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Ubon Ratchathani Travel Guide
Sam Phan Bok
Sam Phan Bok
Ubon Ratchathani has been a well established community for hundreds of years. Legend says Thao Kham Phong, Thao Thit Phrom and Thao Kam, descendants of Phra Wo and Phra Ta, escaped from King Siribunsan of Vientiane into the Siamese Kingdom during the reign of King Taksin the Great. They later built a new city at Dong U Phueng, close to the Mun River. In 1780, King Taksin the Great named the city “Ubon Ratchathani” and appointed Thao Kham Phong to be “Phra Pathum Wongsa” as the first ruler. The city was governed by first ruler until 1882 when it was led by a governor.

The province is renowned for its strong Buddhist tradition, particularly the practice of forest-dwelling monks and the ancient Buddhist temples, which can still be seen throughout the province today.

The provincial capital is approximately 629 kilometers northeast of Bangkok. The province is unique in its folk culture, which is expressed in the indigenous cuisine, handicrafts, such as silk and cotton products, basketry, and bronze-ware, and traditional events such as the Candle festival held every July. There are natural beauties and historical sites including the 4,000 years old rock formation, prehistoric rock paintings, national parks, waterfalls, and the two-colored river, etc.
North : Amnat Charoen
East : Lao People's Democratic Republic
South : Cambodia
West : Yasothon and Sisaket
Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Warin Chamrap 2 km. Nam Khun 60 km.
Sawang Wirawong 23 km. Thung Si Udom 74 km.
Lao Suea Kok 27 km. Kut Khaopun 76 km.
Samrong 28 km. Khong Chiam 80 km.
Tan Sum 32 km. Sirindhorn 80 km.
Muang Sam Sip 34 km. Si Mueang Mai 83 km.
Don Mot Daeng 35 km. Buntharik 87 km.
Na Yia 35 km. Na Tan 93 km.
Khueang Nai 38 km. Pho Sai 99 km.
Det Udom 45 km. Na Chaluai 100 km.
Phibun Mangsahan 45 km. Khemarat 108 km.
Trakan Phuet Phon 50 km. Nam Yuen 110 km.
Festivals & Events
Watching the First Sun Rise in Siam
When: December - January
Where: Pha Chana Dai
Send off the sun into the sky and welcome the New Year before anyone else in the country, agro and ecotourism, cruise along the Mekong River, countdown, local folk and cavemen’s lifestyle performances, making merit to welcome the New Year.
International Wax Sculpture and Candle Procession Festival
When: July
Where: Throughout of Ubon Ratchathani
International Wax Sculpture and Candle Procession Festival
International Wax Sculpture and
Candle Procession Festival
The Candle Festival of Ubon Ratchathani province features a procession of ornately-carved traditional beeswax candles of various shapes and sizes. Buddhism, Buddhist traditions and beliefs are central forces that shape the local way of life and the customs and traditions related to this Buddhist festival have been carefully preserved by local communities.
Shrimp Parade at Ubon Rachathani
When: August - September
Where: Kaeng Lam Duan Waterfall
Every September, tens of thousands of these tiny shrimps, known as Kung Foy in Thai, migrate up the stream of Lam Dome Yai in Ubon Ratchathani province. Using 10 pairs of legs five for walking, another five for swimming, they make most of their journey along the stream bed. When they reach Kaeng Lam Duan Waterfall rapids, the force of the flowing water becomes too much to handle. The migrating shrimps beat this obstacle by simply climbing out of the water and marching along the wet rock on the water's edge until they reach a point where the stream is calm enough to continue their journey in the water. The shrimps' parade takes place only after dusk when predators can't see them easily and the chance of fatal dehydration is minimized.