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From Bangkok it is possible to drive to Chumphon via highway No. 4 or highway No. 35 to highway No.4 through Petchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan Provinces. At Chumphon junction turn left ... see more

There are regular, daily busses from Bangkok to Chumphon from Transport Co., Ltd. Busses from Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) located on Borommaratchonnani ... see more

Nok Air operate daily flights between Bangkok (Don Mueang, DMK) and Chumphon airport (CJM) while Happy Air operates a flight between Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) to Chumphon ... see more

From Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lumphong) there are both rapid and express trains to Chumphon every day. From Bangkok Noi Railway Station in Thonburi there are daily fast trains to ... see more


Attractions in Chumphon

Although Chumphon is a lesser known tourist destination, it offers a variety of attractions and visitors interested in nature will surely enjoy their vacation here. Therefore, Chumphon is an ideal destination for those looking for relaxation in a natural and peaceful atmosphere. In addition to the beautiful islands and beaches, there are also a number of waterfalls, caves, parks, temples and markets which are worth a visit. Following are some of the most popular attractions in Chumphon:

Recommended Attractions

1 Koh Talu (Talu Island)

Location : East of Chumphon Koh Talu (Talu Island) Koh Talu (Talu Island) is the best known diving area and is close to the coast. With shallow margins reefs and coral gardens, is the house of a large variety of fish. Large shoals of sea bream and fusiliers can be seen and the hard coral is in good condition and relatively preserved. Here is also a shallow bay ideal for snorkelers; its sandy soil is boasting of outcrops of coral. Keep your eyes open to spot the large rays that frequent the area.

How to get there
Just drive up Petchkasem Road to Bang Sapha, short boat trip from Koh Talu pier. Unless you are on an organized tour for a day trip if you are staying on Koh Talu island you must have accommodation booked.
Administered by Mu Ko Chumphon National Park

2 Koh Pitak

Location : Lang Suan District, East of Chumphon Koh Pitak Koh Pitak is a small island, located in Lang Suan District about 25 kilometers away from the Lang Suan District Office. Koh Pitak has an area of 712 rai with 42 households. Villagers are mostly fishermen and farmers. Residence locates in the front of the island, and coconut trees are in the rear. Travelers can walk around the island on the concrete walkway. There is a beach on the east side or the rear of the island. The exotic view of sand mix with emerging rocks on the 300 meter beach is impressive for travelers. The clear water is tempting for a swmming. The island has beautiful rocks and clear water to swim and fishing villages scattered around the island. The Villagers on the island homestay tourism activities.

Every year in June, Koh Pitak will hold a mini marathon on the sea. It starts from Lang Suan estuary toward Krok Bay, on the sand dune during a low tide toward Koh Pitak. Villagers will open their houses for runner and visitors alike with one seafood meal offering. Total distance is 12.5 kilometers. It is waiting for travelers who seek a challenge during summer.

How to get there
Travelers can board a fishing boat at Krok Bay all day for a 20 Baht/Person fare.
Contact Tel. 08 1093 1443

3 Sairee Beach

Location : Muang District Sairee Beach Sairee beach is located south of Pha Daeng Beach and 3 kilometers away from Paradornparb Beach. At the northern end of the beach there is a monument of Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak, the father of the Thai navy, which is equally well respected by the locals and sailors. The old shrine there is a decommissioned torpedo boat and in addition there is a new shrine so that visitors can show their respect. At the southern end of the beach there is a hill called Khao Chao Muang of which one has a magnificent view of the islands Maprao, Lak Rad, Rad, Mattra and Lawa.

How to get there
From Chumphon city, take road No. 4001, then continue on road No. 4119 to Paradornparb beach and continue on road No. 4098 to Sairee beach. There is also a regular bus service between Chumphon town and the beach.

4 Paradornparb Beach

Location : Mueang District Paradornparb Beach The 3 kilometer long Paradornparb Beach is a clean white sand beach with a calm atmosphere and local flavor. From the beach you can enjoy a wonderful view of the island of Koh Samet which is, especially at sunrise, an idyllic picture. The beach also offers historical stories during Thailand – Japan war. It is believed that Thailand and Japan called for a truce and built an ally here, thereby the name – Paradornparb Beach (Brotherhood beach).

