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hua hin cha am
Hua Hin is a district in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province located 295 kilometers south of Bangkok and 90 kilometers from the provincial capital. It boasts a large market, and is full of food and souvenir shops as well as hotels. Beaches are located in the east of the province, and the main pier is on Highway No.4 at km.232. The beach at Hua Hin is 5 kilometers long, and full of white sand and clear water, ideal for swimming. Hua Hin

While Cha-am is a district in Phetchaburi, Cha-am Beach is beautiful as neighboring Hua Hin Beach. Located approximately 163 kilometers from Bangkok, 40 kilometers south of Phetchaburi and 20 north of Hua Hin.

And Pranburi located some 30 kilometers south of Hua Hin. There are several beach resorts in peaceful atmosphere.

Located on the sunrise side of the Gulf of Thailand, Cha-am and Hua Hin are quiet relaxed coastal towns, perfect for family vacations. In contrast to Pattaya, across the Gulf, these sister resorts lack the bustle of an international playground and instead afford a quiet escape.

Both resorts boast long uncluttered beaches, while Hua Hin, larger than Cha-am, has the added attraction of a traditional fishing port. Neither place attempts to imitate the international scene and are content with an enduring Thai identity. Hua Hin, incidentally, is Thailand’s oldest beach resort, enjoying a vogue among Thai royalty and aristocracy since the 1920s.

The main joys of both resorts are a peaceful time lazing on the beach soaking up the tropical sunshine, the fun of a variety of water sports and a delight in relishing some excelent seafood dining.
When to visit - Where to stay
Hua Hin is an enjoyable holiday destination all year round, although 1 period from November to April is marked with high winds and big waves. A wide range of accommodation is offered, from small guest houses to luxurious resort. See more information to Climate & Weather.
Due to its popularity as a vacation spot, Hua Hin offers all sorts of souvenir items, from dolls, ornaments, a decorations crafted from sea shells and coconuts, to Kommapat woven clothe pineapple products, dried fruits, and aloe vera.
Local Products
In addition to plenty of dried seafood, Prachuap Khiri Khan offers various food products made from pineapples, coconuts, bananas and aloe vera. Typical “Khomaphat” printed cotton is a famous souvenir available at Hua Hin.