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Night Life in Bangkok
Bangkok is not only colorful in daytime but also after sunset when the city takes on a different light and comes to life to offer amusement 24-hours around the clock.
Probably the most popular nightlife spot in the city, located beteen Silom Road and Surawong Road, the Patpong area is full of a-go-go bars and beer bars. There are also exciting Thai boxing (Muai Thai) bouts in the three short streets comprising Patpong.
Clubbing in Bangkok
Sukhumvit Club Spasso, Grand Hyatt Erawan
A great choice for after work cocktails or for a pre-party catch-up with friends. This underground bar and club draws in plenty of the higher society expats. Relaxed atmosphere here even when it’s bustling with people (especially on a Friday night of course.) Completely transforms after 10pm when the club starts buzzing. But until then, you can enjoy some fine Italian delights from the extensive menu, or try out their wood-baked pizza from their smaller menu. Then get up and work it off on the dance floor.
Location: 494 Rajdamri Road
Open: 10:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2254 1234
Note: Reservation needed, especially at the weekend.
Barsu, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel
This easy accessible bar in Sukhumvit is a classy way to spend your evening. Not just offering the standard plethora of cocktails, they boast about their wide selection of wines to choose from. The décor is chic with black textured walls and red carpet; you won’t feel out of place in your best dress here. The atmosphere is more chilled out than most due to their careful selection of music, typically jazz, funk and soul. Expect a long night of chatting over a bottle with some tapas style eats. A pricier, but much finer way to spend an evening with friends in Bangkok.
 Location: 250 Sukhumvit Road between Soi 12-14
Open: 07:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2649 8358, +66 (0) 2649 8888
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Bed Supperclub
Bed Supperclub Dress to impress at the most High-Society Club in Bangkok. Super modern décor. Obvious from the name; the main room is lined with beds. Its all white interior is pristinely clinical so you'll want to look your best in here. Fabulous food menu if you make it early enough before the crowds swarm in. Serving anything from Thai classics with a twist, Western dishes to even tastes from Morocco. Bring a loaded wallet as it’s going to be an expensive evening.
Pricing (Cheap/Moderate/Expensive): Moderate
Location: 26 Sukhumvit Soi 11
Open: 08:00 pm. - 01:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2651 3537-8
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Q Bar Bangkok
Q Bar Q Bar is located on Sukhumvit Soi 11, in the heart of Bangkok. Often has well-known bands and DJ’s playing so check what’s coming up on their website. Crowd of stunning internationals and Hi-So’s flock here. Downstairs can be cramped on a busy night, as it’s quite small. Upstairs has a better choice of seating. Famous for its cocktails as it has a well stocked bar and experienced bar tenders.
Pricing (Cheap/Moderate/Expensive): Moderate
Location: Sukhumvit Soi 11
Open: 08:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2252 3274
NARZ Bangkok
Narcissus Club Established since 1992 and former known as “Narcissus Club”, “NARZ Bangkok” is conveniently located on Sukhumvit 23 Road. The huge place aims at the higher-end Bangkok club scene. It has terrific light and sound systems and occasional International guest DJs. It is very popular among foreign expatriates. The setting needs no introduction - with the lounge and serious dance floor and places to get wild and intimate. The stylish and signature decor s tyle make it an ideal place to celebrate with your friends.