How to get there
From highway No. 4 (Petchkasem road), turn right at intersection into the street No. 327, drive toward the street No. 4011, the beach road is about 1 kilometer away.

5 Tung Wau Laen Beach

Location : Pathiu District Tung Wau Laen Beach Chumphon's most popular beach is located about 15 kilometers north of Chumphon town. The beach is suitable for swimming because the white sand beach gently merges into the sea. Gorgonians, sponges and a huge variety of reef fish make the underwater scenery as spectacular as the beach itself. Along the beach one can find a range of accommodations, restaurants, bars and shops as well as internet cafes. At the southern end is the Chumphon Cabana Resort and the Khao Pho Bae hill with a rocky coast which is well suited for diving and snorkeling.

How to get there
From Chumphon City take street No. 3180 to Saplee.

6 Arunothai Beach

Location : Thung Tako District Arunothai Beach This quiet beach is located about 60 kilometers south of Chumphon town. Visitors can observe the lifestyle of the local fishermen here. At the southern end you will find the Kromluang Chumphon Shrine and the Pak NamTako river where the fishermen of Thung Tako begin their journey to the sea - which is very colorful and impressive. The beach is lined by pine trees which provide shade and invite for a picnic or a walk on the beach. Even a few small resort can be found along the beach road. Hotels in Arunothai Beach area

How to get there
From the highway No.41 (Chumphon – Lang Suan district route), drive toward Thung Takoe District, turn left to Tako estuary and drive on for 15 kilometers.

7 Suan Nai Dam (Garden of Uncle Black)

Location : Thung Tako District Suan Nai Dam (Garden of Uncle Black) Situated on highway 41, 54 km from the town of Thung Tako District. The orchard produces good quality fruits such as tangerine, papaya, dragon fruit, and Mayong Chit (marrian plum). The orchard is a perfect highway stop, ideal for taking a break from a long drive. A restaurant, coffee shop and souvenir shop are located in a beautiful lush green area. Remarkably, the orchard offers a unique toilet. The toilet at Nai Dum's Fruit Orchard won the award from the Nation's annual toilet competition in 2006. In addition, it had been proclaimed by the Ministry of Public Health to be a Thai public toilet learning centre, which is regularly visited by students and organizations. Mr. Dum, the orchard owner, had the intention to develop this public toilet to be a pleasant place for visitors. Therefore, his idyllic and hygienic toilet is surrounded by nature; with flowers, trees and miniature waterfalls.

How to get there
From Chumphon town centre, Drive along highway No. 41 (Chumphon – Lang Suan district route), The orchard located 54 km from the town of Thung Tako district.
Opening Hours 09:00 am. – 06:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 08 9652 0734, 07 7611 9001

8 Ao Thung Makham (Thung Makham Bay)

Location : Mueang District Ao Thung Makham (Thung Makham Bay) Thung Makham consists of two crescent bays separated by a peninsula. The larger bay is called Thung Makham Yai and the smaller Thung Makham Noi. In Thung Makham Noi there's a small resort and a pier for the ferries to Koh Tao. The 4 km long beach of Thung Yai Makham Bay is more quiet and there are no accommodations or restaurants. The beach is suitable for swimming, activities or for a walk and you can watch the lifestyle of the local fishermen up close. From both beaches one has a wonderful view of the outlying islands.

How to get there
The distances of the inner and outer Ao Thung Makham from Chumphon city center are 27 kms. and 31 kms. respectively using the same highways as going to Sairee Beach with the directions shown along the way.

9 Marttra Island (Koh Mattra)

Location : East of Chumphon Marttra Island (Koh Mattra) The slightly more than 2 km long island is located about 7 kilometers off the coast of Chumphon. Most tourists visit the island during a day trip which also includes the neighboring islands. Some tents, a few wooden bungalows and a restaurant are available if you are planning a longer stay. The dive sites around the island are rich in hard and soft corals which are inhabited by pipefish, clams, parrot fish, angler fish, anemone fish, seahorses, oysters and many other species.

