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From Bangkok, take Highway No. 1 (Phahonyothin Road), to Highway No. 32 passing Ayutthaya, Angthong, and Singburi Provinces. Change over to ... see more

From Bangkok, there are both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned bus services from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) on Kamphaengphet ... see more

Thai Airways and Thai AirAsia have daily flights connecting Bangkok with Chiang Rai. From Chiang Mai, both Thai Airways and Nok Air have service to Chiang Mai, ... see more


Attractions in Chiang Rai

As one of the hottest tourist destinations in Thailand, Chiang Rai has innumerable attractions, ensuring that visitors with any interest will find something to keep them entertained on their Chiang Rai holiday. The following are some of the most popular attractions on Chiang Rai.

Recommended Attractions

1 Golden Triangle

Location : Chiang Saen District Golden Triangle Golden Triangle Golden Triangle is a famous attraction of Chiang Rai, your trip would not be complete without seeing the Golden Triangle. This famed border location where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet on the Mekong River was once supposed to be the center of all the poppy cultivation in Thailand.

Travel approximately 9 kilometers north of old town Chiang Saen, along the road parallel to the Mekong River to the area where the borders of Thailand, Myammar and Laos converge. This area where the Mekong River meets the Ruak River is locally referred to as "Sop Ruak". Within this area are remains of many ancient places and structures attesting to the fact that the area had been settled by people in the past. It is also the area where various legends concerning the Lanna ancestors originate.

Boats can be hired in order to view the upstream scenery of the Golden Triangle and to travel downstream to Chiang Khong. The trip to the Golden Triangle and Chiang Khong would take approximately 40 minutes and 1 hour respectively, depending on river currents and water levels.

How to get there
Far from Mae Sai District about 28 km by taking Highway No.1290
Contact Tel. 0 5371 7433, 0 5374 4674-5

2 Doi Tung & Mae Fah Luang Garden

Location : Mae Fa Luang District Mae Fah Luang Garden Doi Tung is a popular destination both Thai and foreigner because of beautiful scenery with many interesting sites including the Doi Tung Palace (Pra Tamnak Doi tung), the Mae Fa Luang Garden and Akha and Muser tribal villages. IN addition to scenic lookouts, the most notable attraction is the Phra That Doi Tung Holy Relic, an old religious site atop the mountain.

Also located on Doi Tung Mountain is a beautiful royal residence known as Phra Tamnak Doi Tung. The royal villa, situated on the slopes of the adjacent Pa Kluay Reservoir, was to serve as a royal winter retreat for the Princess Mother, who passed away in 1995 and was originally built on the theory that the local hill tribes would be honored by the royal presence and thereby cease their opium cultivation.

The main attraction for visitors to Phra Tamnak Doi Tung is 'Suan Mae Fa Luang', the beautiful landscaped gardens filled with hundreds of different kinds of plants and flowers, named in honor of the Princess Mother and the Doi Tung Development Project established by the late Princess Mother in 1987.

How to get there
Doi Tung is located in Mae Fa Luang District and can be reached by taking Highway No.110 for about 48 km and turning left onto Highway No. 1149.
Opening Hours Daily from 07:00 am. - 05:30 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5376 7015-7

3 Doi Mae Salong

Location : Mae Fa Luang District Doi Mae Salong Doi Mae Salong is located at an elevation close to 1,800 meters, it is one of the highest peaks in Chiang Rai and far-reaching panoramic views. When the mist comes, the views change dramatically, especially at sunrise or sunset. The air is crisp, cool and refreshing all year round.

Doi Mae Salong is the site of Santi Khiri village, a community settled by the former Chinese 93rd Division who moved from Myanmar to reside on Thai territory in 1961. The village became well known for its enchanting scenery and tranquil atmosphere. Today it is a major tourist attraction with its small-town ambience, delicious native Chinese dishes, small hotels and guesthouses catering to visitors and tea, coffee and fruit tree plantations. The scenery is especially picturesque in December and January when sakuras are in full bloom. Scattered with many hill tribe villages, Doi Mae Salong is ideal for trekking.

