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Welcome to Ang Thong
Chachoengsao, also known as Paet Rio, is located to the east of Bangkok in Thailand's central region. Chachoengsao is a fertile agricultural area fed by the Bang Pakong River. Mango is the most popular fruit grown in the province, and it is the location of the sacred Phra Phutthasothon Buddha image.

Derived from Khmer, the name Chachoengsao means deep canal, while the name of Paet Rio (Paet means eight and Rio means stripes)is believed to have come from the method that dried fish (which are abundant in the area) were divided by eight stripes.
North : Nakhon Nayok and Prachinburi
South : Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Gulf of Thailand
East : Sakao
West : Bangkok, Samut Prakan and Phatumthani
Distances to Other Provinces
Chonburi 44 km Nakhon Nayok 100 km
Samut Prakan 75 km Sakaeo 124 km
Prachinburi 76 km Rayong 137 km
Bangkok 82 km Chanthaburi 190 km
Phatumthani 85 km    

Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Ban Pho 14 km Phanom Sarakham 30 km
Khlong Khuean 18 km Plaeng Yao 35 km
Bang Nam Priao 19 km Tha Takiap 45 km
Bang Pakong 22 km Ratchasan 46 km
Bang Khla 25 km Sanam Chai Khet 50 km
Festivals & Events
Buddhists Worship The Father Works Sothon
When: One year has held three meetings are scheduled as follows: Lunar
Where: Wat Sothon Wararam Woravihan
Buddhists Worship The Father Works Sothon
Buddhists Worship The Father Works Sothon
1. festival in mid-5 from 15 days in the RAM 2 night 3 days / 3 nights including dinner Considered a celebration of the feast day. Oarrhnr father Buddha sothon up from the water. The temple to enshrine

2. festival began in mid-twelfth day 12 to day of the waning moon one night (in November) Due in the year 2433 the smallpox epidemic around the village, so vow to the father Buddha sothon. The celebration. A great annual event of the province. From the ritual sacrifice of four landmarks were God the father Buddha sothon, City Pillar Shrine, Statute of King Rama 5 Mary, Department of thousand Maruphong Siripat. Edsrpibre Prachinburi province governor, parade father greatly. Both land and water along the river Bangpakong. Traditional boat race. River Bangpakong temple sothon the Boat Race Machine tail boat scooter Formula Formula boats. And watch the race, swimming across the river Bangpakong. Visit the show's artists, actors. Shopping. Steam Tambon One Product. DO Paetrew. And the Red Cross fair, Chachoengsao.

3. Chinese New Year festival. Organized by the Chinese. With traders and the public officials in the province Starting from Day 1 to Day 5 evening dinner (Chinese Lunar New Year) and 5 days 5 nights.
Festival Burning Up Hill Bun Lam
When: The 14th of Lunar Month 3
Where: Plaeng Yao District
Festival Burning Up Hill Bun Lam
Festival Burning Up Hill Bun Lam
Held on the 14th lunar month at the Hua Samrong Community, Plaeng Yao district. A tradition inherited from his ancestors. The immigrants from Laos. Pranangklao the reign of King Rama VI (King 3), which calls itself. Lao Wiang currently Settlements in Phanom Sarakham. Chachoengsao "Bun Lam" Lam is a tradition of offering merit. Wild rice noodle solution. Buddhist monks Wat Nong Bua Wat Nong position, which is in Phanom Sarakham district. Because the present Lam. 3 months may be due to harvesting season of rice. Most of the villagers farming career. The rice crop, which is their primary from the first harvest. This is called the new rice smell very appetizing. Bring food made with a composite Si Suk bamboo in a fire. To make the cooked rice is called "Lam" to be presented to monk.

Lam firing. People will begin to burn in a day is 14 lunar months 3 by the villagers to look for bamboo Which is more in the village. Lam doing barrel. The aircraft will have to choose not to bamboo. Or not followed by too much light. It will be followed by the foul smell. And without pulp. Make rice stick cylinder The length of the segment is fairly long bamboo about 18 inches away the entire body to cut bamboo. Or sawn, with joints at the bottom of the barrel of the "sticky". Mixed with coconut milk successfully. Enter the barrel to fire the yard By digging a shallow rails are located the two sides of the cylinder barrel Lam Lam. Cause fire, along with Lam. Some trees that house the dead were from the morning to fuel up 15 third lunar month people will be Lam. Noodles to make merit at Wat.

Lam the merits of the people "Vieng, Laos" continues to do well as tradition. And mixed with Thai culture is. Gilding Footprint Wat Khao Dong Yang model. (Wat Suwan), Tambon Nong address. Phanom Sarakham. Chachoengsao mid 3 people "Vieng, Laos", which is far from Wat Dong Yang approximately 4 - 6 miles to travel on foot to the gilding. The route through the house Hua Hua Samrong, Samrong district, converted long The Thais are ethnic Khmer. Populated a large number of Lam Bun Festival is home to the popular Hua Samrong. And the tradition of their peoples. Habitual "He burned the Lam" of Hua Samrong community. Hua Samrong. District length conversion. Chachoengsao Province.
Mango Festival Food City of Bangkhla
When: March - April
Where: Bangkhla District
Held during the months of March - April of each year in the duties that the Bang Khla district. In many different activities such as dining items, such as Kung Pao various snapper burn salt - Steamed lemon buy ripe mango served with sweet sticky rice - it is, mango served with sweet sauce. Competition for agricultural products. Water sports. Purchase agricultural products. And OTOP products. Of good Bangkhla affordable. Boat trip to the natural river Bangpakong - Quick island.
Tasting Snapper Dolphin Watch Trip Dong Birds
When: October
Where: Bang Pakong District
Tasting Snapper Dolphin Watch Trip Dong Birds
Tasting Snapper Dolphin Watch Trip Dong Birds
Late October to February Dolphins - color of the ground Animals, a gentle fun-loving playful striped bass - the colorful career. Most farming in the Eastern Waterfowl - colors of the sky, animals, love hard endurance race Pong more Thai Tha across the estuary Bang Pakong district. An area with abundant During the late months from October to February every year. Is a large swimming dolphins herd the winter. Marine currents and food supply is added to fish Duudaee Thai estuary. The end of the river Bangpakong. If the sea breeze blows gently dolphins are exposed to water, breathe because less oxygen in the water. If the sea breeze prevail Possession, a thrill to be looking for dolphins. Family dolphins to swim in groups and play and play and enjoy.