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Hot Springs & Waterfalls in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is home to majestic mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, hot springs, caves, and much more. There are a number of Hot Springs and Waterfalls such as Huay Mark Liam Hot Spring, Mae Kha Jaan Hot Spring, Pa Tueng Hot Spring, Namtok Khun Kon Forest Park, Poo Kaeng Waterfall, and etc.

Recommended Hot Springs & Waterfalls

1 Huay Mark Liam Hot Spring (Namphu Ron Huay Mark Liam)

Location : Mueang District Huay Mark Liam Hot Spring It is a part of Lam Nam Kok National Park and located on the Kok riverside. The area is a nice and peaceful place for recreation. Its diameter is 5 meters and there is an outdoor hot spa. The average temperature of hot spa is 67 degree Celsius. The hot spa consists of Fluoride, Nitrate, Sulphate, and Iodine which is not harmful for people who take mineral bath. Moreover, elephant riding tour is also available.

How to get there
It is located about 1 km away from Pha Sert Hot Spring.
  1. By Bus or Car - from the city of Chiang Rai, drive on the way to Chiangrai beach and turn left before Mengrai Maharaj Temple. There is a signboard of Huai Kaew Waterfall, follow that direction and Huay Mark Liam Hot Spring is at the end of the road.
  2. By Taxi - from Chiangrai Morning Market.
  3. By Long-tailed Boats - are available at Mae Fah Luang Bridge. (CR pier)
Administered by Lam Nam Kok National Park
Contact Tel. 0 5360 9150

2 Mae Kha Jaan Hot Spring (Namphu Ron Mae Kha Jaan)

Location : Wiang Pa Pao District Mae Kha Jaan Hot Spring Mae Kha Jaan Hot Spring or Wiang Pa Pao Hot Spring located in Mae Chedi Mai Sub-District of Wiang Pa Pao. It is a place that buses from Chiangmai stop before go to Chiangrai. Souvenir shop and local products are available there.

Mae Kha Jan Hot Spring is divided into three hot springs and an average temperature is about 80 degree celsius, then it can boil eggs within 3 minutes. Opposite Mae Kha Jan Hot spring are many private mineral bathrooms.

How to get there
Drive on High Way No.118 to Chiang Mai the same way as Wat Phrajao Thong Thip, pass Wiang Pa Pao and hot spring will be on the left of Mae Khajan Market.
Contact Tel. 0 5378 9437

3 Pa Tueng Hot Spring (Namphu Ron Pa Tueng)

Location : Mae Chan District Pa Tueng Hot Spring Namphu Ron Pa Tueng or Pong Namron Huay Hin Fon has many hot spring wells which some of them can gush as high as 7m. Hot water continues to flow regularly. Traditional Thai massage is also provided. The temperature of the hot spring is between 70-109 degrees celsius. It is situated amid scenic landscape with hidropathic rooms, a pond and a spa garden for those who wish to take a mineral baht for healing purposes.

How to get there
It is located 7 km on road No. 1089 (Mae Chan - Thathon)
Admission 100 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact Tel. 0 5377 2577, 08 1998 2593

4 Pha Sert Hot Spring (Bor Namphu Ron Pha Sert)

Location : Mueang District Pha Sert Hot Spring At Pha Sert Hot Spring, two mineral hot spring pools are located outdoor. Guests can indulge in the embrace of nature while rinsing their stress and tensions away. Not only bathing in the mineral hot spring benefits those who suffer from insomnia since hot water will ease the body into relaxation for a good night’s sleep, but it also helps detoxify your body, stimulate your blood circulation and relieve pains and aches in your muscles and joints.

In addition to the two aforementioned outdoor pools, there are eleven indoor private spa pools. The service charges are very cheap, only 30 baht per adult and 10 baht per child for an outdoor pool, and just 50 baht per person for an indoor pool. If relaxing in the pool alone is not enough, try to add some fun to your visit by cooking boiled eggs in the hot spring.

Thai massage in the open pavilion and camping services, including bonfire activities, are also available. Though the water temperature here is already high, the satisfaction level of visitors is even much higher. The magic in the hot spring does not only heal their bodies, but also helps cool their minds and fills them with happiness to the brim.

How to get there
Pha Sert Hot Spring is located 20 km from the town of Chiang Rai and there are 2 ways to get there.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 6436 and 0 5371 6358 (Thai massage and Camping service), 0 5360 9117 (Spa Room)

5 Pong Prabat Hot Spring

Location : Mueang Districts Pong Prabat Hot Spring Pong Prabat Hot Spring has 11 rooms (9 small-sized and 2 big-sized) for soaking or taking a bath. It is operated by the Ban Du Sub-district Administration Organisation. In the same area, there is also Namtok Pong Phrabat, a waterfall situated in the Lam Nam Kok National Park. It features rapids with small slopes and cascades in layers amidst a shady ambience. Natural surroundings of beautiful plants make it suitable for a recreational place and admiration of the beauty of nature.