This dynamic space creates a playground for sophisticated people who demand luxury and style. There are four floors, eight bars, three rooms with ultra-chic interiors for everyone and music goes from Hip Hop in the middle floor, House upstairs room to Trance in the main room, which is one of the biggest, most talked about and hippest late night venues in Bangkok.
Pricing (Cheap/Moderate/Expensive): Moderate
Location: 112 Sukhumvit Road Soi 23
Open: 07:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2258 4805
Glow Nightclub
This small but funky bar is big for music lovers. Plays a wide range of music from local and International DJ’s. Nights vary from a chilled out reggae evening to pumping electro. It usually starts off pretty quiet and then kicks off late into the night. Dress appropriate to the evening here, as you don’t want to get caught out in your killer heels/long sleeve shirts to find out your bobbing to Bob Marley surrounded by tie-dye and hemp.
Pricing (Cheap/Moderate/Expensive): Moderate
Location: 96/4-5 Sukhumvit Road Soi 23, Asok Soi Cowboy
Open: 07:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2258 4805, +66 (0) 2261 3007, +66 (0) 2261 4446
Rama 9 (RCA) Clubs
Concept CM2
Concept CM²
Found in the basement of Novotel Bangkok on Siam Square, a short walk from the BTS Sky train station, CM ² is the epicenter of entertainment and the only club located at Siam Square. With different bands gathering from around the world, CM² is a refreshing party house that delights people from around the world who return year after year, night after night, to experience the best live music in town. You can enjoy also sets resident and guest DJs who mix track after track, electro, funky house, dance pop track or hip-grinding R&B …in an amazing atmosphere.
Pricing (Cheap/Moderate/Expensive): Moderate
Location: Siam Square soi 6 Bangkok
Open: 08:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2209 8888
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Rama 9 (RCA) Clubs
Royal City Avenue, or RCA as it is better known as, is a long strip off Rama 9, which is home to a multitude of bars and clubs. Here is a run down of some of the most popular choices:
Route 66
This huge club has a lot to offer. It’s the biggest on the RCA. Split up into 4 sections (North, South, East & West) All have a different theme & music style. Crowd masses mostly made up of Thai University students looking to dance, drink & hook up. Packed on weekends so arrive early to get yourself a table and a bottle.
Pricing (Cheap/Moderate/Expensive): Moderate
Location: RCA Block C, Rama 9 Road
Open: 08:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2203 0834
Slim Club Website:
Slim & Flix
Attracts a slightly more mature audience than Route 66. It has two main dance rooms, one playing hip hop & current beats. The other room plays Thai pop or they have a live band playing on certain nights. Weekends are ram-packed but there is always a seat out the front for the smokers.
Location: RCA Block C, Rama 9 Road
Open: 07:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2203 0377
808 Club
808 Club This club shouts out from the rest with its enormous mirrored exterior. Hard to miss this place in the centre of the strip with its bright neon lights cascading the entrance. The interior is unique with old school leather chairs lining both floors. The top floor has a good view of people strutting their stuff on the floor below. Caters for nicotine addicts with a separate smoke-filled area upstairs to compensate the lack of any outdoor seating.
Location: RCA Block C, Situated between Rama 9 and Petchaburi roads near Thonglor.
Open: 09:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2203 10434
A quieter, more laid back choice than a lot of the places on RCA. This casual bar has a pool table and attracts a lot of the local Thai’s into the alternative scene. Live bands play most nights. Great for starting drinks & snacks. However, if you meet a nice crowd, you may end up there until 2am!
Location: RCA Block C, Rama 9 Road
Baroque Open: 07:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
On the other side of the road to the RCA entrance you’ll find this alternative option. The décor is something to comment on. Elaborate wallpaper, splashes of gold highlight the lobby & spaceship-style DJ booth. Less crowded at weekends and attracts a wider spread of ages than RCA anywhere from University students to people in their 50’s looking to dance the night away.
Location: Rama 9 Road, opposite RCA
Open: 08:30 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2245 8950-2

Phraya Thai Clubs
Club Culture
This renovated classic Thai theatre stands alone from the other main areas but is the main venue if anyone big is coming to town. Has seen the likes of DJ shadow and Grandmaster Flash. A big dance floor with enough room to bust some moves on, even when it’s busy. Attracts an alternative crowd so funky attire is well respected. Music is loud and vibe is fun. Often runs themed nights; a guaranteed feel good time.
Location: Ratchdumnoen Klang
Open: 09:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: 089 497 8422
Rathetewi Clubs
Pretty Party Coco Walk
This outdoor area a stones throw from the easy accessible BTS has a wide selection of chill out bars to choose from. In the centre lies a huge Korean style BBQ. A very cheap option at 99bht per person for all you can eat, Surrounding the rows of picnic tables are lines of small, friendly bars. Often with varying themes. Many regulars return here night after night due to the warm vibes and homely feel. Coco Beach is among the favorites tucked away at the back on the left hand side. Offers a refreshing change with a beach style décor, it’s a nice break out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Further down the road lies The Rock Pub, for anyone into some guitar solos and some heavy drum beats.

Very affordable area as it’s a popular spot for the young Thai’s. A great place for some cheap eats and chilled out drinking evening with friends. Be warned, you may not stumble home until 4am.
Location: Rathetewi (Just off the BTS)
Open: 06:00 pm. - 00:00 am.
Thong Lo Clubs
Witch’s Tavern
An English style pub worth mentioning for its warm atmosphere and well stocked bar. Staff are friendly and the food is plentiful. Obviously, this place attracts many foreigners for this reason but is a great place to meet new people. Live bands play every night so there is always a slightly different feel to the place even if you came everyday. A great starting point for a night out in Thong lo/Ekkamai.
Location: Thong Lo Soi 55: 10 minute walk from the BTS on the right hand side.
Open: 11:00 am. - 01:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2391 9791, +66 (0) 2391 7170
Website: Funky Villa
Funky Villa
(Also easily reached from Ekkami as Thong lo soi 10 links to the main Ekkamai road) This bar lives up to it’s name. A very funky spot for anyone who’s anyone. Often attracting extremely good-looking and well-known Thai’s. They have an intricate food menu hence the price being higher than many places. Definitely a cool spot to get noticed in.
Location: Thong Lo Soi 10
Open: 07:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2711 6970
Located behind funky villa this club has a great grudge feel to it. The building looks like it’s half burned down and the entrance is swarming with neon lights. On the weekends the music is deafeningly loud; so not a place to come and chat. Best option is to get a bottle, find a table and just dance the night away. Attracts the alternative crews due to its array of music choices. Electro, dance & house are popular on the weekends. Warning, it gets extremely hot and sticky on the dance floor as their air-con is not great.
Location: Thong Lo Soi 10
Open: 08:00 pm. - 02:00 am.

