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Chainat Province
Chainat is one of the ancient cities in the central region of Thailand. It is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River at the mouth of Phraek Si Racha canal. The community was moved from the old site at Sankhaburi in the reign of King Rama IV. Chainat was an important town used several times as a base to confront the Burmese army. Every time, the Burmese were defeated, thus originating the name of Chainat which means a place of victory.

Chainat has beauty natural, historical sites, park and many more cultural attractions, including the Chao Phraya Dam, the Chainat Bird Sanctuary, which protects over 100 species of bird.

Chainat occupies an area of 2,469 Square kilometres or approximately 1,543.591 rais. It divides the administration area into 8 districts, namely, Mueang Chainat, Hankha, Manorom, Sankhaburi, Sapphaya, Wat Sing, Nong Mamong and Noen Kham.
North : Nakhon Sawan and Uthai Thani
South : Suphanburi and Singburi
East : Nakhon Sawan and Singburi
West : Suphanburi and Uthai Thani
Distances to Other Provinces
Suphan Buri 42 km Uthai Thani 60 km
Nakhon Sawan 58 km Sing Buri 97 km

Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Manorom 14 km Hankha 35 km
Sapphaya 21 km Nong Mamong 42 km
Wat Sing 22 km Noen Kham 48 km
Sankhaburi 27 km    
Festivals & Events
Straw Bird Fair
When: January or February
Where: Chainat provincial Hall, Mueang District
Straw Bird Fair
Straw Bird Fair
The Straw Bird Fair and Red Cross Fair is held in the weekends at end of rice harvest during January or February of each year. This annual fair is organized by making good use of straw left from the rice fields. Strew/Hay from the rice fields is brought to make bird-shaped hay stacks of all shapes and sizes representing various species of birds in the wild. Colorful Hornbills, King Fishers, Herons, Parrots, Peacocks and more in over-sized, life-size and miniature straw birds are exhibited at the out-door riverside terrace in front of the City Hall for the contest.

Various species of huge straw birds will come perching on elaborately decorated floats during the straw bird procession. This has led to an initiative by the villagers to creatively transform this agricultural by-product into a unique handicraft.

After the competition all straw birds will be displayed in front of the Chainat Provincial Hall. Local products and agricultural crops will also be available in the fair.
Songkran Festival
When: April 13 - 16
Where: All around Chainat Province
Songkran Festival
Songkran Festival
Songkran Festival is the traditional to celebration Thailand New Year, will be held at temples and in the vicinity of the city's. Songkran is also called the “Water Festival”. The water is meant as a symbol of washing all of the misfortune away and signified fertility to induce abundant rainfall in the incoming year. At many of the old riverside villages in Chainat are unique places for you to specially celebrate this traditional Thai New Year. Besides having fun splashing water to one another to cool off heat during the summer, there are other cultural rituals tourists can get involved with the locals.
  1. Merit Making : People gather at Buddhist monastery ground to pray and offer alms to monks. Either early in the morning or at noon time.
  2. Bathing of Buddha Images : Fragrant water is poured over the Buddha statues for cleansing or worshippers will sprinkle lustral water signifying bathing onto the image as a gesture of respect. Then, using this "blessed" water to give good fortune to elders and family by gently pouring it on the shoulder.
  3. Making Sand Pagodas : Many temples all around Chainat celebrate this form of merit making at this time of the year. The sand used for building pagodas is often taken from a riverbank or provided by the wat and piled up closeby. The pagoda builders will mix sand with water to make it lump together when used to make pagodas of various sizes. When finished, the pagodas are decorated with flowers, flags and sprinkled with scented water.
Long Tail Boat Race Cup
When: July
Where: Phraya Tak Temple, Mueang District
Long-Boat Race in Chainat
Long-Boat Race in Chainat
The Long Tail boat racing in Chainat have been organized since 2006, and it has become an annual event with participants from all over Thailand. Boat racing has been a part of Thai culture for centuries. Chainat Boat Races are held for 3 days followed by an important religious ceremony of the province, the annual offering of huge saffron robe to cover the highly revered shrine at Wat Phra Barommathad built in early Ayutthaya period.

Urged on by cheering crowds, the day at the boat-races is as much a colorful spectacle to watch. Between the races, there's time for a leisurely stroll around the temple's compound and old riverside communities or taste delicious local food at one of riverside floating restaurants string along the Chao Phraya riverbank
Pomelo Fair
When: July - Auguest
Where: In front of Chainat City Hall, Mueang District
Pomelo Fair
Pomelo Fair
Chainat is the one of various provinces famous for producing pomelo. The most pomeloes are cultivated in Kung Sam Pao Community, Manorom and other district of Chainat. The best one species of pomelo is "Khao Tang Kwa", its features are a round shape, smooth skin, thin husk, sweetcrisp taste and a little sour. Agriculturists now have been promoted by officials to grow Pamelos as a career.

Pomelo Fair is an annual event with the support in promoting by provincial authorities concerned. The best know one from the province is of "Kao Tang Kwa" (means white like a cucumber) family with special characteristics for having thin and smooth skins and of well-rounded shape fruits. Judging for the Best Pomelo Contest, winners will receive a Gift Certificate from the Governor and other prizes. The entries then will be on display throughout the Festival.

For travelers, this is the best time to taste the best pomelo and visit the orchards, plus exploring other unseen destinations through boat trips and bicycle riding.