Kanchanaburi hotels and travel guide, Thailand. Hotel reservation for Kanchanaburi, River Kwai, Erawan Water fall.

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Kanchanaburi Festivals & Events
Ram Yoei or Yoei Dance
Long Boat Racing the End of Buddhist Lent
Long Boat Racing the End of Buddhist Lent
When: 13-15 April
Where: Around Amphoe Phanom Thuan
It has been a kind of folk play for more than 500 years. This dance is always practised during Songkran and New Year festivals. There are male and female players standing to form a circle. A player takes turn to sing his/her own verses with the accompany of his/her players who clap their hands in rhythm. A couple of players take turn to dance with the music from a long drum band. Male players wear a round neckshirt with loincloth on a shoulder. Female players dress in a Thai costume with a Sabai cloth bound around the upper body. This play is still popular nowadays in Panom Thuan district.
Long Boat Racing the End of Buddhist Lent
When: 5 October
Where: The Beach in front of Ban Tham Temple, Amphoe Tha Muang
Thevo alms offering at the end of Buddhis lent, long-tail boat racing of 23 and 55 oarsman. In the past, people travelled on long-tail boat to offer saffron robes to the monks at riverine temples and held a boat race in which the winner receive from the temple the donated items as the prizes. In the year 1986, Khao Noi subdistrict organized a boat race, in which the winner will get the Crown Prince’s Trophies. A lot of people have taken part in the race, which has been held continuously for over 50 years.
Boat and Raft Festival
When: 9-11 October
Where: Khun Phaen Dam, Amphoe Mueang
The river tour of Kanchnaburi is famous and popular among visitors. Boat races and water sports games are held at this annual festival at the beginning of November in the area of Khun Phan Dam.
River Kwai Bridge Week
River Kwai Bridge Week
River Kwai Bridge Week
When: 28 November 2012 - 9 December 2012
Where: The Bridge of the River Kwai, Amphoe Mueang
This event takes you back to the times of World War ll through the River Kwai Bridge built by Allied prisonars-of-war. This bridge was the part of the 'Death Railway' the spanned the River Kwai connecting Thailand and Myanmar, costing thousands of lives of prisoners and local labourers supervisored by japanese troops. Organised to commemorate those who died while building the bridge, this event features a remembrance ceremony held at the Ailed War Cemetery, light and sound presentations, cultural performances, and historical displays and exhibitions.
Loy Krathong Festival
When: 1-10 November
Where: All districts in Kanchanaburi
Every year in late November and early December the River Kwai Bridge Festival is celebrated. Highlight of the festival is the Sound & Light Show, which tells the history of the Death Railway, the Hellfire Pass and the Bridge on the River Kwai. Once the 415 km long Death Railway runs from Thailand to Burma to support there the japanese defence lines.

The festival also includes a big fair at the Bridge on the River Kwai. It's an excellent location for shopping and having some fun there; give the local foods and sweets a try.
Hin Dat Hot Spring Day
When: November - December
Where: Hin Dat Hot Spring, Amphoe Thong Pha Phum
The public will have free access to the hot spring. Service will be extended to midnight during the week. There will be a local product fair, dispaly of local arts and cultures and various contests. The hot spring was found when the Japanese soldiers built the Death Railway. They passed through the Kui Mung Stream and found that the stream contained a hot spring. Pools were built to allow people to bathe in the hot spring water. It is believed that bathing in this hot spring can cure many illnesses such as beriberi and arthritis. Visitors are allowed to bathe in the pools. The name “Hin Dard” came from “Hin Darn”. At present, the Hin Dard Subdistrict Administration Organization is revamping the hot spring pools to cater a huge influx of tourists. This is aimed to let tourists benefit from bathing in the pools and promote the province’s tourism.