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Koh Chang, Trat Map

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Route 1 : From Bangkok, take highway route no. 3 (Bangna-Trad Rd.) or Motorway to Chonburi, then use Highway no. 344 (Banbung-Klaeng) to Klang. Arriving at Klaeng, turn onto Highway no. 3. Instead go forward until to reach the Sa Kaew - Trad junction. Take the right turn and go all the way to Trad town. The total distance from Bangkok to Trat is 318 kilometers ... see more

There are 3 piers serving to Koh Chang. All of them are located in the Laem Ngob. To go to these piers take one of the Share Taxi in Trat. They can be easily found around the municipal market from as early as 6:00 am. Vehicle-carrying ferries and taxi or ... see more

The Ekamai Bus Terminal is the main terminal for the eastern provinces, which can be reached by the BTS Skytrain (Ekamai Station). The other station is at the Northern Bus Terminal (New Mo - Chit), on Kampaeng Petch Road ... see more

As the owner of the airport in the provincial capital of Trat, Bangkok Airways is the sole air carrier for service to Trat and Koh Chang. There are two flights a day from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trat. One should be aware that even after the roughly one hour flight from Bangkok to Trat. ... see more


Restaurants & Nightlife in Koh Chang, Trat

Koh Chang offers a fantastic dining experience with variety of cuisines and ambience. Dining on the island has been considerably developed throughout from small restaurants on the beach to luxurious hotel restaurants and in between. The main beach, White Sand Beach offers a broad range of restaurants in a vibrant atmosphere. There are a plentiful choice of restaurants lining along the beach and the inner side. Some feature live music and fire show. Klong Prao and Kai Bae offers more peaceful feel with some good choice of dining outlets. Lonely Beach is a laid-back atmosphere and features inexpensive dining. There are both Thai and international favourites while Bang Bao offers the best seafood caught by local fishermen that day in more local atmosphere. Good Thai food can be found not only at big hotels but also small restaurants on the beach or side street. Bigger hotels offer international cuisines including Italian, German, Swedish, French, Indian and vegetarian.

Most restaurants on Trat serve a variety of cuisines, including Thai and international foods. Most guesthouse and resorts have restaurants that serve both. The following are some of the restaurants on Koh Chang and Trat.

Recommended Restaurants, Pub & Bars

1 15 Palms Restaurant

Location : White Sand Beach, Koh Chang 15 Palms Restaurant 15 Palms atmosphere, service, menu and incredible sunset views have attracted many regular customers over the years. The original owner is still proud of his establishment and the friendly staffs ensure everyone's holiday is a treat - as well as keeping his beers cold!

Cuisines Thai, European food
Opening Hours Daily from 06:00 pm. – 12:00 am.
Contact Tel. 0 3955 1095

2 Azure

Location : Mueang District, Trat Azure Azure is a stylish and contemporary beach side all day restaurant serving a comprehensive breakfast buffet, delicious daytime snacks and meals and a Mediterranean - Asian dinner menu featuring Italian Fresco, succulent seafood, and Thai cuisine.

Cuisines Mediterranean, Asian, Italian, Thai, Seafood
Opening Hours Daily from 06:30 am. – 10:30 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 3955 5111

3 Buddha View Restaurant

Location : Bang Bao Bay, Koh Chang Buddha View Restaurant Relax in the tropical surrounding with panoramic view of the ocean while enjoying authentic Traditional Thai cuisine or excellent European food. Catch the cool evening breeze with soft lounge music and Buddha beats and enjoy intriguing cocktails and ice cold drinks. Buddha View located at the end of the pier in Bang Bao fishing village, the Buddha View stands for quality and comfort and is the special getaway for anybody who is yearning for peace and tranquility in a colourful environment amidst village life.

