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Chaiyaphum Attractions
Kut Ngong
Location : Amphoe Muang
is a village which has temple boundary stones sculpted into various postures of Lord Buddha. The villagers have gathered about 20 of the stones and placed them in Ban Kut Ngong School in Tambon Nong Na Saeng. There are 2 ways to Kut Ngong; take the Chaiyaphum : Bua Yai Road for 12 km. then turn right to Ban Kut Tum and proceed to Ban Kut Ngong 12 km. away, another way is on the Chaiyaphum Si Khiu or Highway No.201 form Non Hai intersection to the south for 6 km. and turn left to Ban Khwa Noi, straight to Ban Bung Khla, and another left for 2 km. To Ban Kut Ngong. Location : Amphoe Muang
Prang Ku is an ancient late rite site. Inside is a Buddha image from the Dvaravati period. King Chaiworaman Vll, the last great king of the Khmer Empire, ordered it built during 782-1220. Regarded by the people here as a sacred place, a festival is held at the site in the middle of April every year. Prang Ku is in Chaiyaphum Municipality and is 1 km. of the Provincial Hall. An asphalt road leads to the site.
Phra Thaen Banlang
Location : Amphoe Ban Khawao
is in Ban Thaen Public Health area. 1 km. east of the town hall. The pedestal is made of rock with a hole in the middle believed to have held something in place. Around the hole is a ditch, probably to let water flow out. Two gold Buddha images were found in the ground near the pedestal Location : Amphoe Phu Khiao
Phra That Nong Sam Mun was assumed to be built during 15th – 16th century A.D. (21st – 22nd Buddhist century) It was named after the name of a pond in the northeast of the temple. The architecture of the temple is the combination between Lanna, Lan Xang and Ayutthaya styles. The pagoda is about 45 metres high. Its base is a square shape and has stairs at all 4 sides. Within the pagoda, there are the Buddha’s relics. From the evidence, it is found that this area was an ancient town in Dvaravati era (6th – 10th century A.D.) as there are traces of ponds, canals, ridges as well as antiques which are now shown in a temple.

Opening Hours: Daily
Admisstion: Free
How to get there: Located at Ban Kaeng, Mu 1, Ban Kaeng, 25 km northwest of the Chaiyaphum town hall. Take Highway No. 201 (Chaiyaphum - Chum Phae) to Ban Nong Song Hong and turn left onto Highway No.2055. The total distance is 115 km. Phra Chao Pho Phraya Lae Shrine
Location : Amphoe Muang
is near Nong Pla Thao, 4 km. To the west of the Provincial Hall on Highway No. 205 (Chaiyaphum : Ban Khawao). To the right is a sacred historical site which is where Chao Pho Phraya Lae was executed by Lao soldiers. Locals built the shrine to honor him and to have the spirit protect the Chaiyaphum and Thai people. Every year, beginning on the first Wednesday of May, a week long festival in his honor is held.
Chao Pho Tat Tone Shrine (Duang)
Chao Pho Tat Tone Shrine Location : Amphoe Muang
is near Tat Tone Waterfall and is revered by Chaiyaphum people and those from nearby provinces. Chao Pho Tat Tone was a man of Khmer origin who migrated to Thailand at about the same time as Chao Pho Phraya Lae. While he was in Thailand, he became a hermit who mediated, followed strict Buddhist laws and cured people of illness. He was widely revered by locals and when he died, several shrines were built to honor him such as Chao Pho Achan Duang Shrine or Phu Duang Shrine at Chong Sam Mo, Pu Duang Shrine at Wat Phra Puttha Chaiyaphum Phithak and this shrine at Tat Tone Waterfall. A ritual is performed every Wednesday to please spirits at the shrine, plus 4 major rites every year.
Large Dvaravati Buddha Image
Location : Amphoe Khon Sawan
at Wat Khon Sawan, 5 km. from the town hall ( at the intersection of the Ban Nong Pa Buk Water Station). This is a sandstone image with a nice form and intricate designs built in the Dvaravati period. The image is called "Luang Pho Yai" by locals. In addition, there are many temple boundary stones, carved and uncarved. Ban Khwao Silk Weaving Village
Ban Khwao Silk Weaving VillageLocation : Amphoe Ban Khawao
is famous for high quality silk. The village is 13 km. from the town hall on Highway No.225 (turn left at Amphoe Ban Khwao Police Station). Location : Amphoe Khon San
is in Tambon Thung Lui Lai. 40 km. southwest of the town hall. This is a hydroelectric dam built by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) in 1970 and completed in 1972. The dam is brooks Lam Nam Phrom which flows from watersheds in Phu Khiao Wildlife Reserve and Nam Nao National Park which is a mountain range dividing Chaiyaphum and Petchabun.

Chulabhorn Dam is an earth - filled sam like Sirikit Dam. It is 700 metres long, 70 metres high and 8 metres wide. It has a water capacity of 188 million cubic metres and can generate 140 million units of electricity. The dam is surrounded by high mountains and dense jungle. A cool climate prevails throughout the year. Part of the beautiful scenery includes a royal residence and an experimental cold-weather crop growing center. Guest houses are available to tourists.

Reservations can be made by contacting tel. 043-224133 ext. 2287. There are also boats for rent to view the dam. Sala Daeng north of the dam is a pavilion which is a perfect retreat for those wanting some peace and quiet. Sala Loop Kuan sits high above the dam and offers a panoramic view of nearby areas. One can view the horseshoe-shaped mountain covered by mists, the valley below and the generating plan from here. On a clear day one can also Phu Kradung mountain far away.

From Amphoe Phu Khiao, turn right onto Highway No. 201 (Phu Khiao-Chum Phae). Upon reaching Nong Song Hong intersection, turn left onto Highway No. 2055. The distance from Amphoe Muang is 120 km.

Location : Amphoe Phu Khiao
is at a village which specializes in selling groomed Tako and Khoi trees. The village is on Highway No. 201,55 km. from Amphoe Muang. Location : Amphoe Phu Khiao
was established by the Ban Non Salao Pha Khit Silk Weaving Women Group. The center is at Mu 6. Tambon Nong Tum. on Highway No.201, 5 km. from Ban Khae Groomed Tako Village, and turn right for 3 km. The village is renowned for producing lovely silk and cotton cloths and pillows.
Local Handicrafts Sales Center
Location : Amphoe Phu Khiao
is in Phak Pang Public Health Area in Tambon Phu Khiao. The center sells many products at very reasonable prices. The center is on the Phu Khiao-Chum Phae Road.