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Koh Chang, Trat Map

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Route 1 : From Bangkok, take highway route no. 3 (Bangna-Trad Rd.) or Motorway to Chonburi, then use Highway no. 344 (Banbung-Klaeng) to Klang. Arriving at Klaeng, turn onto Highway no. 3. Instead go forward until to reach the Sa Kaew - Trad junction. Take the right turn and go all the way to Trad town. The total distance from Bangkok to Trat is 318 kilometers ... see more

There are 3 piers serving to Koh Chang. All of them are located in the Laem Ngob. To go to these piers take one of the Share Taxi in Trat. They can be easily found around the municipal market from as early as 6:00 am. Vehicle-carrying ferries and taxi or ... see more

The Ekamai Bus Terminal is the main terminal for the eastern provinces, which can be reached by the BTS Skytrain (Ekamai Station). The other station is at the Northern Bus Terminal (New Mo - Chit), on Kampaeng Petch Road ... see more

As the owner of the airport in the provincial capital of Trat, Bangkok Airways is the sole air carrier for service to Trat and Koh Chang. There are two flights a day from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trat. One should be aware that even after the roughly one hour flight from Bangkok to Trat. ... see more


Koh Chang, Trat Beaches & Islands

Koh Chang is Thailand's second largest island and the primary destination for those visiting Koh Chang Marine National Park, which includes dozens of unspoiled islands. Koh Chang, the largest island in the Koh Chang Marine National Park, is a beach lover and nature enthusiasts dream come true. Most of the beaches are on the western coast, and each has built up with a distinctive atmosphere based. The attractive beach on Koh Chang is White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach and Lonely Beach. Aside beautiful long sandy beaches, Koh Chang also has dense forests, waterfalls, mangroves, spectacular dive sites and surrounding islands such as Koh Mak, Koh Kood and other islands waiting to be explored.

Trat offers delightful scenery and a number of tranquil hideouts for beach and nature-lovers. Highlights of Trat, besides its fantastic islands are the wonderful coastline, which are the sixth longest coastline of Thailand stretching about 165.5 kilometers. In front of the beach, you will see a lot of fishing boats. It is estimated that about 5,000 families do the fishery. The groups of beautiful beaches are Sai Ngam Beach, Sai Kaew Beach or Muk Kaew Beach and Tub Tim Beach.

Recommended Beaches & Islands

1 Bai Lan Beach

Location : South West of Koh Chang Bai Lan Beach Bai Lan Beach is located in a little Bay and offers a fantastic, undisturbed view on the sea and amazing sunsets. The sandy Beach provides the opportunity to relax during the day or have Barbeque in the evening. Bailan bay itself is very beautiful, a kilometre wide crescent of shallow water. At low tide you can see locals and workers from the hotels wading out a couple of hundred metres to collect shellfish and crabs. Hotels in Bailan Bay Area

2 Ban Chuen Beach

Location : Khlong Yai District, Trat Ban Chuen Beach Ban Chun Beach formerly called Hat Maro, it is the most beautiful beach on the east coast of Trat Province. The beach is relatively quiet throughout the year. This beach has a length of about 500 meters of white sand and lined by coconut trees.  Ban Chuen Beach is perfect place for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and other beach activities.

How to get there
Ban Chun Beach is located 60 km from Trat provincial capital, follow the highway no. 318 (Trat - Khlong Yai route) between Km 59 and 60.

3 Bang Bao Beach

Location : Bang Bao Bay, South West of Koh Chang Bang Bao Beach The beach at Bang Bao has clear waters with rocks and corals off its shores usually quite. A good place to fish, snorkel and swim. Bang Bao Bay is a well protected bay at the southwest end of Koh Chang. The quaint fishing village Baan Bang Bao is built on stakes far out into the bay and has become quite a popular attraction. It measures about 1 kilometer in width and in length. Roughly a kilometer southeast is a viewpoint, which offers a beautiful view into the bay and the village.

4 Kai Bae Beach

Location : West of Koh Chang Kai Bae Beach Located on south of Klong Prao Beach. It is an almost 2.5 kilometre-long beautiful sand beach, which is partially lined by over-hanging palms and broad-leaved trees. Although, comparing to Kai Bae Beach and Klong Prao Beach, the main road here is much narrower, making it quite a mission to walk freely, the beach offers fantastic views of Koh Chang's neighboring islands such as Koh Yuak, Koh Plee, Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai, the latter can be reached by foot during low tide.