Cuisines Thai, European food
Contact Tel. 0 3955 8157

4 CoCo Beach Restaurant

Location : Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang CoCo Beach Restaurant The restaurant is located on the sea front, with a large decking so you can enjoy dining either inside or out. Start your day with an early cup of coffee and buffet breakfast. Lunch and dinner are simple but satisfyingly scrumptious – They have a broad menu of Thai favorites, including homemade soups, curries and thai deserts. The European selection of sandwiches, burgers, pasta and pizza is also popular. Seafood is of course, always on the menu!

The open-air restaurant allows you to admire the view and feel the ocean breeze while enjoying a relaxing lunch or romantic dinner on the beach. This is paradise as you have never experienced it before!
Cuisines Thai, European, Seafood
Contact Tel. 0 3955 7034 – 5
Hotels Hotels in Klong Prao Beach Area

5 Karatee Kitchen

Location : Baan Klong Prao, Koh Chang Karatee Kitchen Karatee Kitchen proudly offers Thai cuisine served in native taste plus a BBQ station by the Executive Chef from various regions of Thailand. As we are located on the island where is abundant with fishery resources, all dishes are cooked with daily fresh from the sea, seafood and fresh ingredients. Don't miss!! taste some signature dishes if you have chance to visit Koh Chang.

Cuisines Thai food, Seafood
Opening Hours Daily from 11:00 am. – 11:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 3955 1033

6 La Dolce Vita Restaurant

Location : White Sand Beach, Koh Chang La Dolce Vita Restaurant La a Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant opened on July 2007 and since then has been very successfull, due to it typical Italian Atmosphere and Italian Managment always Present and Professional. All products are imported and selected with care to always garantee Quality and Freshness. The Restaurant Menu offers many types of Pasta, Pizza, Meat, Antipasti, Desserts and of course a lot of Italian Wines!! To end up with a vaste selection of Liquors and Digestives.

Cuisines Italian
Opening Hours Daily from 12:00 pm. – 12:00 am.
Contact Tel. 08 9683 5057

7 Phu Talay Seafood

Location : Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang Phu Talay Seafood Phu Talay is a small restaraunt located in Klong Prao, on the island of Koh Chang. Come, and enjoy the natural scenary and spectacular sunset and variety of dishes that range from local, and international food.

Everyday enjoy fresh seafood caught daily. Everynight enjoy drinks on the terrace lighted by the moon and stars. After dinner you may wish to talk a boat tour amoung the mangrove to see the fireflies lighting the tress like it was Christmas or you may simply want to enjoy the silence and serenity of the night.
Cuisines International, Thai, Saefood
Opening Hours Daily from 10:00 am. – 10:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 3955 1300,0 3969 6500

8 Phu Tawan Seafood

Location : Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang Phu Tawan Seafood The open - air restaurant with excellent service, enjoy and relax with the thai urban music. We are serving the traditional thai food as a native thai taste, chinese food and also fresh seafood. Phu Tawan Seafood is located at Kai Bae Road.
Cuisines Thai, Seafood, Chinese
Opening Hours Daily from 11:30 am. – 10:30 pm.
Contact Tel. 09 6859 9441
Hotels Hotels in Kai Bae Beach Area

9 Ruan Thai Seafood Restaurant

Location : Bang Bao Bay, Koh Chang Ruan Thai Seafood Restaurant Ruan Thai Seafood Restaurant most popular seafood restaurant serves you with the best Thai & International cuisines. Located at Bang Bao Beach in Koh chang. The only unique place in Koh Chang, it's best in a cool, breezy open-air atmosphere.

Cuisines Thai food, Seafood
Opening Hours Daily from 09:00 am. – 09:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 08 6374 5289

10 Saffron on the Sea

Location : Kai Mook Beach, Koh Chang Saffron on the Sea Saffron on the Sea is located on a small strip of beach, Saffron on the Sea has a slightly bohemian feel. The highlight here is the restaurant. The wonderful cooks serve food which wouldn't be out of place in an upmarket Bangkok hotel. The owner worked in a restaurant in Australia for many years, and the kitchen prepares delicious Thai and western meals.

