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Nonthaburi Attractions
The Prathom-Nonthaburi Palace
Location: Mueang District
The Prathom-Nonthaburi Palace has belonged to Prince Juthathuttharadilok who is a son of King Chulalongkorn, was built in 1919 which is a mixture of Thai and European architectural style. At the first place, this palace found its location in Bangkok till 1984 then was moved to Nonthaburi. Within the same compound, there is another palace where a gilded hall places a more than 100-year-old harp of Prince Juthathutharadilok.
Anthropology Museum
Location: Mueang District
Anthropology Museum is the first natural history museum of Thailand and was built in 1961. It is located behind the former City Hall. The building has two floors features exhibits on the first floor such as evolution of plants, animals, human beings and the earth. And the second floor exhibits Buddha images as well as antique porcelains.
Opening Hours : Tue - Sat from 08.30 am. - 04.30 pm.
  It is closed on Sunday, Monday, and public holidays.
Contact : Tel. 0 2525 3254
Baan Kru Montri Tramod or Ban Som Song Saeng
Baan Kru Montri Tramod or Ban Som Song Saeng
Baan Kru Montri Tramod or
Ban Som Song Saeng
Location: Mueang District
Baan Kru Montri Tramod or Ban Som Song Saeng is the historic home on tiny Pak Kret island once belonged to Kru Montri Tramote, a notable Thai musician who lived during the reign of King Rama V until King Rama IX. Acclaimed as a national artist in 1985, he composed more than 200 songs, including the most famous one, called Som Song Saeng. The house is open to the public, offering a peek into Kru Montri Tramote’s simple way of life, based on Buddhist principles of non-materialism. This warm and pleasant house continues to be occupied by his descendants. In the same compound, there is an exhibit on Kru Montri Tramote’s biography, his works and as well as displays of the original copies of his songs - from the first, composed at age 20, to the his last, written at age 91. Nowadays, the house is also the site of a Thai musical school which holds classes every weekend. In addition, on the second Sunday of each February, a ceremony is held to honor Thai music teachers, with free admission.

How to get there: Baan Kru Montri Tramod or Ban Som Song Saeng is located on Tiwanon 3 Road, Soi Phichayanan 2, Talad Khwan Sub-district, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi. To get there, take the No. 32 or 33 bus.
Opening Hours : Daily from 09.00 am. - 04.00 pm.
Contact : Tel. 0 2968 9498 ext 0, 0 2527 5257
Museum and the Thai Traditional Medical Training Centre
Museum and the Thai Traditional Medical Training Centre
Museum and the Thai Traditional
Medical Training Centre
Location: Mueang District
The museum has three-story traditional Thai-style building was designed by a nationally renowned artist where located within the Ministry of Public Health. The second floor is an exhibition hall which divided into seven rooms, featuring of the history and evolution of the traditional Thai medical profession, traditional medical philosophy as well as traditional Thai medicines. The exhibits educate and explain various beliefs: links between Buddhism and medicine, ceremonies, massage, cuisine, and herbal treatments. In the basement, there are meeting rooms, a library, and a bookstore.

Furthermore, natural products and healthy food are for sale on the first floor, which is also the location of massage, sauna and health center. The museum itself is surrounded by a garden filled with numerous types of herbs, and there are also toxin-free vegetables and medicines for sale. Certificate courses are on offer at the Institute of Thai Medical Profession Healthy Center on Thai traditional medicine and massage.

How to get there: The center and museum are located on Tiwanon Road, Mueang District, Nonthaburi. To get there, take the No. 32 or 33 bus.
Opening Hours : Daily from 08.30 am. - 04.30 pm.
Admission : Adult 30 Baht, Child 15 Baht. Non-Thais pay 150 baht.
  (Price are subject to change)
Contact : Tel. 0 2591 1095
Kwan Aman
Location: Pak Kret District
Kwan Aman is the large pottery museum in Nonthaburi and it considered a cultural center for the Mon people where it collection of the distinctive ancient Mon design ceramics. Mon people have been known for their artistic pottery skills since their settlement in the delta of Irawaddy River. Later, during the time of major Mon migrations to Thailand during the Thonburi era, Mon pottery became Nonthaburi’s oldest handicraft and also its iconic symbol, decorated with unique beautiful Mon designs.
Opening Hours : Daily from 09.00 am. - 05.00 pm.
Contact : Tel. 0 2584 5086
The Horn Museum
The Horn Museum
The Horn Museum
Location: Pak Kret District
The Horn Museum is the private museum, where is displayed a great collection of horns as well as antiques. Inside the museum contains exhibits of horns and antiques dating back 100 years to 16 million years ago, particularly the horns of the herbivore and cannibal in Thailand. The most distinguished horn is the 2-metre-long mammoth’s ivory found in the northeastern part of Thailand.
Opening Hours : Weekend from 09.00 am. - 04.00 pm.
Contact : Tel. 0 2526 2681
Exhibition Centre
Impact Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center
Impact Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center
Impact Arena, Exhibition
and Convention Center
Location: Pak Kret District
Impact Arena, Exhibition and Convention Center is one of Asia’s largest and modern exhibition and convention center with an usable indoor space of over 140,000 square meters, comprising a variety of venue sizes to meet all types of event requirements. A venue that provides you with a total one-stop solution, ranging from travel arrangements, transportation, on-site support and other value-added services to ensure the success of your events. Hotel near Impact Area

