricultural product contest, farmers sports competition, and various kinds of entertainment. The fair is held in front of Ang Thong City Hall.
Long Boat Race Festival
When: March and October
Where: Wat Pa Mok, Mueang District
At Wat Pa Mok is held within Wat Pa Mok Worawihan compound, Amphoe Pa Mok. The festival is held in 2 periods i.e. the reclining Buddha and the mondop of 4-foot. prints celebration will be held in March, while traditional long boat race festival and the countrys renowned long boat competition will be held in October.
Loy Krathong at Wat Siroi
When: November
Where: Wat Siroi, Wiset Chai Chan
Every year there will be firework to celebrate Luangpho Pa Lelai, which is the sacred ceremony of Ang Thong people held on the same day as Loy Krathong day.
Paying Homage to Luangpho Wat Chaiyo
When: November
Where: Wat Chaiyo, Chaiyo District
In the event, the worship and commemoration of Somdet Phra Phutthachan (To Phromrangsi) and Phra Maha Phutthapim will be held in May and November of every year.
God Kuan-U Invitation and Dragon Parade Procession
When: December
Where: Ang Thong market, Mueang District
Is held in December every year in Ang Thong market. There will be a ceremony to invite God Kuan-U and, dragon parade procession, and stalls of good-price products.