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From Koh Samui, there are at least 3 ferries a day from Koh Samui's Big Buddha pier to Thongsala pier Seatran Discovery and Haad Rin Queen Ferry directly ... see more

From Bangkok there are government busses that go directly to the Nadan ferry pier in Surat Thani province. There are also busses to Surat Thani town that require transfers to the pier ... see more

While there is no airport on Koh Phangan there are two options for saving a great deal of time by flying to the area. The closest airport to Koh Phangan is Koh Samui ... see more

There is train service from both south and north of Surat Thani, which then require a transfer by bus to the pier, from where boats will take passengers to Koh Phangan. ... see more


Activities in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is not only a party island but offers plenty of other activities to fill the day. You can enjoy all kind of water-sports, try your shooting skills with a bb gun or bow & arrow, learn Thai boxing, Thai cooking or how to make your own jewelry, ride an elephant or just let yourself get pampered with a traditional Thai massage.

Recommended Activities

1 Adventure

KBA KiteBoardingAsia
KBA KiteBoardingAsia
Koh Phangan is full of outdoor adventure and most of it can be done on a few Baht . Rich coral reefs run along the north-west coast of the island, supporting a vibrant underwater world making it an excellent place to snorkel and one of the cheapest and least-crowded places to dive in Thailand.
Boom BB Gun
Location : South West of Koh Phangan
Tel.: 08 4440 9591
L'Oasi ATV
Location : Paradise Waterfall
Tel.: 08 6470 4253
First Bow & Arrow Club
Location : Chaloklam
Tel.: 0 7737 4315
KBA KiteBoardingAsia
Location : Ban Tai
Tel.: 08 0600 0573
Just For Fun Canopy Adventure
Location : Baan Tai & Thong Nai Pan
Tel.: 08 7908 8610
Safari Boat
Location : Thong Sala
Tel.: 0 7723 8232
Jungle Flight Adventure Park
Location : Baan Tai & Thong Nai Pan
Tel.: 08 0889 7966
One Pen Adventure Park
Location : Mae Haad, Wang Sai Waterfall
Tel.: 08 1891 1528
Phangan Shooting Range
Location : Haad Rin
Tel.: 08 0328 5555
First Bow & Arrow Club Archery
Location : Chaloklum
Tel.: 0 7737 4315

2 Elephant Trekking

Phangan Safari
Phangan Safari
Have you ever experience riding an elephant? Just outside Chaloklum you can enjoy an elephant ride through Koh Phangan's jungle. Take a leisurely stroll upon the back of a rocking Thai elephant, lurching and rolling like a crazy drunken fairground ride, pluck ripe rambutan as you pass beneath the boughs. But hang on tight as these majestic old gentlemen of the forests negotiate the slippery, rock-strewn streams, hurrying onwards towards the cool dark rainforests of Koh Phangan Paradise Island.
Phangan Safari
Location : Chaloklum
Tel.: 0 7737 4159

3 Kayak & Rafting

Blue Stars
Blue Stars
Sea kayaking is one of the best ways to explore Koh Phangan’s magnificent beaches and islands. One can hire a kayak for an hour of leisurely paddling around the beaches of Koh Phangan, take a day trip to explore the myriad of islands in Koh Phangan.
Location : Nai Wok
Tel.: 0 7268 0940
Hotel: Hotels in Nai Wok Bay
Safari Boat
Location : Thong Sala
Tel.: 0 7723 8232, 08 1538 2939

4 Watersports & Snorkeling

Wake Up
Wake Up
One of the best ways to experience the beach is snorkeling, one of the most popular activities in Koh Phangan. Snorkeling in Koh Phangan is an excellent place to explore the underwater world. There is vibrant coral reef around the West and Northern coast perfect for snorkelling and learning to dive, while some of Thailand’s premier dive sites are only a short boat journey away.
Breeze Kiteboarding
Location : Ban Tai Sub-district
Tel.: 08 2277 3374
Reefers’ Dive Resort
Location : Shiralea Backpackers Resort, Haad Yao beach
Tel.: 08 6471 4045, 08 7894 0637, 08 7917 2668
Chaloklum Diving
Location : Chaloklum Village
Tel.: 0 7737 4025
Sail Rock Divers Resort
Location : Chaloklum
Tel.: 0 7737 4321
Phangan International Diving School
Location : Weangthai Resort, Thong Sala
Tel.: 08 9288 0923
SL2K Adventure
Location : Ao Nai Wok
Tel.: 0 7737 7917
Phangan Jetski
Location : Thong Nai Pan
Tel.: 08 9748 8328
Hotel: Hotels in Thong Nai Pan Beach Area
The Dive Inn
Location : Chaloklum
Tel.: 0 7737 4262
Phangan Safari
Location : Chaloklum
Tel.: 0 7737 4159
Wake Up
Location : Chaloklum
Tel.: 08 7283 6755

5 Fishing

Mr.Tu Fishing Game
Mr.Tu Fishing Game
The big game fishing tour guides around Koh Phangan are old hands in the art of sport fishing. The Thais have been fishing these waters for centuries. They know just where to take the boat so that you will have an excellent chance of catching a fish. Also, our guides do everything for you. If you fancy a good laugh, then head up to Chaloklum for a spot of squid fishing. Chaloklum is well-known throughout the area as an excellent source of squid. If you look out to sea after dark you will almost certainly see the bight lights from the squid boats shining in the distance. If you are interested in trying it out just ask some of the local people for more details.
Palida Fishing Bungalow
Location : Naisaon - Bannaipoon Rd.
Tel.: 08 1956 5377
Mr.Tu Fishing Game
Location : Bophut
Tel.: 08 1538 8823, 08 9866 8280