How to get there: Impact Arena offers impact link bus shuttle services between Bangkok city and exhibition. Impact fleet of minibuses, donning the distinctive logo of Impact serves the 30-minute route between Mo Chit BTS Station and Impact, interval daily from 06.00 am. - 10.00 pm.
Wat Saeng Siritham Floating Market
Location: Mueang District
Wat Saeng Siritham Floating Market is aimed at promoting local industry and commerce. Vendors carrying creations from the community surrounding the temple of Wat Saeng Siritham bring their wares to sell from boats at this floating market, making it a wonderful place for relaxation not far from Bangkok.

How to get there: Wat Saeng Siritham Floating Market located on Rattanathibet-Tha It Marker Road, Tha It Sub-district.
Opening Hours : Weekends and national holidays from 06.00 am. - 05.00 pm.
The Dessert Canal (Khlong Khanom Wan)
Location: Pak Kret District
The Dessert Canal (Khlong Khanom Wan) around Ko Kret, the people who live in the compound of the dessert canal earn their living by selling several traditional Thai home-made desserts and sweets. Tourists can also enjoy the show on how to make Thai desserts and shopping all the sweetmeats as souvenirs from Khlong Khanom Wan.

How to get there: Take the ferry at Wat Sanam Nua Pier (not far from Pak Kret Pier) or Wat Klang Kret Pier which the boat will be on service from 05.00 am. - 09.30 pm.
Public Parks
Kanchanaphisek Park
Location: Pak Kret District
Kanchanaphisek Park covers an area of 40 acres and this park is located a distance from a local temple called Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat. The park was commissioned by the Treasury Department to mark the 50th anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s ascension to the throne, and as a recreation spot for the general public. The park has a fine collection of water plants, garden plants and aquatic animals.

Inside the park, a walk-through pavilion is surrounded by three traditional carved wooden pavilions, made of teak, primed with pure gold leaf and decorated with beautiful glass. Many important royal functions have been held here. Nearby, a group of teak Thai houses built in the traditional Thai style can be enjoyed. At the corner by the river is the former residence of Nonthaburi's governor. Nearby fruit orchards offer scenic walks among durian, mangosteen, jackfruit and coconut trees.

How to get there: Kanchanaphisek Park is located next to Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat. Visitors can drive along Bang Kruai-Sai Noi route, and turn towards Nonthaburi Pier. From Bangkok, cross Phra Nangklao Bridge towards Bang Phlu junction and then turn left to Suan Kaeo Temple and follow the road signs to Kanchanaphisek Park.
Opening Hours : Daily from 06.00 am. - 06.00 pm.
Sri Nakarin’s Park
Sri Nakarin Park
Sri Nakarin’s Park
Location: Pak Kret District
Sri Nakarin’s Park, a park named after his majesty King Rama IX’s mother. With an area of about 41 acres, it is a huge public park where an enormous pond is surrounded by various plants making the place shady and peaceful for relaxation.
Opening Hours : Opened daily to public
Other Attraction
Koh Kret
Location: Pak Kret District
Koh Kret is a small island located in Chao Phraya River in the province of Nonthaburi, and is some 2 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide. In 1722, during the reign of King Thaisa of Ayutthaya, the island was called Khlong Lat Kret Noi which means a shortcut to Kret canal. Later, the current diverted, making the canal larger and turning the cape there into an island. Koh Kret has prospered since the Ayutthaya period as evident from the many temples on the island that are from that period. However, it may have been deserted when the Burmese sacked Ayutthaya. When Ayutthaya was reclaimed, King Taksin the Great relocated the Mon people who found religion here. The Mon people on the island came during the Thon Buri period and during the reign of King Rama II. Hotels in Koh Kret Area

Koh Kret
Koh Kret
How to get there:
By Boat
The Chao Phraya express boat runs from Sathorn Pier to Pak Kret pier, but only between 06.15 am. and 08.05 am. in the morning, and 04.05 pm. and 06.05 pm. in the afternoon. For the rest of the day it only goes as far as Nonthaburi pier; to continue to Pak Kret you need to take a bus (No. 32) and then head to the ferry of Wat Sanam Neua pier serving to the island.
Attractions on Koh Kret