Cuisines Thai, Western
Contact Tel. 0 3955 1253

11 Sea Terrace Restaurant

Location : Bailan Beach, Koh Chang Sea Terrace Restaurant Sea Terrace Restaurant is set on a spacious wooden deck overlooking the panoramic view of Bailan Bay while enjoying authentic Traditional Thai cuisine or excellent European food., and offers both outdoor and indoor seating. Both authentic Thai and international cuisines are served, with the speciality being fresh seafood.

Cuisines Thai, International, Seafood
Opening Hours Daily from 09:30 am. – 11:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 3961 9018, 08 6154 2896

12 Suan Pu Restaurant

Location : Mueang District, Trat Suan Pu Restaurant Suan Pu Restaurant is situated in a mangroves forest by the sea in Trat province, eastern region Thailand. You can enjoy authentic seafood cuisine with friendly service. Dining with a superior selection of superbly prepared seafood and high quality, guarantee by the logo of "Clean Food Good Taste". All dishes are without Monosodium Glutamate.

Cuisines Thai, Seafood
Opening Hours from 09:00 am. – 10:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 3951 2400, 0 3954 2355, 08 1376 3710

13 Tantra Restaurant

Location : Bang Bao Bay, Koh Chang Tantra Restaurant Tantra restaurant is the islands premier dining experience, original and romantic in both decor and ambience. Resting on the water in Bang Bao Bay, like a work of art, Tantra stirs the emotions. The menu is an eclectic mix of International & Thai contemporary cuisine and complimented by a boutique wine list and delicious cocktails.

Cuisines Asian Fusion, French, Thai
Opening Hours Daily from 07:30 am. – 10:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 3955 8062

1 Cocktail Queen Bar

Location : Kai Bae, Koh Chang Cocktail Queen Bar Cocktail Queen Bar, a really good cocktail as well as all kinds of other drinks at this stylish little bar on the way into Kai Bae from Klong Prao. Cocktail Queen offers a sense of normality about one's time there in that it is not too over the top in any way. You might just get the sense that it was set up more for functionality than flamboyance, which is probably exactly what you want if you are in the area to have a nice, generally quiet night with a few drinks to set the mood. A great place to take a date and do some talking without too many distractions, interruptions and noise, a nice change from most places.

Category Bar
Opening Hours Daily from 05:00 pm. – 02:00 am.

2 Filou Cocktail Lounge

Location : Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang Filou Cocktail Lounge This is a popular Kai Bae nightspot. They have free Wi-Fi, pool and table football as well as special offers on drinks every night. Filou Cocktail lounge, which doubles up as a Disco bar, makes for a very strong landmark representing the nightlife scene of Koh Chang, and it offers a unique experience for those who seek the thrill of the much vaunted nightlife Thailand has to offer. Live music, great service and a couple of quality drinks make for your type of relaxation cocktail, then Filou Bar should be the perfect sanctuary to fulfil your appetite for the Thai nightlife.

Category Club, Bar, Lounge
Opening Hours Daily from 05:00 pm. – 02:00 am.
Contact Tel. 09 1453 4561

3 Gecko's Place

Location : Chai Chet Cape, Koh Chang Gecko's Place Gecko's place has a really nice integrated bar as well, where you can work up an appetite with a round or two of pool, getting to know some of the locals and tourists who find themselves in the same place, or you can simply go there to enjoy a nice drink or two and have a conversation with the friendly owner.

Category Bar, Lounge

4 Himmel Bar

Location : Lonely Beach, Koh Chang Himmel Bar The Himmel Bar is a nightlife magnet of the most powerful type, with the type of pulling power that attracts the who’s who of the Koh Chang local party and clubbing scene. You might just lose sight of the people you came with though since it gets really packed and this is where people just seem to really let loose, let their hair down completely and party like there’s no tomorrow.