How to get there
On Sairee beach and Phadaeng beach you can rent a longtail boat that takes you to the island. Alternatively, you can join one of the day tours which visit several islands for snorkeling or diving.
Administered by Mu Ko Chumphon National Park
Opening Hours 08:00 am. – 06:00 pm.
Admission fee 20 Baht
Contact Tel. 0 7755 8144 – 5 (Mu Koh Chumphon National Park Office)

10 Maprao Island (Koh Maprao)

Location : East of Chumphon Maprao Island (Koh Maprao) Maprao Island or Koh Maphrao is located 1 kilometer from Sairee beach. The 600-meter-long island has many steep cliffs and caves in which swallows build their nests, which are collected after the breeding season. In the west of the island there is a coral reef and a small beach, but one can only enter when the Swallow's Nest collector gives his consent. In the breeding season the island should not be entered. On Sairee beach, you can rent a longtail boat to tour around the island or to go snorkeling there.

How to get there
From highway No. 4 (Petchkasem road), turn right at intersection into the street No. 327, drive toward the street No. 4011, 20 km toward Paradonparb Beach and drive to Pha Daeng Beach to get to Sairee Beach. The regular bus services from the town center. Maprao Island located 1 kilometre from Sairee Beach.
Administered by Mu Ko Chumphon National Park
Opening Hours 08:00 am. – 06:00 pm.
Admission fee 20 Baht
Contact Tel. 0 7755 8144 – 5 (Mu Koh Chumphon National Park Office)

11 Prince Chumphon Shrine & Memorial

Location : Mueang District Prince Chumphon Shrine & Memorial The memorial is located at the northern end of Sairee beach, about 20 kilometers from the city center, and is a sacred place for the inhabitants of Chumphon. Here is the monument of Admiral Phra Boromawong Thir Kromluang Chumphon Khet Udomsak who is considered the father of the Thai navy. The shrine faces the sea and there is a museum showing his biography and personal items. A large torpedo-ship named "Royal Chumphon" is also here. It is 68 meters long and 6.55 meters wide and was decommissioned on 26 November 1975. The Royal Thai Navy gave the ship to Chumphon province in 1979. After that it was put near this monument.

How to get there
From highway No. 4 (Petchkasem road), turn right at intersection into the street No. 327, drive toward the street No. 4011, approximately 20 km. Prince Chumphon Shrine and Memorial located the foot of the hill near Sairee beach.

12 Military Youth Monument

Location : Mueang District Military Youth Monument Military Youth Monument located about 5 kilometres away from the city. This monument is built to commemorate the bravery of military youth for their fight against the Japanese troop in 1941 during the World War II.

How to get there
Chumphon town centre, Drive along highway No. 4001 (Chumphon – Pak Nam route), Tambon Bang Mak, close to Tha Nang Sung bridge. It is about 5 kilometres away from the city.

13 Chumphon National Muesum

Location : Mueang District Chumphon National Muesum The National Museum Chumphon is located in the compound of the official government center of Chumphon at Sam Kaeo Hill, Na Cha Ang Sub-district, Muang District, Chumphon. It was established in 1994. The museum is a two storey building, in native style accompanied by a contemporary style which consists of the exhibition hall, museum library, multi – purposed convention hall, office, museum storage, book – shop & gift shop, cafeteria, etc.

How to get there
Drive along highway No. 4 (Petchkasem road). Chumphon National Muesum located at the 484 km before approaching Pathomphon Junction.
Admission fee 30 Baht
Contact Tel. 0 7750 4105, 0 7750 4246

14 Hew Lom Waterfall

Location : Pha Toh District Hew Lom Waterfall This waterfall is located at Ban Bok Fai, Tambon Pak Song, in Kuan Mae Yai Mon Wildlife Sanctuary. From Mueang district, use highway No.4 to Lang Suan Junction, turn right to highway No.4006, pass Phato to the 11 kilometre and, turn left for another 8 kilometres. The most suitable vehicle to be used is 4-wheel drive. From Hew Lom Forest Guard Unit, there is a trek for 500 metres, pass the origin of Phato Canal, and fertile evergreen forest. The waterfall is more than 80 metres high, surrounded by various kinds of trees. It is a venue for relaxation, trekking for natural study, and bird sanctuary.