5 Khai Mook Beach

Location : West of Koh Chang Khai Mook Beach Located between White Sand Beach and Klong Prao Beach, the small and pebble-strewn Kai Mook Beach (also known, and perhaps better known, as Pearl Beach) gets but a slither of the business of its grander neighbors, largely because it has no sand. Kai Mook Beach is covered in rough brown and grey pebbles and stones. Hotels in Khai Mook Beach Area

6 Klong Koi Beach

Location : South of Koh Chang Klong Koi Beach Located about one kilometer past Bang Bao Village the most southern part of the island. Klong Koi is the most beautiful Beach on Koh Chang and far from the madding crowd, which offers a clean sandy beach with clear water where it is possible to top up your tan or take a dip. A few beach bar type places have been developed here, and it is definitely worth a visit. Klong Koi beach is about a 10 min walk from the village of Bang Bao.

7 Klong Prao Beach

Location : West of Koh Chang Klong Prao Beach Klong Prao is the biggest beach of the island Koh Chang. The beach is located four kilometers south of White Sand Beach. Klong Prao Beach begins at the point where Laem Chai Chet ends. The beach is divided into three sections by the river estuary of Klong Plu Waterfall and a river channel in the south, which makes it quite unique. Much quieter than White Sand Beach, Klong Prao beach is ideal for those who appreciate tranquil surroundings and gorgeous rocky landscape. The mostly private expanse of beach is quite narrow, particularly when the tide is in, but is covered with soft white sand. The northernmost of Klong Prao Beach is adjacent to Chai Chet Bay and Beach which has beautiful landscape but swimming is not recommended.

8 Lonely Beach

Location : South West of Koh Chang Lonely Beach Lonely Beach is a hidden pearl on the charming island of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand. As the rest of Koh Chang, Lonely Beach has also moved forward and developed in recent years, but it is still a chilled-out, laid-back quiet place with a village kind of atmosphere. Lonely Beach is an approximately 1 kilometer long stunning postcard picture beach on Koh Chang. The beach is situated on the southern end of the west coast, separated from Kai Bae Beach in the north by a large wooded hill, while its southern border is the rest of Bai Lan Bay. The northern part of the beach consists of fine, white sand while the southern section is stony.

9 Long Beach

Location : South East of Koh Chang Long Beach Long Beach which is a crescent-shaped, coconut-fringed, sandy beach of about 400 meters long. On the western side of Salakphet bay, Ban Salakphet and nearby Ban Rong Than are two biggest communities on Koh Chang. Both are ideal shelters for fishing boats. Rong Than village is the main residential area for the community. At the south end of the bay is a small Yutthanavi Beach with a memorial commemorating the sea battle of 1941 between the Thai and French navies. A marker on the waters near Salakphet indicates the location where the French and Thai navies fought.

10 Muk Kaew Beach

Location : Khlong Yai District, Trat Muk Kaew Beach Muk Kaew Beach or Sai Kaew Beach is the most beautiful beach of all located on Trat - Klong Yai Road at kilometer marker 41. Muk Kaew Beach has delightful atmosphere of pine trees, clean white sand and colorful sea as well as the most beautiful sunset scene. The area is wide and spacious for relaxation.

11 Ratchakarun Beach

Location : Khlong Yai District, Trat Ratchakarun Beach Ratchakarun Beach located near Ban Khlong Muang. This beach is sitting at the end of a peninsula, wide, clean and has many areas for swimming. Thousands of jellyfish are swarming near Trat's coast near Ratchakarun Beach. The local people say the jellyfish of various colours always visit the coast during September - November.

You can walk to the nearby places like Ratchakarun Red Cross Center. It was constructed in 1979 occupying the area of 60 acres with the purpose to assist Cambodian refugees.This work terminated in 1986 but the center is still the beautiful place having good swimming area and wonderful scenery, Ratchakarun Pavillion exhibiting the work of the royal families and the replica of Cambodian refugees of human size.

How to get there
Khao Larn Beach or Ratchakarun Beach is located 48 km from Trat provincial capital, follow the highway no. 318 (Trat - Khlong Yai route)

12 Sai Dum Beach

Location : Laem Ngob District, Trat Sai Dum Beach Sai Dum Beach or Black Sand Beach is a small beach surrounding which a new visitor centre. Black sand beach located within a mangrove forest, it's have a kilometre long mangrove walkway. This beautiful black sand beach is must-see and the perfect spot for an unparalleled photo opportunity.

