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Chiang Mai Hot Deal

Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel
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Narittaya Resort and Spa
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Driving from Bangkok takes approximately 8 hours
Route 1 : Drive on Highway No.1 (Phahonyothin Road) and turn left to Highway No.32 (Asian Highway) which passes Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Ang Thong, and Nakhon Sawan; then take Highway No. 117 to Phitsanulok and Highway No. 11 through Lampang and Lamphun to Chiang Mai. The total distance is 695 kilometers ... see more

From Bangkok there are ordinary, 2nd class, and 1st class air-conditioned busses leaving throughout the day from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) for Chiang Mai (08:00 am. to 09:00 pm.) For more information, Call 02 936 3600, 02 936 2852, and 02 937 8055 for an updated bus timetable ... see more

Domestic airlines, including Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Thai AirAsia, and Nok Air, operate several flights daily between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Depending on where you are flying from, one of these airlines can also fly you directly to Chiang Mai from Mae Hong Son, Pai, Chiang Rai, and Koh Samui ... see more

Express and rapid trains operated by the State Railways of Thailand leave for Chiang Mai from Bangkok's Hua Lumphong Station six times a day from 08:00 am. to 10:00 pm. The trip takes about 11-12 hours on an express train ... see more


Activities in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has a host of fun and frolic activities to do, both in town and out in the mountains. There is a plenty of choice for everyone whether you are independent and family travellers and whatever you like, cultural, adventurous or relaxing activities. One of the highlights that you should not miss when you are in Chiang Mai is to experience its cultures and traditions by visiting historical sites, temples and hilltribe villages. Explore the green world on elephant’s back, trekking, mountain biking, bird watching or bamboo rafting in the river are a small examples of fun things to do in Chiang Mai. If you prefer to unwind and indulge yourself on a lazy day, there are a lot of spas that you can immerse in the healthy routine and soothing calm environment or cooking classes are also available throughout. Sportive activities available in the province are varied such as golf, cricket and even bungee jump and many more.

Recommended Activities

1 Bird Watching

Bird Watching
Bird Watching at Doi Inthanon National Park
Chiang Mai is one of the wonderful places to do bird watching in Thailand. Magnificent virgin forests and ecological diversity are just some of the charms that attract visitors to Chiang Mai. Every year thousands of tourists from all parts of the world flock to Chiang Mai to admire the natural beauty to be found in the north. One activity which has gained increasing popularity over the past few years, especially among genuine nature lovers, is bird watching.

Because of its unique topography of low lying valleys and soaring mountain ranges, Chiang Mai has won the attention of bird watchers. Diverse forest conditions including timber forests, virgin forests, mixed forests, pine forests and rain forests combine with a rich natural environment to make Chiang Mai more suitable than other provinces for discovering a wide variety of birds species. Chiang Mai is also home to a large number of bird watching sites.
Doi Inthanon National Park
Location: Chom Thong District
Tel.: 0 5328 6728, 0 5328 6729
Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park
Location: Fang District
Tel.: 0 5331 7496, 0 5345 3517-8
Doi Chiang Dao Wildlife Conservation Centre
Location: Chiang Dao District
Tel.: 0 5326 1466
Doi Suthep-Doi Pui National Park
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5321 0244, 0 5321 2065

2 Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping at Chiang Mai X-Centre
Amid a naturally beautiful location in a mountainous area of Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, you can enjoy such extreme sport as bungee jumping. The bungee jump here is operated by the owner who has been involved in bungee since its earliest days as a commercial industry in New Zealand.

Having been closely involved in its development into a mature and safe sport with a well- conceived code of practice, this bungee jumping site is equipped with all those required to safely develop and operate bungee jumping including expertise in tower structures, bungee cord fabrication, safety management and staff training. Conquer your fear by jumping 165 feet (50 metres) above a jungle lagoon. A purpose-built electronic lift rated for 750 kg. will take you to your jump height with comfort and safety.
Chiang Mai X-Centre
Location: Mae Rim District
Tel.: 0 5329 7700, 08 7833 6655