From Doi Mae Salong a road leads to Tha Thon, the starting point for the Kok River cruise, a distance of 45 kilometers. There are hotels and guesthouses to accommodate tourists and a paved road leading to the village.

How to get there
To reach Doi Mae Salong, take the Chiang Rai-Mae Chan route for 29 kilometers, then turn left and proceed for another 41 kilometers (passing a hot spring). The return trip can be taken on routes no. 1234 and 1130 which wind through Yao and Akha hill tribe villages.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 05:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 7433

4 Phu Chi Fah

Location : Thoeng District Phu Chi Fah Phu Chi Fah is located in the Pa Mae Ing and Pa Mae Ngao National Forest Reserve. The area is 1,200-1,628m above sea level. Phu Chi Fah is a favoured attraction with Thai tourists, who will visit on November to January to experience the cool weather. The cool climate produces colorful flowering shrubs and the large meadow on the top provides breathtaking views of Laos. In addition, spectacular scenery can be seen from the sheer cliff of Phu Chi Fa, especially the sea of mist at sunrise. Visitors can stay overnight at Ban Rom Fa Thong and Ban Rom Fa Thai.

The mountain is a favoured attraction with Thai tourists, who will visit in droves during the months of November to January to experience the cool weather.

How to get there
Phu Chi Fa is approximately 25 kilometers to the south of Doi Pha Tang in Thoeng District.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 05:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 7433, 0 5374 4674-5

5 Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)

Location : Mueang District Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) Wat Rong Khun or White Temple is very popular destination for thai tourist, it has unique beauty and is different from the other temples in Thailand. It was designed by the famous artist Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat, whose inspiration to build this temple are nation, religion and the king. The construction started in 1998 and is expected to be completed in 2008. In addition, there is a gallery nearby exhibiting his paintings. To get there from the city of Chiang Rai, drive north along Asia Highway.

How to get there
Wat Rong Khun isn’t far from Chiang Rai city, you can get there by bus or private car.
Opening Hours Daily from 06:30 am. - 06:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5367 3579

6 Chiang Khong

Location : Chiang Khong District Chiang Khong Chiang Khong is a border to Laos and many tourist travel through Chiang Khong on the way to Laos or back. Some stay longer, and it's worth to do so. Because, despite lacking big tourist attractions, the place is a nice, laid back one and has a beautiful surrounding. The people are generally very friendly and helpful. They consist mostly of trible people who settled down here together with Thai people and some Thai Chinese.

You can have a longer walk along the Mekong River banks, where it is quiet and some restaurants and guesthouses offer their services. The river walk is a great opportunity for relaxation, especially after long bus trips.

At the mainraod, South of the border-crossing are some smaller Restaurants and Pubs, where you can easily meet other travellers. Also some of the river bank Restaurants are quite nice to have a beer in the evening, as Khum Wang Restaurant or Baan Pung Rim Khong, where one can enjoy the view over the river apart from the mainroad.

How to get there
Take the bus from the bus station in the city of Chiang Rai.
Contact Tel. 0 5379 1351, 0 5371 7433 (TAT)

7 Haad Chiang Rai

Location : Mueang District Haad Chiang Rai Haad Chiangrai or Chiangrai Riverside has a beautiful scenic view over Kok river. North of the sand beach is adjoined by limestone mountain. Many tourist come here for swimming, relax, massage, and find many local food restaurant on the riverside.

How to get there
Haad Chiangrai located at Ban Pa Ngew, Moo 4, Tambon Robwiang, 5 kilometers from Chiangrai city.
Contact Tel. 0 5374 2663

8 Elephant Camp - Ruammit Village

Location : Mueang District Elephant Camp - Ruammit Village Karen Ruammit village is one of tourist attraction in the city of Chiangrai for tourist who love nature, adventure and the cool of the Body River, to help relieve the summer heat and it is famous for elephants riding around hill tribes villages. The main route of elephant riding trip is to visit hill tribe villages and get back to elephants camp by wading Mae Kok River.

