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Surin Travel Guide
Prasat Sikhoraphum
Prasat Sikhoraphum
Surin is well known “The Land of Elephant”. Although the exact history of the town itself is not well known, the people of the region have always been highly regarded for a particular skill: capturing and taming elephants. The Suay or Kuay (meaning simply “people”) migrated to the area perhaps thousands of years ago and established a reputation for their elephant handling prowess that is still celebrated to this day. Since 1960, around the time that elephants were being replaced by machines for most of their laboring jobs, the Surin Elephant Round-Up has been an annual event known both locally and internationally. During this celebration of both the elephants and the training skills of the Surin people, the gigantic pachyderms impress everyone with their cleverness and charm, an event that is the embodiment of the unique character of the province.

Surin covers a total area of 3,137 Sq m. from the Mun River in the north to the Dangrek Mountains in the south. Surin city is located about 434 km. from Bangkok. In addition to elephants, Surin features many ruins from the era when the Khmer of Angkor controlled the region, and Surin is also known for producing beautiful silk and growing Thailand’s famous jasmine rice.
North : Roi Et and Maha Sarakham
East : Buriram
South : Cambodia
West : Sisaket
Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Khwao Sinrin District 21 km Samrong Thap District 54 km
Lamduan District 26 km Kab Cherng District 58 km
Chom Phra District 30 km Sri Narong District 61 km
Prasat District 30 km Phanom Dong Rak District 66 km
Sikhoraphum District 36 km Buachet District 67 km
Sangkha District 50 km Non Narai District 74 km
Sanom District 52 km Rattanaburi District 74 km
Tha Tum District 53 km Chumphon Buri District 72 km
Festivals & Events
Ordination parade on elephant’s back Festival
Ordination parade on elephant’s back Festival
Ordination parade on elephant’s back Festival
When: May
Where: Wat Chaeng Sawang
The head shaving ceremony is held at Wat Chaeng Sawang (in the morning of 13th waxing moon, 6th month) and the group perform ceremony for encouragement (in the morning of 14th waxing moon, 6th month). Let's see the ordination parade on elephant's back more than 100 elephants from Wat Chaeng Sawang to Don Buat (Talu Palace) in the afternoon of 14th waxing moon, 6th month. There is also making offerings to the spirits and asking for forgiveness ceremonies at Talu Palace (in the afternoon of 14th waxing moon, 6th month)
Surin Candle Festival
When: July
Where: Surin
Buddhist devotees and travelers to Thailand are invited to join Surin candle Festival which there are many interesting activities such as the exquisitely carved candles from 12 famous temples in Surin will be paraded along with the colourful procession of Surin-style folk dance from over a hundred performers, and the magnificent procession of 87 elaborately-adorned elephants around the provincial town. The visitors can give food offering to the monks while they are on elephant’s back. This is a traditional ritual of Surin province which is best known in Thailand as the home for elephants.
Surin Elephant Round-Up and Elephant Show
Surin Elephant Round-Up and Elephant Show
Surin Elephant Round-Up and Elephant Show
When: November
Where: Mueang District
One of the most exciting spectacles of the year in Thailand. Surin, in the northeast of the country, known as the province of elephants, has long been associated with elephants. The people here are well known for their skills in rounding up wild elephants, training and taming them. Every year, more than one hundred elephants take part in the festival, displaying their grace, strength and intelligence in games of soccer, log carrying and tug-of-war, and the highlight of the festival, a dramatic mock battle. The festival tour also takes you to the old capital of Siam, Ayutthaya, and allows you to spend a day at an elephant centre learning the skills of the elephant mahouts.
Prasat Sikhoraphum Celebration
When: November
Where: Prasat Sikhoraphum
The annual celebration is held every third weekend of November at Prasat Sikhoraphum. The celebration features light and sound show, lifestyle of ethnic people (Khmer, Lao, and Suay), local performances, souvenir and handicrafts market.
Eel & Jasmine Rice Festival
When: December
Where: Chumphon Buri District
Chumphon Buri district locates on the area called Tungkularonghai (Crying Field), about 91 kilometers away from the city to the north. It is well known for its famous Hom Mali rice field of Surin. The fertile land and river is suitable to expand the amount of eels that the villagers can catch them to eat and to sell in the amount of no less than 5 tons a year. After the harvest in November, the eels are big enough to be eaten and people can catch so many of them in this period of time. Therefore the annual eel festival, Jasmine Rice festival and the red-cross festival is organized in the 3rd week of December in front of the District Hall.