Note: The parking lot for Demo and Funky Villa is large but still gets packed on weekends. Arrive before the crowds swarm at 10pm to get a space. Or better yet, get a taxi and have a few drinks instead.
Xperience, the new experience of Bangkok nightlife will set the mood for fun night out in style with different theme parties. The bar offers a great selection of good wines, champagne, spirits and cocktails. Themed nights like Rock, 80’s & 90’s, Acoustic, R&B, Alternative, Latino, Salsa, Tango and live bands will rivet the crowd.

The experienced Chef regales the diners with his flavorful gastronomic creations with western, fusion and Asian cuisines available at lunch, buffet and wine dinner. The bar is a good spot to hang out with friends for watching sports. Internet addicts need not to get out, wi-fi is available in the bar.
Location: Sukhumvit soi 55, Thong lo (soi 8)
Open: 08:00 pm. - 01:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2713 8363
Ekkamai Clubs
Sukhumvit 63, Ekkamai, This long street can be walked in 20 minutes giving you huge options for a night out. One pumping club after another with many dotted unique bars along the way. Here are some of the most popular spots.Curve Nightclub
Curve Nightclub
Halfway down the soi on the left hand side. Recently reopened after renovation this is the new club on this street. Attracts intimate groups of mainly young Thai’s as often have local bands loudly bashing out famous Thai songs and hip-hop tracks.
Location: 59/9 Ekkamai Road Soi 1
Open: 07:00 pm. - 01:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2714 2323
Jet Metropolitan Live Phenomena
Halfway down the soi on the right hand side. A popular bar and club on Ekkamai which attracts crowds of young Thai’s. Great vibe here as everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves jumping around their tables loaded with Whiskey and mixers. Good selection of cocktails and a classy interior with different levels and areas to choose from. The usual bar snacks are also available. Midweek, when the band finish playing though, there is a mass exiting and you’ll be l eft standing on your own on the dance floor. Time to go home.
Pricing (Cheap/Moderate/Expensive): Moderate
Location: Sukhumvit 63, Ekkamai
Open: 07:00 pm. - 02:00 am.
Phone: +66 (0) 2382 3393-4 Let's have fun
Happy Monday
This tucked away bar is further down soi Ekkamai on the right hand side. A great choice for a midweek drink with some friends. It’s small but it’s a cozy bar with mainly outdoor seating. The atmosphere is very easy going and chilled out. Staff are very friendly and the menu of food and cocktails is great and reasonably priced. They occasionally have intimate live sets from new and practising DJ’s. Always busy any day of the week (not just Monday’s!) attracting regular Thai’s and foreigners alike. Weekends can get quite crowded and there will be no where to sit so come before 10pm to grab yourself a candle lit wooden table nestled under the trees.
Location: Ekkamai Soi 10
Open: 07:00 pm. - 02:00 am. late Closed Sundays
Phone:+66 (0) 2714 3953
Up All night Clubs
Dance non-stop Scratch Dog Nightclub
This underground thai haven lies beneath The Windsor Hotel soi 20. A nice hidden gem when you just can’t stop dancing. Nicely air-conditioned, a hundred bar staff line the way as you walk in. The interior isn’t anything special but a lot cleaner than other late night choices. Dance floor always full after 2am. (come before 1am and you’ll be dancing solo.) Talented new DJ’s try out their stuff here – current chart music, hip-hop, house and dance music. Usually a good set, but by the time you reach here, you don’t really care what’s playing!
Pricing (Cheap/Moderate/Expensive): Moderate
Location: 8-10 Sukhumvit Road Soi 20 in The Windsor Hotel
Open: 08:00 pm and is filed under After Hours
Phone:+66 (0) 2262 1234
Climax Club
Dark dingy, open all hours club. Most famous of the late night choice. Full of farang and tones of thai girls on the hunt. It has a lot of space for dancing but if often packed by 3am. Podiums line this seedy bar to strut your stuff on. Normally, once you’ve reached here, you are too intoxicated to care. If you are with friends, you will have a laugh.
Location: Sukhumvit Road Soi 11
Open: 07:00 pm. - 01:00 am.