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From Bangkok, take Highway No. 1 (Phahonyothin Road), to Highway No. 32 passing Ayutthaya, Angthong, and Singburi Provinces. Change over to ... see more

From Bangkok, there are both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned bus services from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) on Kamphaengphet ... see more

Thai Airways and Thai AirAsia have daily flights connecting Bangkok with Chiang Rai. From Chiang Mai, both Thai Airways and Nok Air have service to Chiang Mai, ... see more


Guide to Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai [เชียงราย] is located 785 km away from Bangkok. It is the northernmost province of Thailand and a home to breathtaking mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, river valleys, caves and many more. It is also a settlement of some hilltribes such as Karen, Akha, Lisu, Meo and Muser. Once, the province was made famous by Golden Triangle where 3 countries; Myanmar, Laos and Thailand converge at the banks of Mekong River. Not only the richness of the nature it is blessed with, but it also has a wealth of cultural and historical treasures to be explored. A number of picturesque attractions such as Golden Traingle, hilltribe villages, the White Temple, museums, Rai Mae Fah Luang which is a cultural centre and centre of Lanna studies. While you are here, you will find that the activities are endless especially those of nature borne. Amidst this laid-back and relaxing atmosphere, there are accommodations ranging from homestay to 5 star hotels catering all preferences.

Top things to do in Chiang Rai

Golden Triangle

Chiang Saen District Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle Golden Triangle is a famous attraction of Chiang Rai, your trip would not be complete without seeing the Golden Triangle. This famed border location where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet on the Mekong River was once supposed to be the center of all the poppy cultivation in Thailand ...

Doi Tung & Mae Fah Luang Garden

Mae Fa Luang District Mae Fah Luang Garden

Doi Tung is a popular destination both Thai and foreigner because of beautiful scenery with many interesting sites including the Doi Tung Palace (Pra Tamnak Doi tung), the Mae Fa Luang Garden and Akha and Muser tribal villages. IN addition to scenic lookouts, the most notable attraction is the Phra That Doi ...

Doi Mae Salong

Mae Fa Luang District Doi Mae Salong

Doi Mae Salong is located at an elevation close to 1,800 meters, it is one of the highest peaks in Chiang Rai and far-reaching panoramic views. When the mist comes, the views change dramatically, especially at sunrise or sunset. The air is crisp, cool and refreshing all year round. Doi Mae Salong is the site of ...

Phu Chi Fa

Thoeng District Phu Chi Fa

Phu Chi Fah is located in the Pa Mae Ing and Pa Mae Ngao National Forest Reserve. The area is 1,200-1,628m above sea level. Phu Chi Fah is a favoured attraction with Thai tourists, who will visit on November to January to experience the cool weather. The cool climate produces colorful flowering shrubs and the ...

Chiang Rai Night Bazaar

Mueang District Chiang Rai Night Bazaar

Chiang Rai Night Bazaar Chiang Rai Night Bazaar is located in the city of Chiang Rai on Prasopsuk Phaholyothin Road and adjacent to the bus station. Chiang Rai Night Bazaar is the center of the Lanna culture and showing a variety of crafts and souvenirs Lanna from Lue, Lowland Thais and hill tribe such ...

Wat Rong Khun
(White Temple)

Mueang District Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)

Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) Wat Rong Khun or White Temple is very popular destination for thai tourist, it has unique beauty and is different from the other temples in Thailand. It was designed by the famous artist Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat, whose inspiration to build this temple are nation, religion and the king ...

Chiang Khong

Chiang Khong District Chiang Khong

Chiang Khong is a border to Laos and many tourist travel through Chiang Khong on the way to Laos or back. Some stay longer, and it's worth to do so. Because, despite lacking big tourist attractions, the place is a nice, laid back one and has a beautiful surrounding. The people are generally very friendly and ...

Haad Chiang Rai

Mueang District Haad Chiang Rai

Haad Chiangrai or Chiangrai Riverside has a beautiful scenic view over Kok river. North of the sand beach is adjoined by limestone mountain. Many tourist come here for swimming, relax, massage, and find many local food restaurant on the riverside. How to get there Haad Chiangrai located at Ban Pa Ngew, ...

