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The recently opened underground train system (officially called MRT - Mass Rapid transit) reaches from the Northern train station of Bangsue to Hua Lumphong main railway station in a loop, connecting with the Skytrain on 3 different stations, namely : Silom, Sukhumvit and Chatuchak Park.

There have a similar ticket system as the Skytrain (BTS) but both systems are for the time being not compatible. All stations of the underground train can be reached via ramps and elevators, if needed, or alternatively via escalators.

See combined Route map

bts and mrt route map
bts and mrt route map
bts and mrt route map
bts and mrt route map
bts and mrt route map
bts and mrt route map
The 'impossible' became a reality in April 2004. It had taken seven years to build, comprising 21 kilometers of bored tunnels, with 18 simultaneously-built stations, using top-down techniques up to 30 meters deep under the city's major roads. The cost was approximately US$ 2.75 billion.

Officially called the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and in Thai as rot fai fah mahanakhon ("metropolitan electric train") or more often as the rot fai tai din ("underground train") the line operates from 5am to midnight, and extends in a wide loop from the main railway station of Hualumpong, then tracks back via the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre to the smaller rail station of Bang Sue (pronounce Seu) to the north.

It has interchanges with the Skytrain at Si Lom, Sukhumvit and Chatuchak Park stations. To protect against periodic flooding, station entrances are elevated above ground, and equipped with built-in floodgates. To prevent accidents and suicides, a glassed-in Automatic Platform Screen Door separates the platform and track, and opens only when the trains pull in and stop. All stations feature lifts and ramps for disabled people.

As with the Skytrain, there are a number of ticket types, which only need to be held close to the ticket barriers to operate them, thanks to a proximity sensor. Tokens are used for single journeys. An unlimited 1 day go-as-you please travel ticket currently costs Baht 120. A joint ticketing system for the Subway and Skytrain is planned.

06.00 am - midnight daily.

Frequency - Less than 5 minutes during the peak hours 06.00 - 09.00 am. and 04.30 - 07.30 pm.

Less than 10 minutes during the off-peak hours.

Maximum 18 serviced rolling stocks and 1 reserved.

MRTA has prepared the parking areas and other facilities for the MRT passengers including two Park & Ride Buildings and seven subway stations.

The parking lots, retail shops, and other facilities are available for the passengers who want to park their cars and take the subway for their destinations.

The Park and Ride Building at Lat Phrao Station, a nine-storey building located at Ratchada-Lat Phrao intersection, can accommodate 2,400 cars. The passengers can walk along the underground walkway from the building to Lat Phrao Station. There is a large supermarket on the underground floor for those who want to stop for shopping. The ground floor is designed to provide customer service including ticket-vending machines, intercom system, CCTV, elevators, and public conveniences. The station also accommodates two floors of shops, stalls for other commuters.

The other park and ride building is located at the Thailand Cultural Centre Station between Soi Ratchadaphisek 6 and 8. The building has three floors and accommodate 180 cars. This park and ride building also has shops, stalls and other conveniences for MRTA passengers.

There are sample parking area at seven MRT stations: Sam Yan Station, Sukhumvit Station, Phetchaburi Station, Thailand Cultural Centre Station, Huai Khwang Station, Ratchadaphisek Station and Kamphaeng Phet Station, Moreover, in the inbound Ratchadaphisek area, there are more air-conditioned stores area and public conveniences for MRT passengers.

Contactless Smart Card
1. Single Journey Token
2. Stored Value Card :

    2.1 Value addable
    2.2 Non-Value addable