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Welcome to lopburi
Lopburi Province
Lopburi Province
Lopburi is one of several provinces in central region of Thailand. The total distance between Bangkok and Lopburi is around 155 kilometers, about 2 hours to travel. The province has many significant historical artifacts and prehistoric settlements have been discovered. Formerly known as Lawo, Lop Buri had for centuries been ruled by several Kingdoms. The remains of Lop Buri, dating over 1,200 years attests to the strategic significance of Lop Buri to many rulers. These relics, ranging from the Bronze Age to the Ratanakosin period, have made Lop Buri a blend of east and west and ancient and modern, revealing the citys turbulent and alluring history and a glimpse of Thailands extraordinary past. The fascinating city of Lopburi is a unique blend of East and West, ancient and modern, royal splendor and majestic ruins, all of which offer tantalizing glimpses into the city’s alluring history.

Lopburi province covers an area of 6,641,859 square kilometers, the province is situated on the western end of the Khorat Plateau. It borders Chaiyaphum and Nakhon Ratchasima Provinces on the east, Phetchabun and Nakhon Sawan Provinces on the north, Sing Buri, Ang Thong, Ayutthaya and Saraburi Provinces on the South.
North : Phetchabun and Nakhon Sawan
South : Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya and Saraburi
East : Nakhon Ratchasima and Chaiyaphum
West : Singburi and Nakhon Sawan
Distances to Other Provinces
Singburi 33 km Nakhon Ratchasima 198 km
Saraburi 46 km Chaiyaphum 243 km
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 98 km Phetchabun 251 km
Nakhon Sawan 130 km    

Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Tha Wung 15 km Sa Bot 65 km
Ban Mi 32 km Khok Charoen 77 km
Khok Samrong 35 km Tha Luang 83 km
Phatthana Nikhom 51 km Chai Badan 97 km
Nong Muang 54 km Lam Sonthi 120 km
Festivals & Events
King Narai the Great's Reign Fair
When: Febuary
Where: King Narais Palace, Mueang District
This fair is organised in February every year to celebrate the glorious days of the reign of King Narai the Great. King Narai ruled the Thai kingdom from 1656 to 1688, during the Ayutthaya period. The fair is will be held at the Narai Ratchaniwet compound in the heart of the city of Lopburi. Visitors have also been encouraged to wear traditional costumes to make the event more colorful and enjoyable. Major activities include spectacular processions, folk performances, Thai children’s traditional games, a demonstration of Thai life, exhibitions, a display of decorative and flowering plants, and a bazaar of local products. A “monkey show” is among the interesting entertainment programs.
Kam Fa Tradition
When: The 2nd day of the waxing moon in the 3rd lunar month
Where: Mueang and Ban Mi District
It's a local merit making tradition of the Thai Phuan people, taken place in many villages in Mueang District, and Ban Mi District. It is organised to request for a blessing from gods who protect the sky so that it will rain during the rainy season. The 2nd day of the waxing moon in the 3rd lunar month is considered the eve and the next day is the Kam Fa Day. In the morning, people will give alms with Khao Pun (rice vermicelli), Khao Chi (grilled rice) and Khao Lam (sweet sticky rice), while in the afternoon, there will be local games such as Mon Son Pha, Chuang Chai, Ma Bia, and Ma Kan Han. The activities in the tradition include making Khao Khong dessert, Lam Phuan and Nang Kwak entertaining activities.
The Tradition of the Maitreya Bodhisattva Procession
When: During the 6th lunar month every year
Where: Wat Lai, Tha Wung District
Tradition of the Maitreya Bodhisattva Procession
Tradition of the Maitreya Bodhisattva Procession
Tradition of the Maitreya Bodhisattva Procession it's has been conducted for a long period of time on the 14th day of the waxing moon during the 6th lunar month every year. The temple will arrange the image of the Maitreya Bodhisattva to be enshrined on the Takhe - handcart and let the people pull the image to the north. The starting point is Wat Lai to the end at Wat Thong Khung and back to Wat Lai. There are many people joining the procession. The procession will stop at some points for the faithful people to pour water onto and to pay respect to the image. There are also a dozen almshouses providing free food for the participants in the procession.
Sai Krachat Tradition
When: During the End of Buddhist Lent the 11th month
Where: Ban Mi District
This is a tradition of the Thai Phuan people that has been conducted in Ban Mi District. It takes place during the sermon on the Great Birth story. It is mostly organised during the End of Buddhist Lent (the 11th month) in the waning moon period. One day prior to the Sai Krachat Day, people will wrap Khao Tom - seasoned sticky rice in banana leaf and grind rice for the Khao Pun - rice noodle. The next day is the Sai Krachat Day when people will bring things such as bananas, sugar cane, oranges, candles and joss sticks or other items to put into the bamboo baskets at the houses of the people they know, while the hosts will bring the prepared food to welcome their guests. When the visitors would like to go home, the host will give Khao Tom Mat as a souvenir in return called "Khuen Krachat". The next day will be the day of the Great Birth sermon. It is considered as a grand annual merit making event of the year.
Lopburi Monkey Buffet Festival
When: The last weekend in November
Where: Phra Prang Sam Yod and Phra Kan Shrine, Mueang District
Lopburi Monkey Buffet Festival
Lopburi Monkey Buffet Festival
The provincial capital of Lopburi in Central Thailand is home to countless monkeys that have adapted to life in an urban environment. The monkeys have become such a part of the local culture that there is actually a festival held in their honor - the Lopburi Monkey Festival. The annual festival takes place on the last weekend in November and is a major attraction for locals and foreign visitors alike. Over 2,000 monkeys enjoyed a delectable vegetarian Chinese-style banquet, replete with Thai fruits and popular desserts, at the city's Prang Sam Yod and Phra Kan Shrine. The banquet will be staged at 10:00 am., 12:00 pm.and 02:00 pm. Special gifts, including mirrors and toys, will be presented to monkeys, who lend both structures much of their colour and atmosphere.
Lop Buri Sunflower Blooming Festival
When: November - Febuary
Where: Phattananikhom District
Takes place around December of every year because it is the period when the sunflowers are in full bloom. At present, Lopburi possesses hundred of thousands of rai of sunflowers. Before the harvest, the sunflowers will create a yellow field, being another splendid tourist attraction of Lopburi.