How to get there
By Bus - Take a bus line Chiangrai-Mae Yao or hire a taxi at the Municipal Market to Karen Ruammit village.
By Boat - There are long-tailed boats available at Mae Fah Luang Bridge.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 04:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5375 0009, 08 7176 2090

9 Golden Horse Temple

Location : Mae Chan District Golden Horse Temple Golden Horse Temple Golden Horse Temple or known as in Thai "Wat Tham Pa Acha Thong" where the monks ride horses to go on their alms round in the morning. It is located in Tambon Si Kham on a remote high hill. Phra Khruba Nueachai, the abbot, who is a former cavalryman, therefore, allows the monks and novices to use a horse as a vehicle to go on the morning alms round, which begins around 7:00 am., to the village of Si Muen Rai, covering a total distance of around 5 km.

How to get there
Take Highway No. 1 (Chiang Rai - Mae Sai Route) for about 28 km, and pass Amphoe Mae Chan for about 4-5 km. Then, turn into a lane off the main road, beside Wat Mae Kham Luang, and follow the direction signs all the way to Wat Tham Pa Acha Thong for around 5-7 km. The road from the bridge to Lan Phra Kaeo (the ground for alms taking) is around 2 km long and accessible by car. The views along the roadsides are refreshing.
Contact Tel. 0 5366 5073

10 Hall of Opium, Golden Triangle Park

Location : Chiang Saen District Hall of Opium, Golden Triangle Park Hall of Opium or Golden Triangle Park is 9 km northwest of Chiang Saen. This place exhibits the history of opium in the Golden Triangle, its origin, opium war when people lived on opium planting and smoking, as well as the recovery of the people who lived here. Visitors can learn this history and the problems caused by narcotics through EDUTAINMENT.

How to get there
The Hall of Opium is situated in Chiang Saen District, opposite the Anatara Golden Triangle Resort and Spa.
Opening Hours Tue - Sun 08:30 am. - 04:00 pm.
Admission Adult 200 Baht, Student 50 Baht, Child (12-18 years old) 50 Baht, and Elderly (60 years old) 50 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact Tel. 0 5378 4444

11 Oub Kham Museum

Location : Mueang District Oub Kham Museum There was little awareness among Thai people about their heritage. Khun Julasak Suriyachai, a teacher and an art connoisseur made a big difference. Khun Julasak realized that soon the heritage of northern Thailand only could be seen baroad. Hence, he started collecting northern Thailand's art pieces and founded the Lanna Heritage Conservation Center, the seed of the present Oub Kham Museum. His collection includes valuable artifacts from the Lanna kingdoms. The people of thest kingdoms developed a similar culture whish one might call the 'Culture of the Dhamma Letters'.

How to get there
Located on Na Khai Rd., Rob Wiang Sub-District near Den Ha market about 1 kilometre from the centre of town.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 06:00 pm.
Admission Adult 300 baht, Child 100 baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact Tel. 0 5371 3349, 08 1992 0342

12 Wat Phra That Doi Wao (Phra That Doi Wao Temple)

Location : Mae Sai District Phra That Doi Wao Temple Wat Phra That Doi Wao is situated in Mu 1, Tambon Mae Sai, on the hill by the bank of the Mae Sai River. According to history, King Wao of Nakhon Nakkhaphan Yonok built this pagoda in 179 BC to contain the Lord Buddha’s hair relics. It is a great ancient pagoda second to Phra Borommathat Doi Tung.

How to get there
Located on Mae Sai hill.
Contact Tel. 0 5373 1527

13 Travel along Kok River

Location : Mueang District Travel along Kok River Mae Kok River The Kok River is one of the most scenic attractions in Chiang Rai. It runs from Thathon in northern Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai City. Kok River flows through the town of Chiang Rai and is 130 kilometres long. Long-tailed boats and cruise can be made from town to travel along both sides of lovely sceneries. Stops can be made at hilltribal villages of the Akha or Iko, Lisu, Karen, etc. Elephant rides are also available to see the surrounding area.

