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Welcome to Kamphaeng Phet
Land of the worlds heritage Kamphaeng Phet covers an area of 8,607 square kilometers. It is divided administratively into 9 districts, namely, Mueang Kampheang Phet, Phran Kratai, Khlong Khlung, Khanu Woralaksauri, Sai Ngam, Lan Krabue, Khlong Lan, Sai Thong Watthana and Pang Sila Thong and 2 sub-districts, Bueng Samakkhi and Kosamphi Nakhon.
Geographically located in the Lower North on the bank of the Ping River, Kamphaeng Phet is 358 km from Bangkok. To its East are riverine flatlands while the western areas are made up of high mountains lush with fertile forests where a number of national parks have been established.

Areas along the river bank at present-day Mueang district used to host several ancient towns which had played a major role as strategic front-line frontiers since Sukhothai was the kingdom's capital down through the times of Ayutthaya and early Rattanakosin (Bangkok) eras. In fact, the name Kamphaeng Phet actually means as strong as walls or forts make of diamonds. Kamphaeng Phet covers an area of 8,607 square kilometres. It is divided administratively into 9 districts, namely, Mueang Kampheang Phet, Phran Kratai, Khlong Khlung, Khanu Woralaksauri, Sai Ngam, Lan Krabue, Khlong Lan, Sai Thong Watthana and Pang Sila Thong and 2 sub-districts, Bueng Samakkhi and Kosamphi Nakhon.
North : Tak and Sukhothai South : Nakhon Sawan
East : Phichit and Phitsanulok West : Tak
Distances to Other Provinces
Tak 68 km Phichit 90 km
Sukhothai 77 km Phitsanulok 103 km

