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Route 1
From Northern to Bangkok, driving along Phahonyothin Road.

Route 2
From Southern to Bangkok, driving along Phetkasem Road.

Route 3
From Eastern to Bangkok, driving along Sukhumvit Road.

Visitors can travel by bus to Bangkok from Thailand's neighboring countries with varying levels of ease.

From Malaysia, one can cross by bus into Thailand through various border checkpoints in Songkhla, Yala, and Narathiwat provinces, although most busses will head to the hub of bus travel into, out of, and around southern Thailand, Hat Yai. From Hat Yai there are direct busses to Bangkok.

Most busses from Laos originate in Vientiane and cross the Mekong River to the Thai border town of Nong Khai, where it is possible to arrange for a bus transfer to Bangkok.

The primary route on a Cambodian bus to Thailand is across the border at the respective towns of Poipet and Aranyaprathet. From Aranyaprathet one can easily arrange bus or minibus transport to Bangkok. Timetables

Bangkok serves as a major international hub for air travel, with the new Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) hosting over 40 million visitors and transit passengers each year. Dozens of domestic and international air carriers bring passengers to Bangkok from most major cities in Asia, Europe, North America, and Australia.

In addition to outstanding dining and shopping, the Suvarnabhumi Airport features a transportation center that provides visitors with easy transfer from the airport to destinations throughout the kingdom as well as rail, bus, taxi, and limousine service to all districts in the Bangkok metropolitan area. The city center is only 30 kilometers west of the airport and features a new electric rail line that provides easy access to the city center.

The former primary airport, Don Muang, located 20 kilometers north of the city center, no longer services international flights, functioning as a minor domestic airport and airstrip for charter flights to and from Bangkok. Timetables

At present, the only standard train service to Bangkok is via the Malaysian border town of Butterworth. Travelers from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur can travel by train to Bangkok, but not without stopping to change trains. The journey from Singapore can last up to 48 hours as two changes of trains are required and there are numerous stops along the way to Bangkok.

First class sleeper cars can make a train trip to Bangkok more enjoyable, though comfort and convenience come at a price; one can travel the Eastern & Oriental Express, a throw-back colonial-style luxury train that services Butterworth and Bangkok on a once weekly schedule. Timetables


Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport is a first-class international airport with international standard services, in the unique Thai style, together with diversified services able to fulfill the utmost satisfaction of the service users leading to 1 of 10 world’s excellent airport as well as to expand the business and logistic hub in the South East Asian Region, which is the important part in creating the economic added value toward Thailand.

Opened in September 2006, the new Bangkok International Airport, Suvarnabhumi (“Soo-wan-na-boom”) is one of the most spectacular airports in the world, befitting its status as the major hub of air travel in Southeast Asia.

Located approximately 30km (18.6 m) east of downtown Bangkok, a drive to or from the airport should take no more than one hour, though a new rail line linking the airport and town should save a great amount of time during Bangkok’s chaotic rush hours.

The airport, which can service up to 45 million passengers per year is a hub for a number of international carriers, including Thai Airways, Orient Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, and Thai AirAsia, as well as major connecting city for Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Emirates Airline, EVA Air, Indian Airlines, Royal Jordanian, and Sri Lankan Airlines.
Hotels in Suvarnabhumi Airport area

Recommended Suvarnabhumi Airport

1 Access to the airport & Car Park

Located on the 15th kilometer of Bangna-Trad Road, just 25 kilometers from downtown Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport is easily accessible via a series of 5 highways both directly from Bangkok and its surroundings. The airport has 5 main access routes. Among these the most convenient route is via the Bangkok-Chon Buri Motorway (Highway No.7).

Access roads include::
North Access : an elevated 8-lane road from the new Bangkok-Chonburi Highway.
Northwest Access : a 6-lane road joining Romklao elevated road and Kingkaew Flyover.
South Access : a 4-lane road connecting the Bangna-Trad Highway a Bhoorapavithee Expressway.
Northeast Access : a 4-lane road leading to Onnuj Road.
West Access : a 4-lane road linking Kingkaew Road.