How to get there
The ferry pier is beyond the bridge across from the Dusit Island Resort.
Admission 900 - 1,000 Baht per one hour (Price are subject to change)
Contact Tel. 0 5375 0009, 0 5371 7433

14 Wat Phra Kaew Chiang Rai (Phra Kaew Temple)

Location : Mueang District Phra Kaew Temple Wat Phra Kaew is a third-common-class royal temple situated in the area of 10,640 square metres on Trairat road, Wiang sub-district, Muang Chiang Rai in Chiang Rai City. His Majesty the King graciously upgraded the temple to the royal temple on May 31, 1978. The temple gains historical importance as the place where the Emerald Buddha was found. It is also one of the main centres of Buddhist education and the Sangha’s administration in Northern of Thailand including :

The Chedi (Pagoda)
At the rear, behind Uposatha hall is the Chedi inside which the Emerald Buddha was found in 1434. This typical Lanna style pagoda had been subsequently renovated; the last renovation was in 1992-1993.
Uposatha Hall
Phra Uposatha (a consecrated chapel used for the Sangh’s ceremonies) was originally a Vihara (assembly hall), built in 1890 in Chiang Saen style with 9.50 metres in width and 21.85 in length. It is a medium sized, nicely carved wooden structure with unique carved doors. Its architectural style is known as “incubating hen”. Its renovation was done in 2001 with the approval of the Department of Fine Arts.
Chamber of Phra Yok Chiang Rai
At present Phra Yok Chiang Rai is housed in Haw Phra Kaew (Jewel Buddha Chamber). The teak wooden chamber, 8 metres in width and 12 metres in length, was built in ancient Chiang Saen style. Its model was created by a renowned artist Thawan Datchanee. The mural traditional paintings on the walls of Haw Phra Yok depict the legend of the Emerald Buddha, whereas the temporary paintings depict the history of Phra Yok Chiang Rai. There are also two paintings of golden and silver Bodhi trees. These painting works were done by a group of Chinag Rai’s painters: Somphol Yarangsri, Calermchart Siddhirat, Sompong Sarnsap, Preecha Rajwong and Narongdet Sudjai.
Saengkaew Museum
Built in 1995 in the contemporary northern style, the museum contains numerous interesting objects, especially, of the typical northern culture. Preserved here also are the belongings of two respected late monks: Phra Buddhiwongwiwat and Somdet Phra Buddha Chinawong. The former was late abbot of the temple and the Provincial monks’ Governor of Chiang Rai and the latter was the abbot of Wat Benjamabopitr, Bangkok and the monks’ Governor of the whole northern Thailand. Both of them had made a lot of contributions to the development of Buddhism in Chiang Rai. Their statues are placed in the pavilions attached to the museum.

How to get there
The museum is located on Trirat Road across from Overbrook Hospital.
Opening Hours Daily from 09:00 am. - 05:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 1385, 0 5371 5875

15 Mae Fah Luang Art & Cultural Park (Rai Mae Fah Luang)

Location : Mueang District Mae Fah Luang Art & Cultural Park Mae Fah Luang Art & Cultural Park or Rai Mae Fah Luang are important architectural buildings of Chiang Rai Province. Ho Kham is a teak building where ancient wood-carved candle holders are exhibited, and Phra Phrato, an ancient wooden Buddha image of the Lanna period is housed. Ho Kham Noi keeps the so-called Wiang Ta mural paintings from Wat Pa Wiang Ta in Phrae. Many plants found in the park area are of fragrant varieties and rare species.

There is also a bronze statue of HRH the Princess Mother sculptured by Khun Misiem Yipinsoi. Furthermore, an open museum is available for a temporary display of artworks and other functions. Initially, the park area was used for Wai Sa Mae Fah Luang, a ceremony to pay homage to HRH the Princess Mother.

How to get there
It is situated one kilometre from the Oub Kham Museum.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:30 am. - 05:30 pm.
Admission 300 baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact Tel. 0 5371 1968, 0 5371 6605-7

16 Wat Phra That Pha Ngao (Phra That Pha Ngao Temple)

Location : Chiang Saen District Wat Phra That Pha Ngao Wat Phra That Pha Ngao. A place to practice. A small bell-shaped chedi situated on a large stone. The current sanctuary built over the ruins of old temples. On the hill behind the temple. His vision is the Buddhist stupa. Is the point of view of the beautiful surrounding.