Elephant Camp - Ruammit Village

Mueang District Elephant Camp - Ruammit Village

Karen Ruammit village is one of tourist attraction in the city of Chiangrai for tourist who love nature, adventure and the cool of the Body River, to help relieve the summer heat and it is famous for elephants riding around hill tribes villages. The main route of elephant riding trip is to visit hill tribe ...

Golden Horse Temple

Mae Chan District Golden Horse Temple

Golden Horse Temple Golden Horse Temple or known as in Thai "Wat Tham Pa Acha Thong" where the monks ride horses to go on their alms round in the morning. It is located in Tambon Si Kham on a remote high hill. Phra Khruba Nueachai, the abbot, who is a former cavalryman, therefore, allows the ...

Hall of Opium, Golden Triangle Park

Chiang Saen District Hall of Opium, Golden Triangle Park

Hall of Opium or Golden Triangle Park is 9 km northwest of Chiang Saen. This place exhibits the history of opium in the Golden Triangle, its origin, opium war when people lived on opium planting and smoking, as well as the recovery of the people who lived here. Visitors can learn this history and the problems ...

Poo Kaeng Waterfall
(Namtok Poo Kaeng)

Phan District Namtok Poo Kaeng

Poo Kaeng is a part of Doi Luang National Park where is located in Mae Yen Sub-District of Phan District. It is a nice place that people love to go. There is a pond that tourists are allowed to swim. For those who want to spend a night there, there is a place for campground, food and beverages ...

Oub Kham Museum

Mueang District Oub Kham Museum

The collection embraces objects used in the royal courts such as Lanna court, Khum Chao Phare and khum Chao Chiang Mai some parts are from northeast Myanmar, southwest China and Vietnam which are about 500-1,000 years old. Admire 120 year-old ancient fabrics, Sin Mai Kham-golden silk skirt-from ...

Wat Phra That Doi Wao
(Phra That Doi Wao Temple)

Mae Sai District Phra That Doi Wao Temple

Wat Phra That Doi Wao is situated in Mu 1, Tambon Mae Sai, on the hill by the bank of the Mae Sai River. According to history, King Wao of Nakhon Nakkhaphan Yonok built this pagoda in 179 BC to contain the Lord Buddha’s hair relics. It is a great ancient pagoda second to Phra Borommathat Doi Tung ...

Travel along Kok River

Mueang District Travel along Kok River

Mae Kok River The Kok River is one of the most scenic attractions in Chiang Rai. It runs from Thathon in northern Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai City. Kok River flows through the town of Chiang Rai and is 130 kilometres long. Long-tailed boats and cruise can be made from town to travel along both sides of ...

Khun Chae Waterfall
(Namtok Khun Chae)

Wiang Pa Pao District Namtok Khun Chae

Khun Chae National Park Khun Chae National Park was established in 1995. This park is shady with intact forest and rich in natural resources. Visitors wishing to take a jungle trek and camp within the park need to procure the services of a guide and prepare their own camping equipment. The trek through the ...

Wat Phra Kaew Chiang Rai
(Phra Kaew Temple)

Mueang District Phra Kaew Temple

Phra Kaew Chiang Rai (Phra Kaew Temple) Wat Phra Kaew is also famous as the one of the royally endowed temple in this province. The abbot, Venerable Phra Dhammarachanuwat is the ecclesiastical head of all North Thailand. Wat Phra Kaew is the beneficiary of many donations of ...

Mae Fah Luang Art & Cultural Park (Rai Mae Fah Luang)

Mueang District Rai Mae Fah Luang

Mae Fah Luang Art & Cultural Park or Rai Mae Fah Luang are important architectural buildings of Chiang Rai Province. Ho Kham is a teak building where ancient wood-carved candle holders are exhibited, and Phra Phrato, an ancient wooden Buddha image of the Lanna period is housed. Ho Kham Noi keeps the so-called ...

Wat Phra That Pha Ngao (Phra That Pha Ngao Temple)

Chiang Saen District Wat Phra That Pha Ngao

Wat Phra That Pha Ngao is about 4 kilometres from Chiang Saen on the road to Chiang Khong. There is a bell-shaped Chedi standing on large boulders. Nearby is a Viharn where several old Chiang Saen-style Buddha statues are enshrined. This hilltop temple offers a unique and spectacular view of the Mekong ...