How to get there
It is located 7 km from Chiangrai town at Km 836-837 PhahonYothin Rd., turn left into the lane beside Ban Du Market for another 3 km.
Admission The small-sized room 50 Baht, the big-sized room 300 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact Tel. 0 5370 3262

1 Huai Kaew Waterfall (Namtok Huai Kaew)

Location : Mueang District Huai Kaew Waterfall Huai Kaew waterfall is located in Pha Soet village, Doi Hang. It is 6.5 km away from Huai Mak Lium Hot Spring and 25 kmS from the city of Chiang Rai. It’s new for tourists, so not many people know about it, water flow all year round and it is a nice place that surrounded with thick wood. It is 2 levels waterfall. The 1st level is 30 m. high and tourists can swim in the pond under waterfall, 2nd level is 200 m. away from 1st level. This level is 40 m. high.

How to get there
From the city tourists can take the same way to go to Huai Mak Lium Hot Spring and turn left at Wat Phasoet Wanaram. It would be a good idea for tourists to drive 4x4 to the waterfall.
Administered by Lam Nam Kok National Park, Mueang District
Contact Tel. 0 5371 6436

2 Huai Mae Sai Waterfall (Namtok Huai Mae Sai)

Location : Mueang District Huai Mae Sai Waterfall Huai Mae Sai Waterfall is a part of Mae Kok National Park that located in Huai Mae Sai village, M. 10 Mae Yao Sub-District and 19 km away from the city of Chiangrai. The way to go to the waterfall quite rough then most tourists ride elephants from Karen Ruammitr Village or drive 4x4 instead of driving cars. Huai Mae Sai waterfall is 2 levels waterfall, the first level is 15 m. high and 100 m. away from another level. The first level is covered with moss and fern when the second level has a pond where tourists can swim.
Administered by Lam Nam Kok National Park, Mueang District
Contact Tel. 0 5373 7359-11

3 Khun Chae Waterfall (Namtok Khun Chae)

Location : Wiang Pa Pao District Namtok Khun Chae Khun Chae National Park Khun Chae National Park was established in 1995. This park is shady with intact forest and rich in natural resources. Visitors wishing to take a jungle trek and camp within the park need to procure the services of a guide and prepare their own camping equipment. The trek through the Khun Chae jungle is for adventure travel enthusiasts as the route passes through steep terrain and several hilltops and cliffs over 1,400 meters high. There are good scenic lookout points and trekkers can enjoy waterfalls, flowing streams and virgin jungle areas covered with various plants.

How to get there
Khun Chae National Park is located at Tambon Mae Chedi Mai of Wiang Pa Pao District. It can be reached by taking the Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai Route (Highway No. 118). The park headquarters is right next to the highway at kilometers 55-56.
Administered by Khun Chae National Park, Wiang Pa Pao District
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 05:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5316 3364 (VoIP)

4 Namtok Hua Mae Kham Foerst Park (Hua Mae Kham Waterfall)

Location : Mae Fah Luang District Namtok Hua Mae Kham Foerst Park There are not many trees on the mountains since agricultural activities had been carried out for many years. Around the open space, Bua Tong flowers can be found. In the valley, there are creeks with all year round water flows with thick and lush forest consisting of many trees perennials and ground covering plants such as ferns, liceuse grass and elephant’s ear. Perennials found are figs, ironwood, bamboos, evergreen chinkapin, bauhinia, ebony, jute, paper mulberry, coral tree, emblic leaf flower, sesban and toothbrush tree. Common wildlife are civet, wild hare, and birds.

How to get there
From Mueang District, Chaing Rai Province to Mae Chan District (30 kilometers). From Mae Chan-Mae Salong Junction to the Junction leading to Baan Terdthai (23 kilometers up hills). Another 13 kilometers to Baan Terdthai itself, then, another 37 kilometers to Hua Mae Kum Waterfalls Forest Park via Baan Na Doh and Baan Paang Mahan. Total distance from Mueang District, Chiang Rai province to Hua Mae Kum Waterfalls Forest Park is approximately 103 kilometers.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 4914

5 Namtok Huai Mae Sak Forest Park (Huai Mae Sak Waterfall)

Location : Wiang Chiang Rung District Namtok Huai Mae Sak Forest Park Huay Mae Sak Waterfall Forest Park located in Nam Tok Pattana Village, It’s Mixed Deciduous Forest where teak is available. Forest around the Huay Sak Waterfall is still abundant. However, it’s different in other area because the encroachment in the past. Presently the forest has been recovered. Flora species found consist of Lagerstroemia balansae, teak, Mitragyna brunonis, Melia azedarach, Bischofia javanica, etc. Ground plants consist of bamboo species, wild banana, Spilanthes iabadicensis, Imperata cylindrica, Siam weed, wild jam, Cyperaceae genus, Araceae genus and fern. Fauna found consists of wild rabbit, bay bamboo rat, Indochinese ground squirrel, mongoose, jungle fowl, coucal, thick-billed pigeon, white-rumped shama, red-whiskered bulbul, amphibian, reptile, and various fishes.