How to get there
Located 3km south of town in the village of Sop Kham.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 05:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5377 7151

17 The King Mengrai the Great Memorial

Location : Mueang District The King Mengrai the Great Memorial The King Mengrai the Great Memorial The King Mengrai the Great Memorial is located in the town on the intersection leading to Mae Chan. Originally, King Mengrai was the ruler of Nakhon Hiran Ngoen Yang (an ancient town on the bank of the Mae Khong around Chiang Saen) before Chiang Rai was established as the administrative centre in 1262. He consolidated his power by merging the different city in the North and founded the Lanna Thai Kingdom in 1296 with Chiang Mai as the capital.

How to get there
It is located in the town on the intersection leading to Mae Chan.
Opening Hours Daily 24 hrs.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 7433, 0 5374 4674-5 (TAT)

18 Wana Horse & Ostrich Farm

Location : Mueang District Wana Horse & Ostrich Farm The Wana Horse and Ostrich farm is one interesting destination to spent a great time with the family. There are rabbits, small horses, sheep, ducks and many beautiful ostriches. Both adult and children can feed the animals, touch them and even ride on top of them. The environment in farm full fill with cowboy soft music and staff very friendly. However you can have some food in this farm and price not too high.

How to get there
Located on 9 Mu 6 Chiang Rai-Thoeng Road, Ban Hua Doi, Tambon Tha Sai. Not too far from the Bus Station.
Opening Hours Daily from 09:00 am. - 08:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 08 9635 7233, 08 1671 5885

19 Hilltribe Museum and Education Center

Location : Mueang District Hilltribe Museum and Education Center Hilltribe Museum and Education Center is located on Thanalai Road. Operated by the Population and Community Development Association - Chiang Rai Branch, the museum provides a slide presentation on ways of living and displays articles, tools, utensils, and tribal attire. It also gathers interesting information on six major hilltribes of Thailand: Akha, Lisu, Karen, Muser, Yao, and Hmong.

How to get there
Located on Thanalai Road in Chiang Rai city.
Opening Hours Daily from 09:00 am. - 06:00 pm.
Admission 50 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact Tel. 0 5374 0088, 0 5371 9167

20 Doi Pha Tang

Location : Wiang Kaen District Doi Pha Tang Doi Pha Tang offers the best spot to watch the scenic Mekong river at the hilltop where you overlook the borders of Thailand and Laos. Only 160 kilometers from the municipality and you can then enjoy your stay in your choices of bungalows or serviced tents, hugged by the sea of fog throughout the year.

The blooming season when Siemese sakura blossoms is usually from December to January. The place is also home of many ethnics including Hmong, Yao and Chinese Haw whose ancestors were the 93rd Chinese Divisions migrated from China and created their community in Thailand.

How to get there
Doi Pha Tang is situated in Chiang Rai province, the northern most region of Thailand. It is about 160 kilometers from Chiang Rai city and only 25 kilometers north from Phu Che Fah.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 04:30 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 7433, 0 5374 4674-5

21 Doi Hua Mae Kham

Location : Mae Fa Luang District Doi Hua Mae Kham Doi Hua Mae Kham is the domicile of the hill tribes near the Thai-Burmese border, about three hours by road along the Mae Chan-Ban Thoet Thai-Ban Huai In route which winds along the steep mountain edges. The inhabitants are predominantly of the Lisu tribe, with a smattering of the Akha, Hmong and Muser tribes. Doi Hua Mae Kham is most spectacular in November when the yellow wild sunflowers are in full bloom.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 05:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 7433, 0 5374 4674-5

22 Baandam Museum (Black House)

Location : Nang – Lae Sub-District, Mueang District Baandam Museum (Black House) The art gallery contains of the Thai National Visual Art Artist Mr.Thawan Duchanee’s works from. On the area of more than 100 rai, there are 25 northern-style building where installs of the local arts from the past to present. Most of the buildings are in black and decorated by woodcut, antler, elephant bones, etc.