The King Mengrai the Great Memorial

Mueang District The King Mengrai the Great Memorial

The King Mengrai the Great Memorial The King Mengrai the Great Memorial is located in the town on the intersection leading to Mae Chan. Originally, King Mengrai was the ruler of Nakhon Hiran Ngoen Yang (an ancient town on the bank of the Mae Khong around Chiang Saen) before Chiang Rai was ...

Wana Horse & Ostrich Farm

Mueang District Wana Horse & Ostrich Farm

The Wana Horse and Ostrich farm is one interesting destination to spent a great time with the family. There are rabbits, small horses, sheep, ducks and many beautiful ostriches. Both adult and children can feed the animals, touch them and even ride on top of them. The environment in farm full fill with cowboy soft ...

Namtok Khun Kon Forest Park

Mueang District Namtok Khun Kon Forest Park

Nam Tok Khun Kon Forest Park can be reached by taking Highway No.1211 from Chiangrais town. After traveling 18 kilometers turn right and proceed for another 12 kilometers. Alternatively, you can drive along Highway No. 1 (Chiang Rai-Phayao) for about 15 kilometers, turn right and proceed for another ...

Hilltribe Museum and Education Center

Mueang District Hilltribe Museum and Education Center

Hilltribe Museum and Education Center is located on Thanalai Road. Operated by the Population and Community Development Association - Chiang Rai Branch, the museum provides a slide presentation on ways of living and displays articles, tools, utensils, and tribal attire. It also gathers interesting ...

Doi Pha Tang

Wiang Kaen District Doi Pha Tung

Doi Pha Tang, about 160 kilometres from the provincial town, is a viewing point on top of a high cliff over the Thai-Laotian border affording a delightful scene for the river and the sea of mist throughout the year. During December-January, blooming Sakuras provide a picturesque scenery. It is home to ...

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Recommended Activities see all Activities
Jungle Trekking

Elephant Riding & Hill Tribe Trekking

Riding on elephant's back is one of the exciting activity and you should not miss because you will not only taste the adventurous ride but also have a good opportunity to explore the jungle. For more information please contact your travel agency ...

Type : Hill Tribe Trekking
Location : Doi Hang, Mueang Chiang Rai
Contact : Jungle Trekking
Tel. : 08 9997 5505
Boomerang Adventure Park

Adventure Park & Rock Climbing

Near Chiang Rai town there's a lovely park set alongside tall limestone cliffs. Over two dozen rock climbing routes have been developed using top-rope strong anchors. Top quality climbing equipment available on-site for low cost. A great time ...

Type : Adventure Park
Location : Mueang District
Contact : Boomerang Adventure Park
Tel. : 08 5525 5435, 08 7172 8406
Chiang Rai Cycling Tours


Since Chiang Rai has a scenic mountain landscape and fresh air, it is an excellent place to go mountain biking. Cyclists will enjoy the natural beauty along the trails following the Mekong River including the views of Myanmar and tropical forests ...

Type : Cycling
Location : Mueang District
Contact : Chiang Rai Bicycle Tour
Tel. : 0 5377 4506, 08 5662 4347

Recommended Shopping Places see all Shopping Places
Mae Sai Market

Mae Sai Market

Mae Sai is the northern most town in Thailand, it is a border town with Myanmar. Mae Sai is full of food and cheap products from China. The town on the Myanmar side of the border, Tachilek, used to have several shops selling decent quality stones ...

Type : Market
Opening Hours : 06:30 am. – 06:00 pm.
Location : Mae Sai District
Tel. : 0 5373 3233, 0 5373 1396
Chiang Rai Walking Street

Chiang Rai Walking Street

At the middle of the city. The road will be closed for any vehicles so you can safely walk and enjoy it, it is a location well known as Saturday market or Chiangrai walking street. The Walking-street runs from Thanalai road, around a kilometer long. It ...