Moreover, an underground mass rapid transit rail station is provided under the Passenger Terminal Building during the upcoming phase.

2 Airport Services & Facilities

For passengers' convenience, the new airport offers services and facilities such as the 600-room hotel (Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel) covering initially 120,000 square meters, 2 car parking buildings of 22,550 square meters housing parking areas, vehicle maintenance office, car rental center, service area, washing service and other facilities with a beginning capability of 5,000 cars. In addition, an underground station is planned for public transportation.

3 e-Airport

The new airport offers an online information system for passengers' convenience. Supported by electronics system, the e-Check-in shortcuts the complicated and time-consuming procedure and enhances the security efficiency. For mobile phone's additional service subscribers, reservation can be directly made. After entering the airport, they can gain access to several procedures and information i.e. flight ticket checking, automatic check-in, etc. Moreover, the e-Information system will provide them with SMS and WAP flight information.

To tackle today's terrorist and epidemic threats, the Biometric Technology, applied for safety and security efficiencies, helps make the individual identification an personal data verification more easily than the usual passport control approach. Once the BT system is fully developed and globally implemented, air travel will step into the novel security efficiency.

Included in the e-Navigation is a quick guide for passengers by SMS via moblle phones i.e. airport's facilities, translation service, airport's map and GPS, directional guide in-out of the airport, tourist attractions in international languages, etc.

4 Green Airport

With healthily and environmentally conscious construction, Suvarnabhumi Airport recognizes that a pleasant environment can boost a more enjoyable trip and passengers' satisfaction. Planned are the passenger terminal's interior design and airport's landscape. Furthermore, the treated wastewater from the treatment plant is reusable for watering plants.

Due to the Passenger Terminal's high roof design and passengers' 4-meter vertical occupancy, the radiant floor cooling and re-circulated air cooling systems are installed for energy saving. Moreover, the automated air control adjusts the temperature accordingly to the ever-changing passenger volume to reduce the air-condition workload. The new airport's daily wastewater is treated and reused in the air-conditioning system, irrigation system and environmental quality maintenance, resulting in cost cutting as well as energy conservation.

5 Passenger Terminal Complex

The PTC has 10 entrance gates accessed by 2 roads which are Inner Curb and Outer Curb. It is combined with the connected 7 concourses which are A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. Concourses A, B are for domestic flights and the others are for international flights. Domestic and International passenger services are handled under the same roof. The Passenger Terminal Complex comprises of:
Basement Floor
Airport Rail Link
1st Floor (Map)
Bus Lobby
2nd Floor (Map)
Arrivals, Transfer Service Counter, Baggage Claim, Immigration, Customs, Transportation and Accommodation Counters
3rd Floor (Map)
Restaurants, Medical Center, Left Luggage Service, Access to Parking Building
4th Floor (Map)
Departures, Customer Services Center, THAI and Other Airlines Ticketing Offices, Immigration, Customs
5th Floor
THAI and Star Alliance Offices
6th Floor
AOT area
7th Floor
Observation Deck

6 Passenger Terminal Facilities

Suvarnabhumi Airport is designed with passengers' convenience in mind. At the Departures Level, there are 460 check-in counters and 60 passport control counters whereas at the Arrivals Level, there are 83 passport control counters. The whole procedure takes under 45 minutes. The baggage handling facility has a capacity over 9,000 bags and hour.

Scattered everywhere are flight information displays, including audio announcement at intervals, to prevent passengers' boarding failure.

Wherever possible, signage with internationally accepted icons is used as an aid to easy navigation while information and help desks are located throughout the airport. Provided is the Prayer Room in compliance with the international airport's standard.

The new airport offers a variety of facilities, including different outlets in the Departures/transit lounges such as reasonable Thai food shops, Duty Free shops, Children's Play Zone, internet café, pay internet booth, roomy waiting lounges and VIP lounge, etc. for passengers' ultimate convenience.

7 Passenger Services

The Domestic and International Terminals are clearly separated.