How to get there
From highway No. 4 (Petchkasem road) to Lang Suan Junction, turn right to highway No.4006 (Lang Suan – Ratchakrut route), pass Phato to the 11 kilometre and, turn left for another 8 kilometres.

15 Thap Chang Waterfall

Location : Thung Tako District Thap Chang Waterfall This is the most beautiful waterfall in Khlong Phrao National Park, situated at Thung Tako District. It is surrounded with various varieties of trees, and many different types of animals live here. To get there, travel along highway 41 until you come to a police booth at Sammai, Lang Suan cross-road. Then turn right into a brick road and go on for another 15 kms. The waterfall is about 65 kms. from the city center.

How to get there
Distance from Tung Tako district office about 23 km using Highway No.41 (Tung Tako – Lang Suan route). Turn right at kilometer No. 57 – 58 to Baan Nai Hood, go on asphalt road for 14 km and then go on a dirt road for 1 km.
Contact Tel. 0 7784 8181, 0 7784 8181

16 Phra Thart Sawi Temple

Location : Sawee District Phra Thart Sawi Temple This temple is near Sawi River. It is 47 km. from the city center along Highway No.41 (Chumphon - Lang Suan district route). According to legend, Phra Chao Si Thamma Sokarat and his army took a rest in Sawi District where they had strange experience. Albino crows and other types of crows flocked together above the debris of a ruined structure. His Majesty, therefore, issued an order to remove the debris. After removing it, they found a large pagoda. When they dug the ground deeper, they found a jar containing the Buddha's relics. So, His Majesty had his men build a new pagoda over the old one. The construction could have taken place in the Ayutthaya Era. In 1916 a repair was done. A new structure was made over the old one. At the front of the temple next to Sawi River stands a shrine where a human - size effigy is kept. People in Sawi District call this shrine "San Phra Suea Mueang".

How to get there
From Chumphon town centre, Drive along highway No. 41 (Chumphon – Lang Suan district route) approximately 45 km. to Wat Phra Thart Sawi.
Opening Hours Daily from 06:00 am. – 05:00 pm. (Please dress properly)

17 Cho Fah Sala Loi Temple

Location : Mueang District Cho Fah Sala Loi Temple This ancient temple is highly revered among the inhabitants of Chumpon because of their strong faith in Luang Pu Chanthasaro. He was a religious teacher and treated all people equally. After his death, his body did not decay and therefore the residents show their respect and hope that their wishes will be fulfilled. A big Sala tree with orange flowers and oddly shaped pistils is inside the temple. (Lord Buddha was born under a Sala tree).

How to get there
From Chumphon city, take Road No. 3180 for 3 kilometers. Then turn left onto road 1007 and travel for 4 kilometers. Then turn left, cross the bridge and you arrive at the temple.
Opening Hours Daily from 06:00 am. – 05:00 pm. (Please dress properly)

18 Pradoem Temple

Location : Mueang District Pradoem Temple Pradoem Temple (Wat Pradoem) this temple is the archeological site in old Chumphon, at Tambon Tak Daet. It is on the left-hand side of highway No.41 (Chumphon – Surat Thani), after passing Tambon Wang Phai and across Saeng Daet Canal. Some archeological objects were found such as sand-stone Buddha image in Srivijaya Period, Chedi containing Lord Buddhas bones. The decoration of the gate, walls and other buildings have portrayed the local architectural designs at this temple.