Type : Walking Street
Opening Hours : 04:00 pm. - 12:00 am.
Location : Thanalai Rd., Mueang District
Tel. : 0 5371 7433 (TAT)
Central Plaza Chiang Rai

Central Plaza Chiang Rai

CPN's 16th one-stop shopping complex is located on 52-rai of land in the heart of Chiangrai province, upper north of Thailand. With a 1,600-MB investment, the 110,000-sq.m. CentralPlaza Chiangrai is the first eco-friendly shopping center, ...

Type : Shopping Mall
Opening Hours : 10:00 am. - 09:00 pm.
Location : Phaholyothin Rd., Mueang District
Tel. : 0 5202 0999

Recommended Products Category see all Products Category
Baandam Museum (Black House)

Art Gallery

Art Gallery in Chiang Rai contributes the city boasts art galleries with highly considered and serious programs, an array of significant architecture, and a craft industry that explodes conventional distinctions between art and design ...

Category : Art Gallery
Location : Mueang District
Contact : Baandam Museum (Black House)
Tel. : 0 5377 6333, 08 1673 1155
Choui Fong Tea Plantation

Wine, Tea, Coffee

Doi Mae Salong is also famous for its tea cultivation, and the mountainside tea terraces and sweeping views of the Thailand/Mynamr mountain frontier add that picturesque touch to Mae Salong. To catch the local activity, visit the morning market ...

Category : Green Tea
Location : Mae Chan District
Contact : Choui Fong Tea Plantation
Tel. : 0 5377 1563
Mae Sai Market

Souvenirs & Accessories

The most important shopping spot is the Night Bazaar which is meant for tourists. The bazaar is adjacent to the bus terminal and comes into its full splendour at night. Shopping in the markets and from the local hill tribes in Chiang Rai is sure ...

Category : Products from China, etc.
Location : Mae Sai District
Contact : Mae Sai Market (Tachilek Market)
Tel. : 0 5373 3233, 0 5373 1396

Festivals & Events


Songkran Festival

When : 13 - 15 Apr 2019
Where: Khom Chalerm Prakiat

Songkran festival offering alms to monks and sprinkling water on Buddha images and the elderly at Suan Tung and Khom Chalerm Prakiat. On the other side of town, youngsters will enter into a water war along San Khong Luang Road or Thanon Khon Muan.


Vegetarian Festival

When : 29 Sep - 7 Oct 2019
Where: Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai Vegetarian Festival is an annual event held during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar with people of Chinese ancestry strictly observe a 10-day vegetarian or vegan diet for the purposes of spiritual cleansing and merit-making.


Singha Ultra Trail Chiang Rai

When : 18 - 20 Oct 2019
Where: Singha Park

This is the first trail running event in the Northern Thailand. Trail running combines the beautiful outdoor scenery of hiking with the physical challenges of running. If you are the type that loves being in beautiful, outdoor settings, then trail running is something for you.


Loy Kratong Festival

When : 11 Nov 2019
Where: Throughout Chiang Rai

The most picturesque of the Thai festivals is held on the full-moon of the 12th lunar month. Little candle-lit krathongs are launched onto the water as an offering to Mother Water. People apologize for polluting the water and promise to do better in the future.


Sakura Blossom Festival at Doi Mae Salong

When : 28 Dec 2019 - 2 Jan 2020
Where: Doi Mae Salong

Enjoy drinking with tea from Doi Mae Salong and enjoy watching Nang Phaya Sua Krong is the same as Sakura Blossoming extend through Doi Maesalong and along on the side road.


Tea and Fresh Coffee-Tasting

When: Dec 2019
Where: Doi Chang, Mae Suai District

This is one of the best coffee plantations in Thailand. During the month of December and January invites all to taste the quality coffee of Wawee from Doi Chang in this event. Cultural performances and tribal sport competition are also held to promote and sustain the northern cultures.


Color of Doi Tung Festival

When : Dec 2019 - Jan 2020
Where: Doi Tung Development Project

Explore the cultures of the minorities in Doi Tung through their food, cultural performances and handmade products.


Chiang Rai Flower Festival

When: Dec 2019 - Jan 2020
Where: Tung and Khom Park

In festival included flower exhibition, the Miss Thinn Thai Ngarm competition, agricultural exhibition and music shows. In additional there are the contest decorative plants and flower and local products fair.