Domestic Terminal
- Domestic Departures : Passengers use the front entrance on the Terminal's Level 4, pass the check-in procedure and head for the domestic corridor to Concourse Building.
- Domestic Arrivals : Passengers enter the Terminal's Level 2, complete the immigration formalities, baggage claim and custom clearance and head for car parks. In case of connecting international flights, they go up to level 4 instead.

International Terminal
- International Departures : Passengers use the front entrance on the Terminal's Level 4, pass the check-in procedure and head for the connected international corridor on the same level.
- International Arrivals : Passengers enter the Terminal's Level 2, complete the immigration formalities, baggage claim and custom clearance and go to car parks. In case of connection domestic flights they go up level 4 and head for the domestic corridor.

8 Potentials

The new airport has an initial capacity of 45 million annual passengers, 76 flights an hour and over 3 million tons of cargo. 2 runways with a distance width of 2,200 meters, each 3,700 meters and 4,000 meters long, able to accommodate A380. Also included are 51 aircraft stands with aerobridge gates of which 4 are designed to handle the super jumbo Airbus A380 and 69 remote parking bays and 2 car parking buildings connected to the passenger terminal to serve over 5,000 cars. A gross 563,000-square-meter area is set for an assortment of 24/7 Duty Free shops. The completed project will feature 4 runways totally, resulting in an ultimate capacity of 100 million annual passengers, 112 flights an hour and 6.4 million tons of cargo.

9 Security & Safety

Focusing on public security and safety, top priority of the airport's service, Suvarnabhumi Airport is full equipped with facilities and protection measures as follows:

Terrorist Attack Prevention - The efficient detection system is installed for screening and prompt intervention in case of hijacking, explosives and firearms carrying, and other forms of terrorism.

Fire Safety Provisions - On duty 24/7 are the fire safety team with modern equipment commensurate with the operation of the building.

Life Safety - Available are standard medical services for outpatients and emergency cases. The airport's design also takes into account the special needs of the disabled, the elderly and passengers with small children. Provision is made to accommodate people with walking difficulties, the wheelchair bound, the blind and the deaf. There are level access, ramps, lifts, accessible toilets and moving walkways. Signage is prominent and internationally accepted icons are used wherever possible as an aid to clear communication.

1 Airport Shuttle Bus

Shuttle bus within Airport 24-hour Service. There are 2 lines of service within Suvarnabhumi Airport namely Express Route Line and Local Line :
Express Route Line
  • Public Transport Center
  • Passenger Terminal on the 4th Floor, gates 5
  • Passenger Terminal on the 2nd Floor, gates 5
Local Line
Line A - Service can be utilized at the platform of Passenger Terminal on the 1st Floor, gates 3 and 8
  • Public Transport Center
  • Long-term car parking lot B,E
  • Long-term car parking lot A,C
  • BAFS Company
  • Opposite fire Station
  • TG Ground Service
  • TG Operation Center
  • TG Engineering
  • Control Post 3
  • Control Post 2
  • Passenger Terminal on the 1st Floor gate 1
  • Passenger Terminal on the 1st Floor gate 10
  • Passenger Terminal on the 2nd Floor gate 5
  • TG Catering
  • Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Station
Line C - Service can be utilized at the platform of Departure Hall on the 4th Floor, Gate 5 and at the platform of Arrival Hall on the 2nd Floor, Gate 5
  • Public Transport Center
  • Rachathewa Police Station
  • Engineer Center (AMF)
  • Disposal Station
  • Meteorological Facilities
  • Opposite Engineer Center (AMF)
  • Airport Operation Building
  • Long-term car parking lot F,E
  • Long-term car parking lot B,E
  • Long-term car parking lot A,C
  • LSG Sky Chefs
Line B - Service can be utilized at the platform of Arrival Hall on the 2nd Floor, gate 5 (Exterior)
  • Public Transport Center
  • LSG Sky Chefs
  • Opposite fire Station
  • TG Operation Center
  • Novotel (front)
  • VIP Room
  • Free zone
  • Free zone exit
  • Intersection (Free zone)
  • TG Catering
  • Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Station
Line D
  • Public Transport Center
  • LSG Sky Chefs
  • Opposite Fire Station
  • TG Operation Center
  • Airport Office (AOB)
  • Novotel Hotel
  • Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Co., Ltd
  • TG Catering
  • Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Station

