Pattaya and Chonburi hotels and travel guide, Thailand. Hotel reservation for Pattaya, Chonburi and surroundings.

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pattaya attractions
Here we would like to give an overview of attractions available in and around Pattaya
Mueang District
Ang Sila
is a fishing village about 5 kilometers away from Chonburi. Ang Sila was formerly one of the oldest seaside resorts. The village is famous for its cottage industry, producing stone mortars and animal sculptures, like elephants, horses and tigers. Ang Sila also boasts a number of seafood restaurants. On the beach, one can find villagers selling fresh oysters, A wide array of local handicraft are also available for sale to tourists.
Chong Samae San Village Ang Sila 
Khao Sam Muk
is a small hill in between Ang Sila village and Bang Saen Beach, along the beachside road from Ang Sila that winds up Sam Muk Hill. At the foot of the hill, Chao Mae Khao Sam Muk) who is widely venerated by the public. The cliff overlooking the sea has become a tourist spot where legend has it that a couple tragically ended their lives together after having vowed their eternal love for each other. The Sam Muk Hill area is inhabited by a larger number of wild monkeys and beautiful cactuses garden
The Institute of Marine Science
situated on the campus of Burapha University. The institute evolved from the Aquarium and Museum of Salt Water Animals through the financial assistance received from the Government of Japan. This institute aims to be the center of studies on Marine Science, consisting of three parts: the Marine Science Museum, Marine Animal Rearing Center and Marine Ocean Research Laboratory.

The public will be admitted on the following days and times; Weekdays 8.30 a.m.-4 p.m. Government holidays 8.30 a.m.-5 p.m. (Closed on Mondays). Call (038)391671-3 for more information.
Nong Mon Market
a market famous for Chonburi's local handicraft and souvenirs about 1 kilometer from the junction leading to Bang Saen. Among its well-known buys are different types of dried seafood, Khao Lam or gluttonous rice baked in bamboo, hor-mok (spicy steamed fish cakes), hoi-jor  (deep fried shrimp cakes), sweetened-banana and taro chips, and sweetened-fruit preserves.
Khao Sam Muk The Institute of Marine Science Nong Mon Market

Phanat Nikhom District
Basketware Village
Basketware Village situated at Mu 1-11, Tambon Railakthong but mostly a Mu 10 in the vicinity of Wat Ko Kaeo Khiong Luang, about 4 kilometers from the district along the Phanat Nikhum-Chachoengsao Road and continuing right for a distance of another 4 kilometers. Bamboo is woven into such objects as ladies handbags, baskets, betel nut sets, and etc. in various colors and design. They can be purchased at stalls situated behind the Municipal Daily Market (Talat Kao).
Sri Racha District
Koh Loi Si Racha
is on Thesaban Road, north of Si Racha Market. Koh Loi is a tiny island close to Si Racha Beach, linked to the land by a bridge. On the island is a public park and a Sea Turtle Garden, on lush grounds covering an area of around 1 acre. On the southern side is a small hill with a temple on it. The island is a superb place for relaxation where one can enjoy the natural atmosphere and breathe the fresh sea air while appreciating the scenic view. There is also a pier from which one can board a boat to Koh Sichang as well.
Khao Kheow Open Zoo
Khao Kheow Open Zoo Kao Kheow Open Zoo is the only one open zoo in Thailand raising 8,000 animals of more than 300 types on the area of over 5,000 rais in the Kao Kheow – Kao Chom Poo Wildlife Conservation Area in Cholburi Province. It plays an important role in creating the balance between the nature and environment. In additions, it is the biggest tiger center in Asia Pacific area and it is the study and research center for nature and wildlife conservation.

How to get there
It is 25 kilometres from Siricha town. The Zoo is situated in the foothills of the only remaining forest left in Chonburi. The surrounding environment is a mixture of dry and evergreen forests that are very natural, plentiful and unchanged from the past. Most of the animals live in large stalls which are always suitable for them. Visitors can experience the animals up close.

Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 am. - 06:00 pm.
Admission: Adult: 100 Baht; Child: 50 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact: Tel. 0 3831 8444
Sriracha Tiger Zoo
Sriracha Tiger Zoo located in Sri Racha, a city in the Chonburi Province. The zoo have more than 400 Royal Bengal tigers, around 10,000 crocodiles and various kinds of animals in the natural atmosphere, but it also offers you many amusing activities and amazing shows.

How to get there
The zoo is located 2 km. off Highway no. 7 (Bangkok - Pattaya Mortorway). Only 30 minutes drive from Pattaya, you will discover the unique tiger zoo of the region.

Opening Hours: Daily from 08:00 am. - 06:00 pm.
Admission: Adult: 300 Baht; Child: 150 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Contact: Tel. 0 3829 6556-8, 0 3833 9111
Chantathen Waterfall
Chantathen Waterfall One follows the-same route leading to Khao Khieo Open Zoo diverging left at the entrance to Wat Khao Mai Daeng. A sign indicates the way to the waterfall where on drives down an asphalt road for another 7 kilometers. A car park masks the entrance and there is a 2 kilometers pathway leading to the waterfall lined on both sides by refreshing greenery.