Category Club, Bar
Contact Tel. 08 2752 6591

5 K – Horizon Pub & Restaurant

Location : White Sand Beach, Koh Chang K - Horizon Pub & Restaurant Just relax and listen to the sound, feel free in your own style at K - Horizon Pub and Restaurant, the ideal pub and restaurant. It serves variety of alcoholic drinks with live music. Move and shake your body along the night. K - Horizon Pub and Restaurant often has live music nights, DJs, a great drink menu and even food from the main restaurant.

Category Pub & Beach Bar
Opening Hours Daily from 05:00 pm. – 02:00 am.
Contact Tel. 0 3955 2111

6 Mandalay Bar

Location : Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang Mandalay Bar This bar is quite lovely, doubling up as a cafe and It's not more than two minutes away from the nearest popular resorts. The location along the beach was absolutely made for long, romantic, relaxed walks along the beach, with the ultimate destination being the bar itself, making for a great time out for the romantic hearts.

Category Restaurant, Bar

7 Monkeys Bar & Restaurant

Location : White Sand Beach, Koh Chang Monkeys Bar & Restaurant Monkeys Bar and Restaurant is located on the beautiful island of Koh Chang in the heart of White Sands Resort, only 10 minutes from the ferry. Monkeys Bar provides quality European & Thai food from an extensive menu. There are many classic dishes as well as a wide choice of beers, spirits and over 50 cocktails. Monkeys Bar is more than just a place to eat and drink. It is a place to meet, relax and enjoy yourself.

Category Restaurant, Bar
Opening Hours Daily from 09:00 am. – 12:00 am.
Contact Tel. 0 3955 1402

8 Om Bar

Location : Lonely Beach, Koh Chang Om Bar The Om Bar is one of the most popular nightlife spots at Lonely Beach on Koh Chang Island. Here you can find the most club like atmosphere in the village. There is a party every Saturday night; it starts with a free seafood BBQ at 07:00 pm. and after that several DJ’s play until the early hours of the morning.

Category Bar
Contact Tel. 08 0823 4793

9 Reef Bar

Location : Bai Lan Bay, Koh Chang Reef Bar Reef Bar Located on the second storey, the Moroccan themed Reef Bar is beside the main swimming pool and overlooks the sea. Stop by for a chilled glass of wine, a tasty snack or just enjoy the music. Both indoor and outside seating are available.

Category Bar
Opening Hours Daily from 11:30 am. – 12:00 am.
Contact Tel. 0 3961 9111

10 Sabay Bar

Location : White Sand Beach, Koh Chang Sabay Bar Sabay Bar is a leading location for meet people, make Party and Nightlife in Koh Chang. Inside the bar is a dance floor for long dancing nights and nightlife in White Sand Beach. The area on the beach promise a cozy evening with Shisha water pipes and Thai Fire Shows direct on the beach of Hat Sai Khao.

Category Seaside Bar
Opening Hours Daily from daily from 05:00 pm. – 02:00 am.
Contact Tel. 0 3955 1098

11 The Mojito Lounge

Location : Kai Bae Beach, Koh Chang The Mojito Lounge The famous Mojito Lounge is a unique funky cocktail club in Kai Bae, the heart of Koh Chang island. The feeling is more laid back 'Lounge' early in the evening and then it gets lively late in the night as the music ramps up and people take to the dancefloor. There are top DJ's playing at The Mojito Lounge (from Bangkok to Europe to the USA)

Category Bar and Lounge
Opening Hours Daily from 05:00 pm. – 02:00 am.
Contact Tel. 08 6143 7727

12 Ting Tong Bar & Restaurant

Location : Lonely Beach, Koh Chang Ting Tong Bar & Restaurant Ting Tong Bar & Restaurant is located on Lonely Beach and it has become somewhat of a fixture over the years as one of the premier places to party all night, grab some great entertainment and of course. So theoretically the party never has to really stop here!

Category Restaurant, Bar
Opening Hours Daily from 11:00 am. – 02:00 am.
Contact Tel. 0 3969 6665