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welcome to nakhon nayok
Khundan Prakarnchol Dam
Khundan Prakarnchol Dam
Nakhon Nayok is an ancient town located in central region of Thailand. It was established more than 900 years old during the Davaravati Period (6th - 13th centuries AD). The name Nakhon Nayok was the designation given to an eastern garrison town of Ayutthaya the new Thai capital in 1350.

Nakhon Nayok located just 106 kilometers north from Bangkok, about 1 hour to travel. The province has many attractions that may be visited on day trips. Consequently, Nakhon Nayok is typically visited by day trippers or those making a brief stop over on the way to other destinations. However, Nakhon Nayok features refreshing natural beauty, including waterfalls and parks, renowned historical sites, a number of soft adventure activities, and a variety of delectable fruits. The northern part of Nakhon Nayok is located in the Dong Phaya Yen mountain range, an area covered by the Khao Yai National Park. Yod Khao Kiew, its highest peak, is 1,292 meters above sea level. In contrast, the central part of the province is a rather flat river plain formed by the Maenam Nakhon Nayok, a river popular with white water rafting enthusiasts.
North : Saraburi and Nakhon Ratchasima South : Chachoengsao
East : Prachinburi West : Pathum Thani
Distances to Other Provinces
Prachinburi 29 km Chachoengsao 189 km
Saraburi 58 km Nakhon Ratchasima 213 km
Pathum Thani 101 km    

Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Pak Phli 9 km Ongkharak 23 km
Ban Na 17 km    
Festivals & Events
Sweet Plum Mango and Nakhon Nayok Products Fair
When: February - April
Where: The City Hall
Sweet Plum Mango and Nakhon Nayok Products Fair takes place annually during February-April in front of the City Hall. It is held to promote Ma-prang (sweet plum mangoes), and other agricultural products and handicrafts. The fair features a procession of agricultural products, sweet plum mangoes contests, agricultural products contests, sweet plum mango beauty pageants, student performances, goods stalls of the public and private sectors as well as selling of inexpensive goods.
Ongkharak Ornamental Plants and Flowers Fair
When: September
Where: Ongkharak District
Ongkharak Ornamental Plants and Flowers Fair is annually held in September at Khlong 15, Tambon Bang Pla Kot, Ongkharak district. The contests of ornamental plants and flowers are mini-garden arrangement contests, an academic exhibition regarding plants and flowers, OTOP products fair & local goods fair and a wide variety of delicious Thai dishes and local dishes are also offered at the festival.
Thai Merit Making (Sat Thai) & Long boat Racing Festival
When: October
Where: Ongkharak district
Thai Merit Making (Sat Thai) & Long boat Racing Festival is annually held in October along Khlong 29 at Wat Thawiphon Rangsan, Ongkharak district. The fair showcases a variety of long boats racing, making Krayasat contest (Krayasat is a sticky paste made from rice, bean, sesame, and sugar, usually eaten during Sat Thai Festival), merit making on Sat Thai day, and local entertainment at night.
Tak Bat Thewo Rohana Fair
When: The 1st day of the waning moon of the 11th month
Where: All Nakhon Nayok
Tak Bat Thewo Rohana Fair, a festivity where offerings are made to monks. The festivity is held annually on the 1st day of the waning moon of the 11th month of the lunar calendar or the end of the Buddhist lent. During the festivity, 109 monks descend from Wat Khao Nang Buat to accept offerings from the townspeople.