How to get there
Sai Dum Beach is located around 1 km north of Laem Ngop on the way to Trat town.

13 Sai Ngam Beach

Location : Khlong Yai District, Trat Sai Ngam Beach The beach of very clears little grained sand, very soft while stepping on, shaded by long range of pine trees. The area has good scenery. It offers a good swimming area of colorful sand.

How to get there
Sai Ngam Beach is located 41 km from Trat provincial capital, follow the highway no. 318 (Trat - Ban Hat Lek route) with a turn left at Km. 41 to the beach about 1 km.

14 Tub Tim Beach

Location : Mueang District, Trat Tub Tim Beach Tub Tim Beach is a pristine beach front location with views across to picturesque Koh Chang. It is a perfect beach retreat in this unspoilt region of Thailand. Gentle lapping water and sugar powder sand are complemented by lush tropical foliage which provides excellent sun shade. Hotels in Tub Tim Beach Area

How to get there
Tub Tim Beach located approximately 30 minutes from Trat town centre, whilst Koh Chang can be accessed by regular and frequent ferry and boat service.

15 Wai Chaek Beach

Location : South West of Koh Chang Wai Chaek Beach Wai Chaek Beach is a private and peaceful atmosphere. There is a narrow path, shady with the rubber trees. This beach is accessible by a very rough road from Salakphet, which eventually will head along the southern shore to Bang Bao in the south west. Night stay in form of camping is permitted. However, swimming distance should be limited to the beach area because the sand on the beach gradually slopes down at first.

16 White Sand Beach

Location : North West of Koh Chang White Sand Beach White Sand Beach is one of Koh Chang's longest beaches. There are orchards of coconut trees and forests just at the back of the beach. White Sand Beach is easy to access since many roads are passing it. As its name suggests, it is a scenic beautiful area and it is the most popular place to stay on the island. White Sand Beach is definitely the tourist center of the island Koh Chang. Early mornings and late afternoons are great times to catch up on some exercise, with a gentle stroll at sunset being a favorite activity.

For the more energetic visitors jogging along the water edge is an idea, and when the tide recedes during the afternoon the beach offers large flat sandy banks to kick a ball around. A wide variety of restaurants, shopping plaza, mini-markets, Internet cafe's, banks and ATM's which take all sorts of bank. Bungalows and resorts of reasonable price are easily found.

1 Chang Noi Island (Koh Chang Noi)

Location : North West of Koh Chang, Show Map Chang Noi Island Chang Noi Island is a small uninhabited island on the extreme north-west tip of Koh Chang. It lies about 100 metres off the tip of the Laem Chang Noi Cape, which forms the northern side of Klong Son Bay. The waters around this small island are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving, while the beach is a great place to spend a day sunbathing and relaxing.

2 Kham Island (Koh Kham)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map Koh Kham Kham Island is one of the jewels of the Koh Mak islands. Suited opposite Suan Yai Beach, is the little island of Kham. Jump on a boat and maybe even spend an evening. The island has only one resort and the crystal water is great for swimming and snorkeling. The beach also features some black volcano rock and it even has an open air restaurant.

3 Khlum Island (Koh Khlum)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map KhlumIsland Khlum Island is a historical island during the Thai-French Naval Battle like Koh Chang. The island is proper for fishing. The landscape comprising stone yard is worth a visit.

4 Koh Chang (Chang Island)

Location : A Gulf of Thailand, Trat Province, Show Map Koh Chang Koh Chang is home to some of Thailand's most scenic islands. The island is very popular among visitors. Located nearby Laem Ngob, Koh Chang Park is around 1-2 hours from the popular tourist destination Koh Chang The best season to visit the island is between October and May. During the rainy season from May to October, visitors are not allowed to the islands south of Koh Chang; for example, Koh Kood, Koh Mak, Koh Wai, and Koh Kham. The boat trip to Koh Chang can be made all year round. In the rainy season, a boat will sail along the inner coast of Koh Chang because the island's long and large shape provides shelter from sea winds and waves. Visitors will trips on land to individual destinations.

How to get there
From Trat Province there are 3 piers serving to Koh Chang. All of them are located in the Laem Ngob. To go to these piers take one of the Share Taxi in Trat. They can be easily found around the municipal market from as early as 6.00 am. Vehicle-carrying ferries and taxi or chartered boats are ready to take you to Koh Chang.