3 Public Bus

11 Bus routes operated by BMTA serve the airport's dedicated bus terminal. There are also direct long-distance services to Pattaya, Talad Rong Kluea and Nong Khai

Bus Routes connecting to Suvarnabhumi Airport
No. 549
"Suvarnabhumi Airport - Minburi: (24 hours)"
Lardkrabang Police Station – Romklaw Rd. – Kasenbundit Uni.- Sereethai Rd.-Bangkapi

No. 550
"Suvarnabhumi – Happy Land: (24 hours) On-nutch Rd. – Khet Prawes – On-nutch Intersection – Bangapi Intersection – Happy Land

No. 551
"Suvarnabhumi Airport – Victory Monument: (24 hours)"
Motorway – Ksembundit Uni. – Klongton Pol.Station - Department of Public Works and Tow & Country Planning – MCOT - Dindaeng – Victory Monument

No. 552
"Suvarnabhumi Airport – Klongtoey: (05.00 – 23.00 hours)"
Bangna Trad Rd. –Chularat Hospt. – Ramkamhaeng 2 – Central Bnagna – Udomsuk – BTS Station (On-nutch) – Ekkamai – Asoke – QSNCC – Lotus – Klongtoey

No. 552A
"Suvarnabhumi Airport – Samuthprakarn: (24 hours)"
Bangna Trad Rd. –Chularat 1Hospt. – Ramkamhaeng 2 - Central Bnagna – Samrong – Samuthprakarn – Praeksa Garage

No. 553
"Suvarnabhumi Airport – Samuthprakarn: (05.00 – 22.45 hours)"
Kingkaew Rd. – Wat Salud (Bangna-Trad) – Ramkhamhaeng 2 – Srinakarin Rd. – Theparak intersection – Crocodile Farm – Samutprakarn (Pak Nam)

No. 554
"Suvarnabhumi Airport – Rangsit: (24 hours)"
Ram Inthra Rd. – Laksi – Vibhavadee Rangsit Rd. – Donmuang – Rnasit

No. 555
"Suvarnabhumi Airport – Rangsit: (Rama 9 Expressway) (06.00 – 02.00 hours)"
Dindaeng – Suthisarn – Vibhavadee Rangsit – Kaset Uni – Laksi – Donmuang –Rangsit

No. 558
"Suvarnabhumi Airport – Central Rama 2 : (Expressway) (5.00 – 23.00 hours)"
Bangna Trad Rd. – Daokanong – Wat Son - Suksawas Rd. Ram 2 Rd. – Cetral Rama 2 - Samaedam

No. 559
"Suvarnabhumi Airport – Rangsit : (Expressway) (05.00 – 23.00 hours)"
Sereethai Rd. – Siam Park – Noparat Hospital – Fashoin Island – Expressway (Ring Road) – Lamlukka – Dream World – Klong 4, 3, 2, 1 – Suchat Market
Public Bus Service to other porvinces
No.389 - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Pattaya
No.390 - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Talad Rong Kluea
No.390 - Suvarnabhumi Airport - Nong Khai

4 Public Taxi

Public taxis can be found on 1st floor (Arrivals). See Map
- Contact Taxi counter, Level 1 - Ground Level, near entrances 3,4, 7 and 8.
- Pick up area: taxi stand Level 1 - Ground Level
- Taxi fare: metered taxi fare plus 50 Baht airport surcharge, and expressway fees.
- Passenger drop off at Departures (level 4 - outer curb)

1 Bus Lobby

Bus Lobby

2 Arrivals


3 Meeting and Greeting Gallery

Meeting and Greeting Gallery

4 Departures


The 5th Floor : Thai Airways and Star Alliance
The 6th Floor : Restaurant
The 7th Floor : Observation Deck
Underground : are allocated for the Train Station

5 Legend