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Chiang Rai Hot Deal

Sirimunta Chiang Rai
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From Bangkok, take Highway No. 1 (Phahonyothin Road), to Highway No. 32 passing Ayutthaya, Angthong, and Singburi Provinces. Change over to ... see more

From Bangkok, there are both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned bus services from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) on Kamphaengphet ... see more

Thai Airways and Thai AirAsia have daily flights connecting Bangkok with Chiang Rai. From Chiang Mai, both Thai Airways and Nok Air have service to Chiang Mai, ... see more


Shopping in Chiang Rai

Many rural communities of Chiang Rai are engaged in either handicrafts production or agriculture. These goods are available both in the far-flung villages where they are produced or grown and in the city itself. While it’s much easier to purchase such goods in town, there is something satisfying in meeting the people who produced your souvenir, and Chiang Rai is an outstanding opportunity for such an experience.

Recommended Shopping

1 Central Plaza Chiang Rai

Location : Phaholyothin Rd., Mueang District Central Plaza Chiang Rai CPN's 16th one-stop shopping complex is located on 52-rai of land in the heart of Chiangrai province, upper north of Thailand. With a 1,600-MB investment, the 110,000-sq.m. CentralPlaza Chiangrai is the first eco-friendly shopping center, housing over 280 retailers and pledging to maintain the beauty of Northern Thai tradition “LANNA” cultural lifestyle.
Type Shopping Mall
Opening Hours Mon - Fri 11:00 am. - 09:00 pm. and Sat - Sun 10:00 am. - 09:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5202 0999

2 Chiang Rai Night Bazaar

Location : Mueang District Chiang Rai Night Bazaar Chiang Rai Night Bazaar Chiang Rai Night Bazaar is located in the city of Chiang Rai on Prasopsuk Phaholyothin Road and adjacent to the bus station. Chiang Rai Night Bazaar is the center of the Lanna culture and showing a variety of crafts and souvenirs Lanna from Lue, Lowland Thais and hill tribe such as carpets, curtains, scarves, silk, bags, jewelry and the other is a delicate task. Available at reasonable prices. Watch the show, dance and eat good food from the chefs. Lankhangviang. Rash hands five-star chef.

If you want to experience the atmosphere of Lanna delicious fried food, grilled food and beer brands. The beer garden of the two you can sit to talk. Dine and watch the display of the students in Chiang Rai Rajabhat University, the collection of Lanna Thai. Folk songs and performances that are passed on from generation to generation every night.

Zone art crafts such as wood carving. Marble carving, painting, nail painting and traditional Thai massage, you can choose to indulge themselves with services.

How to get there
Located between the bus station and Phaholyothin Road in the centre of town.
Type Walking Street
Opening Hours Daily from 06:30 pm. - 11:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 7433, 0 5374 4674-5 (TAT)

3 Chiang Rai Walking Street

Location : Thanalai Rd., Mueang District Chiang Rai Walking Street At the middle of the city. The road will be closed for any vehicles so you can safely walk and enjoy it, it is a location well known as Saturday market or Chiangrai walking street.

The Walking-street runs from Thanalai road, around a kilometer long. It is a place for entertainments, Thai classical dancing show, and many activities. The merchants come early at 3-4 pm. setting their selling.

There's lot of local foods,various stores,handicraft, handmade products, souvenir, thai massage and foot massage. It is a good place for shopping, eating,relaxing and night life can't be beat. In the area which is famous attraction likes Chiangrai night barzaa that tourists can't miss.

If you are in Chiang Rai city on a Saturday then you might want to check out the Chiang Rai Saturday Walking Street Market which sets up along Thanalai Road. This market has a more local flavor than the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar and makes an interesting addition to Chiang Rai's night markets. This market attracts local Chiang Rai Thais in big numbers.

The market sets up along Thanalai Road in the center of town and is within easy walking distance of most city hotels and not far from Chiang Rai’s Night Bazaar. This market only runs on a Saturday with the stalls setting up late afternoon and the market will run through to around 10:30 pm.
Type Walking Street
Opening Hours Sat 04:00 pm. - 12:00 am.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 7433, 0 5374 4674-5 (TAT)

4 Mae Sai Market (Tachilek Market)

Location : Mae Sai District Mae Sai Market Mae Sai is the northern most town in Thailand, it is a border town with Myanmar. Mae Sai is full of food and cheap products from China. The town on the Myanmar side of the border, Tachilek, used to have several shops selling decent quality stones. As of 2007, there seems to be only two gem shops remaining. The others now sell synthetics and knock-off brand name handbags.

How to get there
Buses depart frequently to Mae Sai from Chiang Mai (4 hours, 30 minutes) and Chiang Rai (1 hour), and there are daytrips taking tourists to the Mae Sai Market and Tachilek of Myanmar. Crossing to Tachilek. Visitors can go to Myanmar every day between 06:30 am. - 06:00 pm. by presenting their ID card and paying 30 baht.
Type Market
Opening Hours Daily from 06:30 am. – 06:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5373 3233, 0 5373 1396

1 Art Gallery

Baandam Museum (Black House)
Art Gallery at
Baandam Museum (Black House)
Art Gallery in Chiang Rai contributes the city boasts art galleries with highly considered and serious programs, an array of significant architecture, and a craft industry that explodes conventional distinctions between art and design.
Kru Pom Children's art
Location : Mueang District
Category : Oil Painting Art, Portrait
Tel.: 08 6729 3411
Baandam Museum (Black House)
Location : Nang – Lae Sub-District, Mueang District
Category : Art Gallery
Tel.: 0 5377 6333, 08 1673 1155