5 Koh Kood (Kood Island)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map Koh Kood Koh Kood is the island farthest away from the coast of Trat. It is the fourth largest of all Thailand's islands, and only Koh Chang is bigger in the Trat area. Its natural features consist of mountains and plains where many streams originate and some become waterfalls. One well-known waterfall is Nam Tok Klong Chao which is flowing all through the year. It is an ideal place for swimming, consisting of 3 tiers; the upper two tiers are running streams and the lower one is a large pond.

In 1911, King Rama VI paid a royal visit to this waterfall and named it 'Nam Tok Anam Kok' to commemorate Ong Chiang Su. In addition; there are beaches with crystal-clear sea popular among visitors such as Taphao Beach, Klong Chao Beach, Klong Hin Beach, Prao Beach, etc. Accommodation with a private atmosphere is available for visitors at the inner sea of Koh Kood, and the other two islands, Rat Island and Mai Si Island, opposite to Koh Kood.

Most visitors to Koh Kood have to purchase a package tour offered by resort operators on Koh Kood at different prices that includes food, accommodation, and a boat fare. A boat for rent is also available apart from a ferry boat leaving Dan Kao Pier and Laem Ngob Pier.

How to get there
  1. Depart from Laem Sok pier (Trat): Drive 3 km. pass Trat city, turn left to Baan Leam Sok (Ao Chor) and go 16 km. to the end of the road and see the sigh "Way to the pier to Koh Kood". For boat's passengers that travel by Laem Sok pier.
  2. Depart from Bang Bao pier(Koh Chang) : There are two ways to get to Ko Kood from Koh Chang's Bang Bao harbour. Either the slower inter- island hopper, which takes 3-4 hours, or by speedboat. Another company offering both fast and slow boat service from Koh Chang to Ko Kood is Bang Bao Boat. They leave the Bang Bao pier in Koh Chang twice a day (09:30 and 12:00) and make the same stops along the way to Koh Kood as the other company.

6 Koh Mak (Mak Island)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Between Koh Chang and Koh Kood, Show Map Koh Mak Koh Mak is a rather large island, situated between Koh Chang and Koh Kood. Most of its area consists of coconut plantations. The whole area of the island Koh Mak covers 16 square kilometers (90,000 Rai) with a round distance of 27 kilometers. The long beaches and crystal clear sea are the main attractions of the island. Accommodations are available for visitors along the beaches of the island's bays. Furthermore, it is possible to hire a boat trip to nearby islets. Koh Mak is a sub-district to Koh Kood and is actually comprised of 9 islands: Pe Island, Kham Island, Kradad Island, Nok Noak Island, Nok Nai Island, Rayang Nai Islands and Rayang Nok Islands. The most popular activities for tourist include tracking, fishing, kayaking, diving, bicycle or motorcycle riding, firefly seeing, etc.

How to get there
  1. By Speed Boat, Departures from Laem Ngop are daily at 10:30 am. and 02:00 pm. and from the Makathanee Pier back to Laem Ngop departures are at 08:00 am. and 11:00 am. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes. During the low season other schedules apply.
  2. By Slow Boat, The slow boat to Koh Maak departs at 03:00 am from the Laem Ngop pier and sails in the opposite way at 06:00 pm., this journey lasts about 3 hours.

7 Kradad Island (Koh Kradad)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map  Kradad Island Kradad Island is situated northeastern away from Koh Mak. Formerly, the area was abundant with Kradad trees; hence, the name of the island. The place was the first island to have the land title deed since the period of King Rama V. During the time French colonisation invaded the Southeast Asia. France was trying hard to seize some areas of the Kingdom including Kradad King Rama V, therefore, ordered that the land title deed of Kradad Island be issued. Tourists attractions include the white long beach.

8 Lao Ya Island (Koh Lao Ya)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map Lao Ya Island Lao Ya Island is lies at the south of Koh Chang. The group comprises of 3 islands - Lao Ya Nai Island, Lao Ya Klang Island and Lao Ya Nok Island. The transportation from Laem Ngob takes about 2 hours and a half by boat. The islands has beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water with a cololurful corals. Accommodations are available on the island.