How to get there
From Chumphon town you drive on the road No. 327 towards the highway for 2 km and then turn left onto the road No.2009. The temple is located 2 kilometers further on the left hand side.
Opening Hours Daily from 06:00 am. – 05:00 pm. (Please dress properly)

19 Thep Charoen Temple

Location : Thasae District Thep Charoen Temple The temple is located at the foot of the Rap Ro hill. The hill has a total of 8 caves and myths say that in 2 of them, the Ai Teh Cave and the Phra cave, treasures lie hidden. The Phra cave contains more than 200 Buddha statues made of bronze and concrete, and the Ai-Teh cave an old wall painting of a reclining Buddha. Inside the Tam Sai cave are strikingly beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. In addition, the temple houses a Buddha footprint and the mummified body of Luang Pu Sai, a highly revered monk. Nearby there is also a museum with a collection of ancient artifacts that were found in the temple. In early May of each year there is a traditional festival at the tempel to worship Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Sadej Nai Udomsak - with cultural events and other entertainment.

How to get there
Take Highway No. 4 to the north. At km 490, turn left towards Tha Kham. After 4 kilometers you reach the temple.
Opening Hours Daily from 06:00 am. – 05:00 pm. (Please dress properly)

20 Kaew Prasert Temple

Location : Pathiu District Kaew Pra Sert Temple This Thai-Chinese temple is located on a hill at the shore from which one has a magnificent view over the sea and the islands. The most prominent statue there is a 9.99 meter high Buddha. A Ganesh statue and statues of other deities as well as buildings and statues of the Chinese Buddhism can be found everywhere in the temple complex.

How to get there
Wat Kaew Prasert is located at Ban Tha Add Village, Pak Klong, Pathew district, Chumphon, 52 km from the town.
Opening Hours Daily from 06:00 am. – 05:00 pm. (Please dress properly)

21 Kapo Waterfall Forest Park

Location : Tha Sae District Kapo Waterfall Forest Park The park is located in Hong Charoen Sub-district of Tah Sae district. It covers an area of 1120 hectares of shady woods, with a small waterfall, which are well suited for relaxation. The waterfall is a 2 m drop followed by a couple of short drops into a stagnant pool. There are many species of plants, birds and other animals in the park. Due to the fact that the park is located right at the highway you can stock up at a gas station and have a picnic here.

How to get there
Kapo Waterfall located in Tambon Salui, this waterfall is 13 kilometres from Tha Sae, along Phetkasem Road, between Km. 466 – 468, or from Pathomphon Crossroad, by Petkasem Road for about 30 kilometres.

22 Khao Chao Mueang View Point

Location : Mueang District Khao Chao Mueang Viewpoint This mountain is next to Sairi Beach along the coast for 2.5 kilometres. On top of this mountain, there is a pavilion for view watching. And further from this area around one kilometre, there is an open area where a panoramic view of the various islands in the sea can be viewed.

How to get there
From Chumphon town center drive along Highway No. 4001 road, 20 km toward Paradonparb Beach and drive to Pha Daeng Beach to get to Sairee Beach. Khao Chao Mueang located behind Sairee beach, 2.5 kilometer.

23 Khao Kriap Cave

Location : Lang Suan District Khao Kriap Cave This is one of the most beautiful caves in the south. It is 85 kilometres from Chumphon along highway No.4 (Chumphon – Lang Suan route) and turn right for another two kilometres. There is a Buddhist temple at the foot of the Khao Kriap hill. Inside the cave, there is also a Buddha image besides the stalactites and stalagmites.

How to get there
From Chumphon town centre, Drive along highway No. 41 (Chumphon town – Laung Suan district route) about 85 kilometres and turn right for another two kilometres.

24 Thip Prida Cave

Location : Sawee District Thip Prida Cave This area is a rocky mountain with a stream flowing past the front. This mountain has about 40 beautiful caves, some of which contain pools. It is a great place to come and explore the outdoors as there are such a variety of places to see.

How to get there
Tourists can easily get there through Chumphon – Sawi Route up to Khao Beep intersection, Thung Tako District. Then, go along Khao Beep - Khao Thalu Route for about 16 kilometers, turn left into a brick road and travel for 4 kilometers more until arrive at Huai Kaew intersection. Then, turn left into a village road and travel for 6 kilometers more, you will be at Thip Prida Cave. The total distance from the city center is 70 kilometers.