3 Elephant Rides & Trekking

Elephant Rides & Trekking
Elephant Rides & Trekking at
Maesa Elephant Camp
Elephant rides and trekking is highly recommended. Chiang Mai is a centre for trekking into the mountainous northern areas which are home to hilltribes. The verdant hills and forests provide the natural setting for trekking by foot or on elephant back as well as for watching birds and wildlife. The most popular trails are in Doi Inthanon National Park where over 300 bird species and a wide variety of orchids and other flowers can be seen. Many tour agents offer choices of hilltribe treks consisting of trekking on foot, on elephant back, mountain biking, bamboo rafting and kayaking. Some programmes include overnight stays at hilltribe villages.
Chiang Dao Elephant Training Centre
Location: Chiang Dao District
Tel.: 0 5329 8553, 0 5386 2037
Pong Yaeng Elephant Camp
Location: Mae Rim (Km.18) District
Maesa Elephant Camp
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5320 6247, 0 5320 6248, 0 5320 6247
Tha Phae Ban Mae Taman
Location: Mae Rim District
Tel.: 0 5329 7060
Pang Chang Mae Tang
Location: Mae Taeng District
Tel.: 0 5384 4818

4 Fishing

Fishing at Bor Sang Fishing Park
Believe it or not you can also go fishing in Chiang Mai at lakes out in San Kamphaeng that are well stocked. Dream Lake and Paradise Lake are two places that you can visit, hire rods and have some success in hooking a variety of species such as catfish, carp, pike and tilapia among others. For visitors it's most practical to arrange a day trip with Dream Lake Fishing tours, who lay everything on and know where the fish are biting. There are several other smaller lakes that Thais like to try their luck in with their own equipment, usually there is a small fee, but the more they charge the better stocked the lake.
Bor Sang Fishing Park Chiang Mai
Location: San Kamphaeng District
Tel.: 0 5333 8597
Nong Sam Ka
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 08 6114 8779
Mae Ngud Dam
Location: Mae Taeng District
Tel.: 08 6182 7069

5 Golf

Golf Outing at
Mae Jo Golf Club & Resort
Golf is one of the most popular sports in Chiang Mai. The city is also a host of many international competitions. The majestic mountainous landscape is the charm of the city and brings a lot of tourists as well as golfers to behold its beauty. Chiang Mai offers golf courses with various designs for your option, ideal for a golf tour. The courses are inventive, challenging and well-designed by well-known course designers. They are well-equipped with facilities and amenities including club house, golf carts, caddies, restaurants. Most of the courses are located amidst the green mountains providing breathtaking views. Accommodations are provided with scenic views within or outside the golf courses.
Chiang Mai Highlands Golf and Spa Resort
Location: Mea-On District
Tel.: 0 5326 1354 to 9
Royal Chiangmai Golf Resort
Location: Sansai District
Tel.: 0 53849 301 - 6
Mae Jo Golf Club & Resort
Location: Sansia District
Tel.: 0 5335 4431
Summit Green Valley Chiang Mai Country Club
Location: Maerim District
Tel.: 0 5329 8222

6 Hilltribes Trekking

Hilltribes Trekking
Hilltribes Trekking at Mae Rim District
Chiang Mai has several tour operators that specialise in trekking and offered a short distance from the city. Treks are designed to expose visitors to splendor nature and a variety of hilltribes. Hilltribes Trekking of particular interest to most are the six major hilltribes which inhabit the Northern Highlands. The largest group is Karen, followed by the Meo, Lahu, Yao, Akha and Lisu. They share animism beliefs and honour numerous forest and guardian spirits. Each tribe has distinctive ceremonial attire, courtship rituals, games, dances, agricultural customs, languages or dialects, aesthetic values and hygienic habits.
Asian Plus Service
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5381 2106, 08 6192 5299, 08 1993 1866
Nit Tour 55
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5387 2499
Amesanity Travel
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5381 2106, 08 6192 5299, 08 1993 1866
Treetop Adventure
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 08 9970 5511, 08 9970 5511
Konthai Tour
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5321 8661, 0 5341 2859

7 Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking at Mae Taeng Valley
Chiang Mai is the epicenter of the kingdom’s mountain biking scene. The mountainous terrain of Chiang Mai is the epicenter of the kingdom's mountain biking scene. The mountainous terrain of this province is really suitable for mountain biking. Particularly when the weather is cool and the rains infrequent, single and multi-day mountain biking excursions explore the lush forests. Most rewarding perhaps is visiting unique hill tribe villages. Many tour companies offer biking tour programmes that include guides, food and overnight equipment.
Crouching Tiger Tours
Location: Hang Dong District
Tel.: 0 5343 0880
Konthai Tour
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5321 8661, 0 5341 2859
Chiang Mai Mountain Biking
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 08 1024 7046, 08 7182 3642