6 Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing
Chorenrit Muay Thai Camp
Muay Thai, which is one of the distinctive Thai national martial arts, has been passed on from generation to generation. It is widely known as tough fighting, but elegant in its movements. On Koh Phangan has three stadiums in Thong Sala, one in Haad Rin and one in Thong Nai Pan so you'll easily be able to catch a fight during your stay. If you want to learn the noble art, there are a few good schools on the island with English speaking tuition and some very good facilities.
Chorenrit Muay Thai Camp
Location : Thong Sala Sub-district
Tel.: 0 7737 7856, 08 1787 4228
Kobra Ultimate Muay Thai Boxing & Training Staduim's
Location : Thong Sala - Baan Tai Sub-district
Tel.: 08 5099 3142
Diamond Muay Thai
Location : Nai Wok Sub-district
Tel.: 08 0098 4424, 08 7889 9720
Muay Thai Chinnarach Boxing Camp
Location : Thong Sala Sub-district
Tel.: 08 6953 8253
Horizon Muay Thai Boxing Camp
Location : Tien Beach
Tel.: 08 9588 1241

7 Thai Cooking School

My Work and Me
My Work and Me
As so many visitors love to eat Thai food, it’s unsurprising that many would want to learn Thai cooking too.  Thai cooking classes range from one day fun courses to extensive chef training programs, both of which can be equally fun and informative.  

Most Thai cooking classes begin with a tour of a local market to see where everyday Thai’s purchase the many exotic ingredients that are used in Thai cooking.  A good tour leader from a reputable Thai cooking school will not only explain the ingredients to you, he or she will also explain what substitute ingredients you can find in your home grocery store.  

Once back at the cooking school, instructors will demonstrate the process of preparing each course, after which students will try Thai cooking on their own while the instructor observes.  Students typically get to choose up to five dishes and normally cook the entire meal themselves; however, this varies somewhat from school to school as many do not require you to pound your own chili paste, a mandatory ingredient for many Thai dishes, including curries.

  After cooking in the morning, your meals will be served to you for lunch, and if you’ve done your work well, you should have a large and fulfilling meal. Students at most Thai cooking schools get to keep their recipe books and souvenir aprons; many Thai cooking schools also have take-home packages of Thai spices and curry paste.

note: some Thai cooking schools will allow you to invite family and friends to meet you for lunch, as the amount of food you prepare is generally too much for one person to consume!

Location : Sri Thanu
Tel.: 08 9487 6207
Same-Same Thai Cooking School
Location : Haad Rin Beach, Baan Tai
Tel.: 0 7893 3804, 0 7737 5200
My Work and Me
Location : Thong Sala Sub-district
Tel.: 08 7893 3804
Chef Tummy Thai Cooking
Location : Haadlad Prestige Resort & Spa on Salad Beach

8 Yoga

Love Yoga
Love Yoga
Yoga on Koh Phangan look fast growing and interesting for tourist. Types of yoga are practiced under the guidance of qualified instructors who welcome beginner and advanced ‘yogis’.
Agama Yoga
Location : Srithanu
Tel.: 08 9233 0217
The Sanctuary
Location : Haad Tien Beach
Tel.: 08 1271 3614
Asian Yoga Holidays
Location : Thong Sala
Tel.: 08 3393 9021
The Yoga Retreat
Location : Salad Beach
Tel.: 08 7273 9812
Love Yoga
Location : Baan Tai, Haad Rin Beach
Tel.: 08 0043 0439
The Yoga Studio
Location : Thong Nai Pan Yai
Tel.: 0 7744 5192
Pyramid Yoga Center
Location : Salad Beach & Mae Had Beach
Tel.: 08 5784 2139
Yoga Life
Location : Nai Wok Beach
Tel.: 08 9402 7727
Hotel: Hotels in Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach Area

9 Water parks

Slip N Fly
Slip N Fly
Koh Phangan Water parks is a fun activities to awaiting you to visit. Besides of monthly full moon party then tourists can enjoy with different kind of water park on Koh Phangan such as huge waterslides, zorb balls, bungee catapult, paddle-boarding, inflatable obstacle course, reverse bungee, human gyro, podium dual combat.
Phangan Wipeout
Location : Laem Son Lake
Tel.: 08 9730 0081
Slip N Fly
Location : Thong Sala - Chaloklum Road
Tel.: 09 7945 9224
Water World Koh Phangan
Location : Haad Rin Nai
Tel.: 08 5022 2521

10 Mini Golf

Phangan Mini Golf
Phangan Mini Golf
Koh Phangans Mini Golf Course is surroundings to relax your mind. Situated between Koh Phangan hospital and the island’s oldest temple, Wat Khao Noi, is this wacky mini golf course. There are 12 challenging holes of varying difficulty. Fun for both beginners and more experienced players. After a nice round of golf, relax for a while in our "sala" with something refreshing.
Phangan Mini Golf
Location : Wok Tum
Tel.: 09 3024 2246