How to get there
From Chiang Rai town, you can take the Highway no. 1233 pass Vieng Chai District to Lao Charoen Village. It takes 34 kms long. After that take the Krom Yothathikarn Road southwards to Lao Charoen Village and then to Nam Tok Pattana Village. This will take about 6 kms. Later, drive further on the dirt road for 2 kms long, to reach the forest park. The distance from Mueang District of Chiang Rai to Nam Tok Huay Mae Sak Forest Park is totally 42 kms.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 4914

6 Namtok Khun Kon Forest Park (Khun Kon Waterfall)

Location : Mueang Districts Namtok Khun Kon Forest Park Nam Tok Khun Kon Forest Park can be reached by taking Highway No.1211 from Chiangrais town. After traveling 18 kilometers turn right and proceed for another 12 kilometers. Alternatively, you can drive along Highway No. 1 (Chiang Rai-Phayao) for about 15 kilometers, turn right and proceed for another 17 kilometers, then take a 30-minute walk to the waterfall. The 70-metre high Khun Kon or Tat Mok Waterfall is the highest and most beautiful in the province. Surrounded with dense woods, the area is also good for hiking.

How to get there
By Car - can be reached by taking Highway No.1211 from town. After 18 kilometres, turn right and proceed on for another 12 kilometres. Or go along Highway No. 1 (Chiang Rai-Phayao) for about 15 kilometres where there is a right turn to proceed further another 17 kilometres, then a 30-minute walk to the waterfall.
Administered by Lam Nam Kok National Park, Mueang District
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 05:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5372 6368

7 Namtok Tat Khwan Forest Park (Tat Khwan Waterfall)

Location : Phaya Mengrai District Namtok Tat Khwan Forest Park It is quite green forestry area where is a local tourist attraction to relax. The Tardkwun waterfall is a single fall which is about 20 metres high. It is originated from the stream of Wiang Chiangrung district where is located next to the western part. It passes Ban Yao Tardkwun (Mien tribe), it is ended at the cliff of this waterfall and then runs to Tardkwun reservoir as mentioned earlier. In cool season, there is whitish fog covering this area like white smoke, so the waterfall named from this phenomena 'Tardkwun'. (Tard =waterfall, kwun=smoke)

How to get there
You can from Chiang Rai town to Ban Hua Doi and further to Phaya Mengrai on the Highway no. 1152 which will take 40 kms. After that drive down south on the Highway no. 1174 to Ban Pah Muang which is 14 kms long, and then to Ban Muen for 2.5 kms on thr Ban Pah Muang-Ban Sun Vieng route. Turn right to Ban Mae Tam Nam Tok on the Ban Pah Meun-Ban Sun Vieng which is 4 kms. After that drive forward on the dirt road to the forest park which will take 8 kms. Hence the total distance to reach the forest park is 74.5 kms.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 4914

8 Pong Phrabat Waterfall (Namtok Pong Phrabat)

Location : Mueang District Pong Phrabat Waterfall Just 14 kilometres from Chiang Rai, this extremely beautiful waterfall is situated in an area of natural beauty. The route to the waterfall takes you through a lush forest, and the falls are surrounded by trees and the sounds of birds calling.

Unlike many of the other waterfalls in the area, these falls do not receive too many visitors, so you can relax, swim and picnic near the falls without being disturbed.
Administered by Lam Nam Kok National Park, Mueang District

9 Poo Kaeng Waterfall (Namtok Poo Kaeng)

Location : Phan District Poo Kaeng Waterfall Poo Kaeng is a part of Doi Luang National Park where is located in Mae Yen Sub-District of Phan District. It is a nice place that people love to go. There is a pond that tourists are allowed to swim. For those who want to spend a night there, there is a place for campground, food and beverages are available also.

Poo Kaeng is a 9 levels waterfall that water flows from a tunnel under Limestone Mountains and a number of limestone’s dregs are flown along with water also. When the time passed by it grow into a nice stalagmite, stalactite, and small tunnels that tourists can go inside. Tunnels are located behind waterfall of 5th and 9th levels. Water at Poo Kaeng Waterfall is clear and 100 m. is the distance for each level. There is a pavement made of hard soil, but not slippery.

How to get there
From the city of Chiangrai - tourists can take High Way No. 1 and drive to Phan (the same way as Phayao). When arrive Phan turn to Poo Kaeng village at km. 773-774 and the way to waterfall is on right hand (Poo Kaeng – Rong Kot village). It is only 5 km. From Poo Kaeng village to the waterfall, but a road is quite rough and narrow. From parking lot tourists have to walk about 700m to the waterfall.

Form Phan District - there are cars for hire to go to Poo Kaeng Waterfall. By the way, tourists can catch green buses from Chiangrai (Chiang Rai – Phayao Route) and get off at Poo Kaeng village, then hire motorcycles to the waterfall.
Administered by Doi Luang National Park
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. – 05:00 pm.
Admission Adults 20 Baht, Children 10 Baht, Cars 30 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact Tel. 0 5360 9042, 0 5316 3363 (VoIP)