Chantathen Waterfall has 5 levels in height with a distance totaling 1 kilometer. There are two pathways leading up and down: the first is on that follows along the waterfall itself or along the various levels of rocks, a route that is very popular with visitors who wish to view the waterfall very closely. The best time to visit is right after the end of the rainy season whereas in the dry season water may be less abundant hut visitors are able to track up and down the rock. Chan Ta Then Waterfall is under the supervision of Kho Khieo - Khao Chomplui Wildlife Conservation District and Khao Khieo Nature and Wildlife Study Station. The station offers camping activities for youth interested in learning more about nature and wildlife.

Persons interested in the Youth Camp for Nature Conservation my write to the Station Chief, P.O. Box 10, Tambon Bang Phra, Amphoe Si Racha, Chonburi 20210
Koh Sichang
Koh Sichang is a large island in the middle of the sea about 12 kilometers from the Si Racha shore. What attract visitors to the island are its beautiful natural .surroundings, tranquil atmosphere and fresh air that have long made the island popular. Circling the island is a narrow road, only a little over 1 meter in width, wide enough only for a motorized tricycle. Chinese pavilion is an ancient pavilion with dragon and peacock motifs. The pavilion was used as a temporary place of lodging when his Majesty King Rama the fifth visited the island. Hotels in Koh Sichang Area
Chakkraphong Cave
is close to the Chinese Pavilion. A Buddha image is enshrined inside this cave. There is also a duct from which one can climb up to the hilltop to view the scenery of the island.
Chong Khao Khat
is on the southwestern side of the island. Villagers call this area the "rear end" of the island. A white sandy beach is found at Chong Khao Khat.
Chao Pho Khao Yai Cave
is on a hill close to Thewawong pier. The large structure is Chinese in design. Inside the cave are monuments devoted to Chinese deities such as Heng Jia, the Goddess Kuan Im's Shrine and the Sakajayana Temple.
The Old Palace Grounds
are in a verdant area by the sea. Built during the reign of King Rama the fifth, the palace was once a hospice of royal princes and princesses to recuperate after their illnesses. Several ponds, which are still in good condition, are found in the palace garden. These ponds were bestowed with beautiful names, such as Atsadang and Phirphlen ponds. There are also two temples built at the behest of King Rama the Fifth: Wat Atsadang Nimit with a European style ordinal 'on hall and pagoda, situated on the topmost part of the hill and Wat Chuthathip Rajathammasupha situated in the Bhanuransi Village area in the northern part of the island.

The tourist attractions on Ko Sichang are quite distant from each other. It is more convenient to rent a motorized tricycle from the pier to visit those places. It takes a little over an hour to cover the entire island. The rental should coast around 250 Baht or whatever price you can negotiate.

Travelling to Ko Sichang can be done by a ferry boat which operates daily from Si Racha. Crossing is made every two hours starting from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Ferries leave from piers at Ko Loi Si Racha or at Choem Chomphon pier (Tha Charin) with in town of Si Racha, fares cost 20 Baht each.
Sattahip District
Wat Yan Sangwararam
is a Royal Temple, 15 kilometers south of Pattaya City, Thailand,  turning left from Sukhumvit Highway at kilometer 160. The temple was dedicated to Somdej Phra Yanasangworn, the present Supreme Patriarch in 1976 and was later graciously admitted under the patronage of His Majesty the King. The temple ground comprises a mondop (religious building with rectangular roof) which enshrine a replica of the Buddha's footprints, a large Pagoda where the relics of the Lord Buddha and those of the Lord Buddha's disciple are enshrined. There are international pavilions representing several countries that dot the grounds, such as Switzerland. There is also the Vihan Sian, a grand and exquisite showcase of Chinese architecture.
Bang Saray
is a fishing village about 16 kilometers away from Pattaya City, turning left off Sukhumvit Highway at kilometer 165 for about 2 kilometers. A deep-water bay lies on the southern part of Bang Saray, and ideal place for fishing especially for Pakarang fish. Towards the north, is a park with a beautiful beach ideal for swimming. Boats may be rented for fishing or diving for coral viewing. Bang Saray offers a number of excellent restaurants. It has become a popular place for relaxation and for renting boats for excursions around the vicinity.
Wat Yan Sangwararam Bang Saray
Chong Samae San Village
is a tiny fishing village along the Sattahip-Tha Rua Phanit Sattahip route, turning left just before one reaches the Sattahip commercial pier. There is a small beach with crystal clear waters. Chong Samaesan is another ideal place for diving and fishing. Several islands dot the area, such as Ko Samaesan, Ko Raet, Ko Chuang, and Ko Chan which all come under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy. Daytime sightseeing is permitted but overnight lodging is prohibited.