9 Man Island (Koh Man)

Location : West of Koh Chang, Show Map Man Island Man Island is a couple of kilometres off the southern tip of Kai Bae. The island is best viewed from the west - the stark rock and huge boulders are pretty impressive. The tourists often to see locals out fishing off the island's north-eastern shore.

  • Man Nai Island
    Is easily reachable from Sea View Resort during low tide when the island exposes its sandy beach and waters are just chest-deep.
  • Man Nok Island
    Is the twin island to Man Nai Islandand is linked together by shallow waters with plenty of gold-colored seaweed.

10 Mai Si (Koh Mai Si)

Location : South East of Koh Chang, Show Map Mai Si Lek Island Mai Si Island is located northeastern of Koh Kood. The islands are made up of mostly mountains and forest with some coconut groves around the fishing villages. Mai Si Island is home to the pearl oyster farm and has a splendid sandy beach along the bay on the east side.

11 Ngam Island (Koh Ngam)

Location : South East of Koh Chang, Show Map Ngam Island This island is situated southeast of Koh Chang and is comprised of twin mountains linked by huge rocks with a huge sand knoll at the middle. The little bay formed by the lines of the mountain stretching into the sea makes the island a splendid and serene site worth visiting. Not surprisingly, therefore, Ngam Island off the coast of Koh Chang has earned the title "little Phi Phi in the Gulf of Thailand". The island is an excellent vantage point for viewing the stunning scenery on the neighboring islands of Koh Mak Island, Wai Island and Lao Ya Island. Accommodations are available.

12 Nok Island (Koh Nok)

Location : North East of Koh Mak, Show Map Nok Island Nok Noak Island and Noak Nai Island, these tiny islands sit off the northern tip of Kradad Island. Nok Nai Island is the nearer of the two to Kradad Island. The waters around this small island are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving, while the beach is a great place to spend a day sunbathing and relaxing.

13 Pe Island (Koh Pe)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map Pe Island Is off the west coast of Koh Mak and can be reached by kayak. It is another tiny speck of land and is also visible from the west of the island. "Pe" in Thai means ghosts. Do not be concerned. However, it is just a name. Pe Island is a great diving site. It is a stunning local dive site with 360 around hard and soft corals, there is also a resident giant barracuda that lives here.

14 Prao Island (Koh Prao)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map Prao Island This island situated in front of Salak Petch Bay. From Laem Ngob Pier, it takes two hours to the island. The island has clean and calm seas, and is cool and shady with coconut trees. Travel time from Laem Ngob is two hours. Accommodations are available on the island.

15 Rang Island Group (Koh Rang)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map Rang Island Group Rang Island is one of the most popular of the outlying islands of Koh Chang Marine National Park. It is a small island suited of the south of Koh Chang and the west of Mak Island. Rang Island is a district to Kood Island and is actually comprised of 12 islands: Klang Island, Klang Lek Island, Kum Pan Island, Kra Island, Ma Pring Island, Rang Yai Island, Rang Lek Island, Thong Lang Island, Thian Island, Tun Island, Yak Island and Yai Island. There is has not enough flat area suitable for the setting up of any resort and bungalow. Rung Island is place of concessions of bird nests, Charamed eggs and bat's dung. Stone knolls and deep-water coral under the sea of Rung Island are very magnificent.

