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Location : Lan Saka District
Enjoy a trekking activity on the Ban Khiri Wong-Khao Luang peak route. Take time only 2 nights and 3 days. Permission can be obtained from Khao Luang National Park and Kamlon Administration Office. They will facilitate the trek and provide eco-tourism services by the community. Treks are in groups of 10. The best time for this is from January to June.
Administered by : Khao Luang National Park
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Location : Pak Phanang District Pak Phanang Coast and Talumphuk Cape
Pak Phanang Coast and Talumphuk Cape

Pak Phanang coast has a long white sandy beach with Talumphuk cape to the north jutting out into the Gulf of Thailand like a crescent moon. The part where it is connected to Ao Nakhon Si Thammarat has some villagers, while the coast on the gulf has a beautiful, pine-lined beach.

How to get there :
To get to both places, take Highway No. 4013 (Nakhon Si Thammarat - Pak Phanang) and then 16 km on a road to Pak Phanang. Both sides of the road are shrimp farms and mangrove forests. Location : Lan Saka District
Ban Khiri Wong located at the foot of Khao Luang in Kamlon Sub-District which this village is an ancient community, near a path that goes up the mountain. The village is peaceful like one big and happy family. The main occupation is growing fruits, such as mangosteen, rambutan, durian, and Sato. The village was faced with catastrophe on November 21, 1988 when a flash flood swept away some 100 houses. The local monastery and villagers still maintain the damaged convocation hall and houses as monuments to those who perished. Ban Khiri Wong is considered a prototype of eco-tourism management and the place won the 1998 Thailand Tourism Award in the city and community category.
Ban Nai Thung Handicrafts
Location : Ron Phibun District
Ban Nai Thung Handicrafts is Muslim Thai village near the sea which away from the city about 24 km. Aside from fishing, villagers use their spare time to make colored cloth kites in the shape of birds, as well as birdcages, for sale on both sides of the road. This village is well worth a visit for some quality products.
Fan Making Village
Location : Ron Phibun District
Fan Making Village is located on the way from Mueang District to Ron Phibun District, just 40 km from Mueang District on Highway No. 403. The villagers here use their spare time to make Kapho fans for sale nationwide. This popular, local handicraft is affordable and very useful.
Pottery Village
Location : Ron Phibun District
Pottery Village just away from Wat Mokhlan only 50 metres. The village still adheres to the old technique of making pottery by hand. The pots made here are large, thick, and have little design.
Ban Rang Nok
Location : Pak Phanang District
Ban Rang Nok located in town of Nakhon Sri Thammarat which Ban Rang Nok is famous for the nests made by swallows. Many houses and buildings have been closed because of the immense number of swallows inhabiting them. These birds make the houses their homes just like living in caves and mountains. However, the nests are not easily accessible as they are in private properties.
Kuan Im goddess image
Location : Thung Song District
Kuan Im goddess image height 19 metres and made from white plaster which easily visible from afar. The image stands on a large lotus beside a boy and a girl. A big dragon is paying homage to the image. It is in the benevolence gesture, its left hand holding a vase containing magic water while its right holds a Lew branch. The image is situated in the middle of a large pond surrounded by fountains. You can find this spectacular piece of art at Sam Po Kong foundation (Luang Pho To), Mu Ban Phatthana Road, Pak Phraek Sub-District, approximately 1 km from Thung Song market.