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Welcome to Maha Sarakham
Phrathat Nadun
Phrathat Nadun
Maha Sarakham is situated in the heart of Northeast Thailand having peaceful atmosphere and being the center of education in the northeast so the name "Taksila of Isan" (Taksila was a city where education of all branches were centered in the ancient India) is given to it. Maha Sarakham is 470 kilometers, along highways, from Bangkok. It occupies an area of 5,291.68 square kilometers being a rolling plain without mountain or hill with the Chi River flows through. The majority of the area is rice field.

The principal occupations of Maha Sarakham people are cultivation and animal raising. Outstanding home industry of Maha Sarakham is sericulture and silk fabric production. Maha Sarakham hand woven silk and cotton mainly have original patterns and are very beautiful.
North : Kalasin and Khon Kaen
East : Surin and Buriram
South : Roi Et and Kalasin
West : Khon Kaen and Buriram
Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Kantharawichai 16 km Chiang Yuen 45 km
Kae Dam 24 km Na Chuak 59 km
Borabue 25 km Na Dun 60 km
Kosum Phisai 31 km Chuen Chom 70 km
Kut Rang 39 km Yang Sisurat 77 km
Wapi Pathum 40 km Phayakkhaphum Phisai 84 km
Festivals & Events
Bun Boek Fa and Red Cross Fair
When: February
Where: In front of city hall Maha Sarakham
It is an annual celebration taken place around the beginning of rice farming season which falls on the 3rd waxing day the 3rd lunar month. The fair takes place at the area of the Provincial Administrative Building aiming at the revision and conservation of northeast cultural heritage. The main features of the fair are Bun Boek Fa Procession which concerns about rice goddess spirit and container of Baisi Su Khwan. Along with the main features are cultural activities, local entertainment, folk music performance, and several ceremonies. Buddhist Lent Candle Procession (Kosum Phisai District) : The one day before Buddhist Lent Day. The festival features various candle processions from several communities competing the beauty of candle decorations.
Phrathat Nadun Homage Paying Festival
Phrathat Nadun Homage Paying Festival
Phrathat Nadun Homage Paying Festival
When: The 15th waxing day of the 3rd lunar month
Where: Phrathat Nadun
This fair takes place on the 15th waxing day of the 3rd lunar month (Makha Bucha Day) of every year. The fair ground is the area around Phrathat Nadun, Buddhist Bounds of the northeast and it lasts five days and five nights.
On Son Klong Yao Chao Wapi Fair
When: December
Where: Wapipathum District
Most people in Wapiphathum District have their own local drum and produce high quality Klong Yao also. It takes place every year in December, there are light and sound, long drum procession, long drum playing contest and agricultural, beauty contest, exhibition and farm products.