8 Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing
Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures
Rock Climbing and Rappelling in are also spoilt in Chiang Mai and there are three climbing walls and great climbing at Crazy Horse Buttress east of Chiang Mai in the Mae On district. Here you'll find some first class climbing on good faces and crags. You can practice on the Peak Climbing Wall, which is adjacent to the Night Market, but we recommend three-day courses (for beginners) with Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures. Run by Josh Morris and his pro team, these are the best crowd to hang out with if you are serious about climbing, and they can arrange trips to the face, and provide equipment and support.
Amesanity Travel
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5381 2106, 08 6192 5299, 08 1993 1866
Treetop Adventure
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 08 9970 5511, 08 9970 5511
Standard Tour
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 08 9756 2651, 0 5381 8600

9 Scorpion Tailed Boat River Cruise

Cruising at Ping River
Cruising along the Ping River by the scorpion-tail vessel is the interesting activity for the tourists who come and visit Chiang Mai. The trip is guided by experts in Chiang Mai historical events who will take you to trace back to the remote antiquity of Chiang Mai.During the cruise, the vessel passes through the Chiang Mai's biggest wholesale market before approaching the peaceful scenic beauty of Chiang Mai's outskirts. The boat stops at the important historical landmarks. First stop is at the Wat Gate area, Chiang Mai's oldest trading and commercial center. Visit Wat Gate and its historical museum and see several old buildings on Charoenrat road.

Boat information: there are 3 different boat sizes for 15, 30 and 50 passengers. Life vests are provided.
Konthai Tour
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5321 8661, 0 5341 2859, 08 1386 8314
Mae Ping River Cruise
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 08 1884 4621, 08 1885 0663, 0 5327 4822

10 Tree Top Adventure

Tree top Adventure
Fight of the Gibbon, Tree top Adventure
Experience adventure in the Thai rainforest high in the treetops. The zipline tours are a unique system of tree houses, platforms, cables and sky bridges enable you to view jungle life from all layers of the canopy, a perspective previously reserved for a select group of researchers and started in the pristine rainforest in the mountains near Chiang Mai.

Soar from up to 39 stations on a zipline canopy tour with Flight of the Gibbon. It's the only zipline in Thailand’s primary rainforest and while flying you’ll see both a green fertile tropical jungle and native wildlife, like the elusive gibbon, thriving in the 1500 year old eco-system. Raise your adrenaline as you glide through the longest zipline course in the world at over 5 km long under the guidance of Sky Rangers, who help you feel safe and secure throughout your three hour tour.
Fight of the Gibbon
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5301 0660

11 Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing
Thai Boxing at
Sitdabwad Muaythai Gym
This ancient Thai martial art has gained prominence throughout the world thanks to a few hollywood blockbusters. It's also popular with foreigners here in Thailand, who come specially to train, learn and fight. There are camps in all tourist areas of Thailand including several in Chiang Mai that offer various programs and schedules. Lanna Muay Thai, run by a Canadian and local teachers is one option if you want to stay and focus on learning or improving your skill.

Another is Muay Thai Sangha, whom we recommend and which has an impressive lineage of teachers and follows ancient methods. Both offer accomodation and full training programs, entering their fights in bouts regularly. If you would rather just spectate then it's worth the 300 - 400 baht entry to the regular Friday night matches at the Thai Boxing stadium near Kawila barracks. The fights are exciting and real spectacles with a great atmosphere egged on by the unique 'snake-charming' minstrels who traditionally accompany the action.
Muay Chaiya
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 08 2614 8915
Sitdabwad Muaythai Gym
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 08 3207 4844, 08 9852 8438
Lanna Muay Thai Boxing Camp
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5389 2102, 08 1951 3164

12 White Water Rafting

Rubber rafts at Mae Chame River
Rafting, both bamboo and rubber rafts with a view to safety and the most enjoyable experience. Chiang Mai has a lot of rivers and streams flowing throughout the province. Chiang Mai provides a good opportunity for rafting. Some interesting routes include Mae Kok, Mae Chaem, and Mae Tuen rivers, all of which flowing through virgin forests and hilltribe settlements. Rafting trips are also organized by most tour agents.
Amesanity Travel
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5381 2106, 08 6192 5299, 08 1993 1866
Konthai Tour
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5321 8661, 0 5341 2859