25 Khao Phlu Wildlife Conservation Area

Location : Pathiu District Khao Phlu Wildlife Conservation Area The Khao Phlu Wildlife Conservation Area covers the 2-kilometer mountain range of Khao Plu. There are 2 caves, the Khao Plu Cave and the Nam Rod Cave. The first houses a statue of the famous monk of Chumphon - Lung Phor Cheep Bunyasaro. The second one houses a 6x15-meter pool and many bats. There are also beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The caves are also a popular playground of hundreds of langurs who come here to look for food.

How to get there
From Highway No. 4 Phetkasem road to Chumphon-Pathew, go to Pathew intersection, take Highway No. 7201, to Chomko subdistrict, there will be a sign to Wat Khao Plu.
Contact Tel. 0 7759 1381, 0 7759 1260

26 Hin Chang Spirit House

Location : Tha Sae District Hin Chang Spirit House Hin Chang Spirit House is located on Highway No. 4, between kilometers 453 and 454, and contains a statue of a very revered God. On both sides of the street you will find rows of fruit stalls offering the popular Leb Mue Nang bananas. The bananas and products thereof are mostly bought as a souvenir.

How to get there
From Chumphon town center drive along highway No. 4 (Petchkasem Road), Hin Chang Spirit House is located between Kilometer 453 and 454.

27 Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park

Location : Lang Suan District Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park This garden is beautifully decorated with flowers and the statue of the Princess' Mother, the highlight of this garden. Not far is Tham Khao Ngoen, of which there is the inscription of King Rama V's initials. Another inscription on the wall is No.108 which was the Ratanakosin Era when he visited the Malaya Peninsula in 1889. Also, there is a Chedi in front of the cave.

How to get there
This park is located 65 kilometres from Chumphon by turning right at Lang Suan crossroad for another 3 kilometres.

28 Tham Khao Phlu Hot Spring

Location : Lamae District Tham Khao Phlu Hot Spring Tham Khao Plu Hot Spring, This place is one of the most popular tourists spots in Lamae District. It is in Mu 2, Tambon Suan Taeng, 7 kilometers away from the district center along Highway No. 41. There are 3 hot spas here at the foot of the mountain slope. In the vicinity, there are also 4 caves with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Wildlife such as squirrels, pig-tailed monkeys and birds of different species are scattered around the area. Available of the private cabin to relaxing in the hot spring bathtub and pool area in the shade of trees.

How to get there
Just 7 km south of Lamae town, Turnoff eastwards from the southern highway 41 (Chumphon town – Laung Suan district route). From the turnoff it's about 500 m followed by another north turn. Well signposted
Opening Hours Daily from 08:30 am. – 06:30 pm.

29 Chumphon Night Market

Location : Mueang District Chumphon Night Market Chumphon Night Market or Talad Torung located on Kromluang Road is the place to find a good local dinner in Chumphon. It is located on Kromluang Chumphon Road, Muang district. At Chumphon night market you can find a wide variety of goods on sale for all your household and eating needs. Delicious snacks and meals for takeaway as well as clothes, shoes, household products and also fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. It is a good place for all you needs, and maybe even haggle.

How to get there
It is located on Kromluang Chumphon Road, Muang district. Near Prince of Chumphon Shrine. It is not far from Chumphon train station.

30 Monthip Fish Park

Location : Mueang District Monthip Fish Park This private park is decorated with flowers and rocks. There are a large pond at the front, with carps and a variety of beautiful fish. Also, there are nearby tourist attractions such as Kaew Kho Rum Cave, with stalactites and stalagmites, on the same route to Tham Sing Temple. Dae Cave and Chang Phueak are located 100 metres down the road.

How to get there
From Chumphon town, use Highway No. 5, turn right to Ban Khun Krating, then turn left to Wat Tham Sing, Turn right for 1 kilometre.
Contact Tel. 0 7755 5100, 0 7755 5099 , 0 1895 9516