Distances from Amphoe Mueang to Other Districts
Phran Kratai 25 km Sai Thong Phatthana 53 km
Kosamphi Nakhon 35 km Lan Krabue 55 km
Sai Ngam 43 km Pang Sila Thong 70 km
Khlong Khlung 43 km Khanu Woralaksaburi 79 km
Khlong Lan 50 km Bung Samakkee 90 km
Festivals & Events
The Nop Phra Len Phleng Festival
When: Makha Bucha Day (the 15th day of the third lunar month)
Where: Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, Kamphaeng Phet
Annually, this religious festival is held during the celebrations of Makha Bucha in February in order to resuscitate and disseminate the old tradition began since Sukhothai time. The festival started from 1983 with a model procession of troops being organised to pay homage to the town’s major religious sites including candle light procession (wian tian) around the Holy Relic pagoda. Anticipated events are also various kinds of entertainment like plays and music performance with audio and visual effects telling the history of how the town was built. Apart from Thai art and cultural show, there are also fair for local handicraft products from private and governmental sections and annual Kamphaeng Phet Red Cross fair as well as the colourfully decorated parade of participants dressed in ancient attires crossing the Ping river to pay homage to the Holy Relic pagoda on the Nakhon Chum side of the river.
Cha-kang-rao Thai kite Festival
When: During February - March
Where: Cultural Conservation yard, Sirijit Park, Kamphaeng Phet
"Cha-kang-rao Thai Kite Festival" is held annually in order to promote and maintain the local culture and tradition of flying a kite in Thailand. Expected activities are Thai Kite Contest for juveniles and adults, fighting fish and beauty fish contest. This festival is aimed to encourage useful pastime for Thai people to have their time spent wisely and pleasurably as well as to conserve our Thai tradition. Each year, local sports event is organised including local food tasting event. For types of kites entered in the competition are Chu-la, Puk-pao and beauty kite. As for fish, Thai and Chinese fighting fish and guppy fish are breeds anticipated to be competed.
Northern Culture Expo (16 provinces)
When: 21 - 23 August of every year
Where: Cultural Conservation yard, by Ping river
Locals and tourists are invited to pay a visit and purchase local food and products at this annual cultural expo as well as being delighted by the performances showing lifestyle, the lives and wisdoms of people from 16 provinces in the Northern part of Thailand, e.g., Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Lampang, Phayao, Nan, Phrae, Mae Hong Son, Phitsanulok, Uttaradit, Phichit, Tark, Nakhon Sawan, Sukhothai, and Kamphaeng Phet. Morever, there are also live folk music, local performances from above provinces, exhibitions on the journey to Kamphaeng Phet of King Rama 5 and King Rama 9, exhibition on Kamphaeng Phet’s signature products and tourist attractions in Kamphaeng Phet including training about Thai culture.
Sart Thai Kamphaeng Phet Kluai Khai Festival
When: Thai Sart Day - last day of the 10th lunar month, usually in September
Where: Po yard, District office, Kamphaeng Phet
Sart Thai Kluai Khai (type of banana) Festival is held in September each year during the fruit’s season, to promote and boost the sale of this local banana for which the province is famous. Eagerly anticipated are performances and entertainments like banana contests, banana decorated parade, competition on the making of Krayasart (a local sweet) and stiring of Krayatip rice. Besides, you can find OTOP products for sale and get educated in agricultural exhibition. All attendees will have an opportunity to try tasty Krayasart freshly made by the winners of competitions from the previous years. Forest Rope Ceremony, another Buddhist ritual is also expected to be seen in the scene.
Long distance trekking at National Park Mae Wong
When: October - February
Where: Area in National Park Mae Wong, Kamphaeng Phet
Long distance trekking at National Park Mae Wong is an enjoyable way to hone your survival skills and learn about the nature. Being observant with a good memory and basic knowledge of nature and surroundings helps you towards having a safe and pleasant trekking. The destinations are those natural tourist attractions in the park such as Mountain Mokoju, Kra-sa waterfall, Mae-kee waterfall and Mae-ree-wa waterfall. The trekking can be categorised into 2 types which are 1) Trip to Mountain Mokoju – THB7,000 for round-trip, which will take 5 days and 4 nights travelling on foot; 2) Waterfall trip – THB4,000 per round-trip, taking 3 days and 2 nights on foot (only 1 waterfall out of 3 can be chosen per trip). The sufficient preparation before this long distance trekking is highly advised.
Loi Krathong Festival
When: November
Where: Cultural Conservation yard, Sirijit Park by Ping River, Kamphaeng Phet
Loi Krathong Day is one of the most popular festivals of Thailand celebrated annually on the Full-Moon Day of the Twelfth Lunar Month. "Loi" means "to float" and a "Krathong" is a lotus-shaped vessel made of banana leaves. Traditionally, the purpose is to offer an apology to the Goddess of water. By the moonlight, people light the candles and joss-sticks inside their Krathongs and make a wish, then place them on the river. It is believed that Krathongs carry away sins and bad luck as they float away.

The Festival is held annually to conserve and maintain Thai and local tradition as well as to promote the tourism of Kamphaeng Phet, to boost up the economy and create the income for the locals. The activities in the event include the contest for parade of vehicles decorated as giant Krathongs with beautiful local women on top, Krathong competition, Beauty Queen contests for adults and kids, entertainments, performances about lined forest robe, Prateepkaew (glass lamp), Tara-kwan, Heaven of Cha-kang-rao, etc. in the middle of Ping River. Not-to-be-missed programmes are also firework show and launch of thousands of Krathongs which is guaranteed to be a mesmerising scene of the night.
Traditional Food Expo, Noodles Festival and Tour De Kamphaeng Phet
When: 1 - 3 December, annually
Where: Sirijit Park by Ping River, Amphur Muang, Kamphaeng Phet
The love for noodles of Kamphaeng Phet people is the reason this festival was born. Whether it be chicken noodles, old style noodles or the famous Pad Thai, the popularity for this easy-to-find and quick food has grown rapidly. This annual food expo consists of numerous stalls selling well-known food and noodles of Kamphaeng Phet for locals and visitors to enjoy to their heart’s content. While gratifying in good food and good value purchases for quality OTOP products, there will also be live music and performance to keep you entertained in the event.