How to get there
Baandam Museum is located 10 km from Chiangrai City. Turn left at Soi 1, the entrance to Ban Mae Poo Ka, Moo 13 for about 200 meters, then turn left at the sign, the museum is on left hand side.
Opening Hours Daily from 09:00 am. - 05:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5377 6333, 08 1673 1155

23 Tham Pum, Tham Pla, Tham Saohin Phraya Nak

Location : Mae Sai District Tham Pum, Tham Pla, Tham Saohin Phraya Nak Doi Jong is a lime-stone mountain which includes stalagmite and stalactite caves and originates the clear and clean water stream, visitors can feel its beauty.

Tham Pum is a cave on the mountain where visitors need to climb up there. It is dark inside the cave so the visitors need the guide to lead them the way in it. There are some old Buddha images for people to pay homage and make merit there too.

Tham Pla is a cave where flows the water stream inside it and there are a lot of fish swimming in the clear pond. Inside the cave- there is a Myanmese styled Buddha image built by a Myanmese monk called ‘Phra Songkrueng’. Visitors can relax within the peaceful area in front of the cave. They can feed monkeys and fish there too.

Tham Saohin Phaya Nak is a cave in the same area of Tham Pla. Visitors once needed to row the boat to get there but now they built a 150 meter-pathway to connect with Tham Pla cave. There are stalagmite and stalactite within the cave. Visitors can meditate inside this holy cave too.

How to get there
Tham Pum, Tham Pla, Tham Saohin Phraya Nak are located at Doi Jong in the village number 11 of Pong Pha Sub-District, about 12 kilometers on highway number 110 to the south of Mae Sai District and 2 kilometers from the main road.

24 Chiang Saen National Museum

Location : Chiang Saen District Chiang Saen National Museum Chiang Saen National Museum showcases the stone inscriptions collected from Phayao and Chiang Saen, sculptures and antiques of Chiang Saeng natives as well as the impressive collection of bronze Buddha images carved in Chiang Saen style. More to that is the Thai Ya, Thai Lu and many hill tribes’ artifacts that range from opium smoking equipment to ornament and musical instrument.
Opening Hours Wed - Sun 09:00 am. - 04:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5377 7102

25 Choui Fong Tea Plantation

Location : Mae Chan District Choui Fong Tea Plantation In Chiang Rai, Chui Fong Tea Farm is regarded as one of the leading entrepreneurs in tea farm industry. The reason to its success is no surprise, for Ms. Shanya Chang, the present owner of Chui Fong Tea Farm who inherits from her father, has always had strong love for tea since her youth.

Chui Fong Tea Farm is managed under the corporation of Chui Fong Tea CO., LTD., the biggest tea producer in Chiang Rai and the tea exporter shipping to various countries, mainly to Europe, USA, Taiwan and Japan.

Located 1,200 meters above sea level, Chui Fong Tea Farm’s vast area of over 600 rai spans over three districts, namely Therdtai, Mae Fah Luang and Mae Chan. The view of tea trees that are planted on mountain ridges in descending steps imprints the impressive image in every visitor's memory.

If you wish to indulge in the scent of tea amid the alluring atmosphere and splendid scenery of a tea farm in Northern Thailand on your getaway vacation, a visit to Chui Fong Tea Farm is absolutely a must.
Opening Hours Daily from 09:00 am. - 06:30 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5377 1563

26 Wiang Ka Long

Location : Wiang Pa Pao District Wiang Ka Long Wiang Kalong, a newly-developed tourist attraction, is a community about 16 kilometers from the district office of Wiang Pa Pao. Ancient furnaces which were used to make terra cotta utensils called Kalong have been found in this area. The furnaces are shaped like turtle shells of various sizes with a width of 2 to 5 meters.