2 Furniture

Bank Furniture (Furniture Pan)
Location : Pan District
Category : Furniture
Tel.: 0 5372 1429, 08 6188 0617
Promnimit Complex
Location : Mueang District
Category : Furniture for Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Dinning Room, Sofa, etc.
Tel.: 0 5316 6748-9, 08 9292 6568
Peenang Furniture Chiangrai
Location : Mueang District
Category : Furniture
Tel.: 0 5370 3901-2
Ruanthong Furniture
Location : Mueang District
Category : Furniture for home and office
Tel.: 0 5375 0168

3 Gifts & Souvenirs

Mae Sai Market
Gifts & Souvenirs at
Mae Sai Market
The most important shopping spot is the Night Bazaar which is meant for tourists. The bazaar is adjacent to the bus terminal and comes into its full splendour at night. Shopping in the markets and from the local hill tribes in Chiang Rai is sure to be an enjoyable experience.
Chiang Rai Walking Street
Location : Thanalai Rd., Mueang District
Category : Souvenirs & Accessories
Tel.: 0 5371 7433 (TAT)
Mae Sai Market (Tachilek Market)
Location : Mae Sai District
Category : Products from China, Local Products, and Accessories
Tel.: 0 5373 3233, 0 5373 1396

4 Handicraft

Chezmoi Handicraft Shop
Handicraft Shop at
Chezmoi Handicraft Shop
They are strongly inspired by both Hilltribe and northern Thai textiles and designs, and this influence is reflected in the handicraft products and merchandise that sell in their store. The collection ranges from clothing and accessories to home decoration.
Chezmoi Handicraft Shop
Location : Robwiang Rd., Mueang District
Category : Handicraft Shop
Tel.: 08 9148 5257, 08 9747 5683
Mai Mung Ngoen
Location : Mueang District
Category : Silver, Wood Products
Tel.: 0 5371 4877
Hilltribe Handicrafts
Location : Thanalai Rd., Mueang District
Category : Handicrafts and Hilltribe Products
Tel.: 0 5371 9167, 0 5371 1475
Police Housewife Group
Location : Mueang District
Category : Woven Plastic Basket
Tel.: 0 5360 0932 Ext. 1110
Javi Craft
Location : Mueang District
Category : Candle, Handicraft
Tel.: 0 5374 2493
Silver Birch
Location : Phahonyothin Rd., Mueang District
Category : Wooden Handicrafts and Silverware
Tel.: 0 5371 4877
Lilly Handicraft
Location : Mueang District
Category : Thai Silk, Cotton and Local Handicrafts
Tel.: 0 5371 7065
Tribal Crafts
Location : Mueang District
Category : Products from the tribe
Tel.: 0 5371 8869

5 Jewelry & Silverware

Central Plaza Chiang Rai
Location : Chang Klang Rd., Mueang District
Category : Fashion & Accessories
Tel.: 0 5202 0999
Nonglak Jewelry Shop
Location : Wieang Pa Pao District
Category : Jade, Ruby, Stone, Jewelry of all kinds
Tel.: 08 5708 0133, 08 6672 2109
JK Jewelry
Location : Mueang District
Category : Jewelry, Diamond Rings
Tel.: 0 5374 6489 and 08 6361 3461
TS. Jewelry & Antique
Location : Mueang District
Tel.: 0 5371 1050
Jubilee Diamond
Location : Mueang District
Category : Carat, Jubilee Heart, Diamond Lind
Tel.: 0 5374 6539
Yokngam Jewelry Shop
Location : Chiang Sean District
Category : Carved jade Buddha
Tel.: 0 5378 4065
Mae Sai Market (Tachilek Market)
Location : Mae Sai District
Category : Jewelry & Silverware
Tel.: 0 5373 3233, 0 5373 1396

6 Thai Silk & Textiles

Aumpika Fad
Location : Mueang District
Category : Silk, Cotton
Tel.: 0 5301 3017
Lilly Craft
Location : Mueang District
Category : Silk, Cotton, Local Products
Tel.: 0 5371 2139
Baan Nern Sai Pattana Thai Silk Association
Location : Wieng Chiang Rung District
Tel.: 08 4613 8722
Mae Sai Market (Tachilek Market)
Location : Mae Sai District
Category : Thai Silk & Textiles
Tel.: 0 5373 3233, 0 5373 1396
Jin Mai Tai
Location : Mueang District
Category : Textiles
Tel.: 0 5371 8348
Manthana Pha Tho
Location : Mueang District
Category : Cotton
Tel.: 0 5375 2239
Kamol Siri
Location : Mae Chan District
Category : Silk Product
Tel.: 0 5377 9055
Location : Mae Chan District
Category : Silk, Cotton
Tel.: 0 5366 5511, 0 5366 5511

7 Wine, Tea, Coffee

Green Tea at Choui Fong Tea
Green Tea at
Choui Fong Tea
The ideal climate and soil conditions in Chiang Rai permit the cultivation of excellent teas. Not only are the teas grown under optimal conditions produced by mother nature, the harvesting and processing of the tea leaves are performed using proven and world class best practiced methods – from carefully handpicked leaves done by well trained pickers to the blending of the leaves by professional tea specialists from Taiwan. All these factors combine to guarantee that consumers can enjoy tea of the highest quality, one that is rich in taste and aroma, and which has a pleasant lasting aftertaste.
Chiangrai Winery
Location : Mae Suai District
Category : Wine
Tel.: 0 5395 0257, 08 1914 9175
Wawi Mountain (Doi Wawi)
Location : Mae Suai District
Category : Coffee
Tel.: 0 5378 6123 and 0 5378 6329 (Mae Suai Municipality)
Choui Fong Tea Plantation
Location : Mae Chan District
Category : Green Tea
Tel.: 0 5377 1563