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Roi Et Travel Guide
Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol
Phra Maha Chedi Chai Mongkol
Roi Et town is built around a large artificial lake,Bung Phlan Chai,where a large,walking Buddha stands on a small island in its centre. Tall Buddhas are popular in Roi Et as Wat Buraphaphiram features a 68-metres walking Buddha,with a staircase that enables visitors to climb to knee-high level. Sixty kilometres outside of town, Ku Kasing is a large Khmer sanctuary dating from the 11 th century,and under restoration.

Handicrafts are the province's main product,particularly the Isan khaen, a kind of panpipe made from wood and reeds. These are best made in the small village of Si Kaew. Thanon Phadung Phanit is a good place to buy silk and cotton fabric.
North : Kalasin and Mukdahan
East : Yasothon
South : Surin and Si Sa Ket
West : Maha Sarakham
Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Thawat Buri 12 km. Changhan 48 km.
Chiang Khwan 12 km. Suwannaphum 52 km.
Chaturaphak Phiman 26 km. Pho Chai 53 km.
Mueang Suang 26 km. Phanom Phrai 64 km.
Thung Khao Luang 26 km. Moei Wadi 72 km.
Si Somdet 27 km. Nong Phok 73 km.
Selaphum 32 km. Pathumrat 76 km.
At Samat 34 km. Nong Hi 78 km.
Phon Thong 47 km. Phon Sai 82 km.
Kaset Wisai 48 km.    
Festivals & Events
Bun Khao Chi Festival
When: February
Where: Pho Chai District
Bun Khao Chi Festival is held annually in front of Pho Chai District, Roi Et. First held in the year 1993 and aimed to conduct every year during the 2nd weekend of February. The Northeasterners believe that by making merit with Khao Chi or grilled sticky rice, they would gain huge merit. Local cultural performances, sales of goods, agricultural exhibitions, Khao Chi contest, Miss Beautiful Khao Chi Contest, as well as various forms of entertainment all day and night.
Kin Khao Pun Bun Phawet
When: March
Where: Somdej Phra Srinakharin Park and Phalan Chai Lake
Kin Khao Pun Bun Phawet
Kin Khao Pun Bun Phawet
Kin Khao Pun Bun Phawet was first held in 1991 and will be held annually on the first weekend of March. Bun Phawet is a Buddhist ceremony in which the monks give a sermon of all chapters of the Vessantara Jataka, otherwise called the Great Birth Sermon. There are also 13 parades of Phawet, according to the number of the chapters of the sermon, arranged by various public and private organisations. The area around Bueng Phalan Chai has stalls providing free “Khao Pun - rice noodle - for participants. There are also contests of traditional arts and culture such as making the “bai si su khwan” tray.
Bun Bang Fai Festival
When: May - June
Where: Phanom Phrai District and Suwannaphum District
Bun Bang Fai Festival or Rocket Festival is a merit-making ceremony traditionally practiced by ethnic throughout of Isan during May - June. In Roi Et province, Bun Bang Fai Festival is held festival annually especially in Phanam Phrai District and Suwannaphum District. The processions are as great as what they perform at the provincial level thus causing a huge number of audiences both from their own province and from the neighboring provinces to view the activity.
Buddhist Lent Candle Procession
When: July
Where: Somdet Phra Si Nakharin Park
Buddhist Lent Candle Procession is held on Asalha Puja Day of every year in the area of Somdet Phra Si Nakharin Park. Buddhist Lent Candle Procession is beginning of Buddhist Lent when monks retreat to their temples for three months, dedicating their time to study, meditation and prayer. Small candles are presented to the monks along with other basic essentials to use during their confinement. The candles are carved into beautiful shapes and a competition is held to award the most beautiful candle.