How to get there
From the city, drive south along the Divided Highway No. 1 for 8 kilometers then take a right turn onto Highway No. 118 to Wiang Pa Pao (approximately 75-80 kilometers). For those wishing to travel from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai via the Doi Saket Highway No. 1014, it is highly recommended to stop over at Wiang Kalong as it is on the way to Chiang Mai.
Contact Tel. 0 5378 1665 (Wiang Pa Pao Municipality)

27 Rai Chern Tawan

Location : Mueang District Rai Chern Tawan Rai Chern Tawan Meditation Centre was founded from the wish of Venerable Phra Maha Vudhijaya Vajiramedhi (V. Vajiramedhi) to retreat to a solitary place. On its vast area where Dharma puzzles are arranged amidst the garden of scented floras is indeed the best classroom in nature to develop mindfulness for every visitor with the interest in Buddhist doctrines. In two auspicious occasions which mark the 2600th year of Buddhism and 750th year of Chiang Rai, this meditation centre is raised to “Mahavijjalaya of Buddhist Economics”, a Dharma university where the great truths lie.

Back then this land was a litchi farm of one of Venerable V. Vajiramedhi’s disciples, whose intention is to make it a private area of solitude to contemplate Dharma. Nevertheless, many disciples had always asked for V. Vajiramedhi’s permission to visit this place in order to practice Dharma. Therefore, the place was changed into a meditation centre for all.

The heart concept of Rai Chern Tawan is "Back to Nature". Since the sermon hall here has no wall, when we meditate, nature embraces us and two become one. We are Nature. Sculptures here are also built to encourage visitors to understand the core of Dharma. Some of these statues are The Compass of Dharma, The Daily Epigram of V. Vajiramedhi, The Three Wise Monkeys which symbolizes the carefulness in living, The Reading Novice, Phra Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara to urge the sense of giving and the rocks in Ittappajayata Zen Garden which represents the chains of sufferings and the eightfold noble path by the side of Chern Tawan Lake. A visit to Rai Chern Tawan has awakened the self awareness in many and has brought them closer to the core of the Buddha’s teachings, which is The Dharma, or The Nature. Living in Dharma will definitely brighten up your life with true happiness brighter than the sun.
Contact Tel. 0 5360 2666

28 Boon Rawd Farm (Boon Rawd Brewery Farm)

Location : Mueang District Boon Rawd Farm The delicate art of Boon Rawd Tea production began in Chiang Rai, the Northern part of Thailand. This is where cool and hazy breeze consistently blows through Boon Rawd Farm’s valley all year round, making it one of the perfect locations for tea plantation.

Their passion is to create great tea for everyone. We are spending up to 80 hours to make sure that the tea is unique and taste good.

Boon Rawd Tea comes in a round and tight greenish bead that locks within it a combination of distinctive taste and fragrant scent. Once brewed, the tea bead will slowly release a gold-like color with a touch of light floral aroma, which is certain to arouse the senses of pure pleasure and relaxation.

How to get there
It is located at Mae Korn Sub-District, Mueang District, 6 km from Chiang Rai town.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 05:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5317 2870

29 The Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture Center

Location : Mae Fah Luang University, Mueang District The Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture Center The Sirindhorn Chinese Language and Culture Center in Mae Fah Luang University. This was established through the cooperation of Mae Fah Luang University and the People’s Republic of China. The center was built as a memorial to honor Her Royal Highness Princess grandmother’s 100th birthday as a symbol of friendship between the two nations. The center’s design was drawn to adhere as depicted in China. The construction took 7 months to complete at cost approximately 60 million Baht. The architecture replicate the Suzhou Chinese structure, building decorations and the garden ornaments by complying with the design layouts and using authentic materials shipped from China. The roofing tiles, the doors and the marble tiles laid at the entrance are all examples of a few of the materials brought from China.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 06:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5391 7097

30 Doi Pha Mon Agricultural Center

Location : Thoeng District Doi Pha Mon Agricultural Center Doi Pha Mon is located at Amphoe Thoeng. During the winter months visitors are treated to splendid flower bed s of tulips, lilies, red salvia, poinsettias, etc. To get to Doi Pha Mon from the city, go along Highway No. 1020, then take Highway No. 1155. The journey takes approximately 2.5 hours.
Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. - 05:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 5371 7433, 0 5374 4674-5