There are 12 island of Koh Rang Group

  • Klang Island
    Suited on the northwest of Rang Island, a popular snorkeling and diving destination. Only a few hundred metres offshore but of no real use other than as a nice backdrop to photos taken on the small beach nearby on Rang Island.
  • Kum Pan Island
    Lies off the western coast of Koh Mak. It is an excellent snorkeling spot and as such, is a great favourite of tour companies. For that reason, unless tourists can enjoy crowded waters it is best for sailors to avoid.
  • Kra Island
    Lies at the northeast of Rang Yai Island. The island is a popular sites for skin diving with abundant fishes and a vast array of varied coral. Kra Island has the longest beach at 20 meters. Swimming is discouraged, though, as the seabed is carpeted with corals.
  • Ma-Pring Island
    Ma-Pring Island is lies off the southern coast of Rang Island, about 100 metres offshore. It is an excellent snorkeling spot and as such, is a great favourite of tour companies. For that reason, unless tourists can enjoy crowded waters it is best for sailors to avoid.
  • Rang Yai Island
    The largest covered with tropical rainforests and has the longest and most beautiful beach in the area. It has a hilly terrain and it’s quite flat at the shores. Divers can enjoy the scenic underwater beauty up to 25 meters deep. The San Chao Beach features powdery white sand and crystal clear water. Northwards from the beach is a Marine National Park Ranger Unit where camping is allowed at a small fee and with the approval of the officer in charge. Here, you can avail of water supply and use of the toilets, but remember to bring your own food. In front of the Ranger Unit is a man-made bridge made by dropping rocks and stones into the sea. This bridge was built to help transport supplies from the International Red Cross Organization to Vietnamese refugees in the past.
  • Rang Lek Island
    Lies at the south of Rang Yai Island. the main freshwater source with beautiful oval-shaped stones which have very smooth textures. Birds and bats are abundant in Rang Lek Island, where there is a bird's nest concession and also a major source of bat’s dung known to be great fertilizers. For the lucky few who come on the right season, they may see sea turtles laying eggs on the island as it has become a chosen nesting.
  • Thong Lang Island
    Lies at the northeast of Rang Yai Island. The island is a popular sites for skin diving with abundant fishes and a vast array of varied coral. Swimming is discouraged, though, as the seabed is carpeted with corals.
  • Tien Island
    Lies at the northeast of Rang Yai Island. Thien Island is the largest and most northerly of the three islands to the west of Koh Chang. The island is a popular sites for skin diving with abundant fishes and a vast array of varied coral. Swimming is discouraged, though, as the seabed is carpeted with corals.
  • Tun Island
    The second largest island in the group and sits about 50 kilometre off Rang's southern tip. The island is devoid of beaches and is rarely visited.
  • Yak Island
    The biggest of the islands of the east of Rang Island. It is a popular dive spot. is a coral rock island with no beach and perfect for snorkeling.
  • Yai Island
    Is a small rocky pinnacle with some excellent wildlife living on its Shallow ocean floor. Some excellent muck diving can be found and several species inhabit the rocks. Some of the fish and coral species can see anemones, clownish, stingrays, puffer fish, groupers and clams, which can be circumnavigated in on long and shallow dive.

16 Rat Island (Koh Rat)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map Rat Island A small island with a short sandy beach and blessed with a rich coral reef. Suited on the west coast of Koh Kood. Across the Jek Kie canal. Is a small island. An area of 2.03 square kilometers, there is not much threat of long beach a few meters. Able to swim around the island’s most beautiful coral viewing. Strait to the Koh Kood only 400 meters away from the water to swim across. The island has many types of sea cage fish farming is about to visit.

17 Rayang Island (Koh Rayang)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map Rayang Island Rayang Nai and Rayang Nok Islands are two tiny islands very close to Koh Mak. This is a great place to kayaking and snorkeling. When the tide is very low, a narrow sandy pathway appears along which you can walk across to Rayang Nai Island.

  • Rayang Nai Island - is a privately owned island. During low tide, tourists can wade from Koh Mak for snorkeling, fishing and squid fishing
  • Rayong Nok Island - features small, white, sandy beaches and beautiful crystal clear seawater. There is one resort, with a small beach offering peace and quiet and good snorkeling spot.

18 Wai Island (Koh Wai)

Location : South of Koh Chang, Show Map WaiIsland Wai Island is a big island, which a part of Koh Chang National Park and is situated next to Lao Ya Island. There are two beaches on this island. The beach on Wai Island is reddish. However, it’s very clean and suitable for snorkeling since it is home to various kinds of fish and shallow water coral like lump corals. As for accommodations, Bungalows for rent are available here.

There are 4 points of interest for deep-water diving:

  • Hin Luk Bat - A reef of rocks slightly emerging from the water, which is located in the channel between Ko Chang and Khlum Island. This is a deep-water diving point that has beautiful coral with a depth of 15-20 m. It takes about 1.5 hours from the pier to reach this point by boat.
  • Hin Sam Sao - A pile of rocks underwater with many kinds of beautiful coral and big fish. This point is 15 - 20 m deep and about 1 hour and 45 minutes from the pier.
  • Hin Prhai Nam - An underwater mountain which serves as a home for many kinds of large fish. The water is 20 - 30 m deep and it takes about 2 hours to get to this point from the pier.
  • Koh Kra and Koh Rang - The most beautiful deep-water and shallow-water coral resources in the eastern sea. There are many beautiful fish and many kinds of coral. It takes about 3 hours from the shore to get to this point.