Pattaya and Chonburi hotels and travel guide, Thailand. Hotel reservation for Pattaya, Chonburi and surroundings.

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Island & Beach

Here we would like to give an overview of attractions available in and around Pattaya

Island and Beach
The Koh Lan Group
of Islands is comprised Koh Lan, Koh Khrok and Koh Sak.
Koh Larn
Koh Larn is a wonderful little island in the Gulf of Thailand, tourist can enjoy with many activities such as para sailing, snorkeling, jet ski, banana boat, swimming in tropical waters, and there is even a shooting range located here. Because the island is mountainous there are also some spectacular views for those that like to take a few snapshots. Koh Larn is also very suited for bicycling and hiking, many bicycling events have been held here. Many movie production companies have used the island for movie shoots.

The Island is about 4km long and about 2km wide and has about a thousand residents most of whom live in the main village called Naban. Most of the people that live here also work and go to school on the island. Any of the everyday necessities are here including a police force and a small medical facility. There are about six beaches on the island that boast white sand and clear blue water. Koh Larn is a lush green tropical island which has an abundant amount of rain fall each year during monsoon. The terrain is mostly mountainous which is covered in most part with heavy vegetation, jungle if you will. Monkeys naturally inhabit the island as well as other wildlife. Infrastructure here in most part consist of narrow roadways covered with brick pavers.

How to get there
Koh Larn is located about 7km off the coast of Pattaya Beach of which is about two hours drive south of Bangkok.
Koh Krok
Approximately 8 kilometers off of Pattaya Beach is Ko Khrok, an isle almost totally surrounded by rock formations. A gap of 100 meters to the east is a stretch of sandy beach where visitors can go and enjoy viewing underwater coral reefs. This island can be reached by chartered boat from South Pattaya. (As this is a private island, permission to enter must be obtained beforehand)
Koh Sak
some 10 kilometers west of Pattaya Strait or 600 meters away from Ko Lan. Ko Sak is another small island shaped like a horse shoe with an area of 0.05 square kilometers. It has two beaches, one on the northern cover 250 meters in length, an area in which boats usually stop for tourists to swim and another one on the southern part of the island opposite the first island, with a pathway linking the two beaches, a small beach 80 meters in length. A coral reef is found at the area in front of the beach. Skin-diving is also possible in this vicinity.
Koh Lan  Koh Sak
Koh Phai Group of Islands
Koh Phai Group
are comprised of Ko Phai, Ko Manwichai, Ko Luam, Ko Klung Badan, and etc., Ko Phai being the largest. The islands are presently under the supervision of the Royal Navy. The Ko Phai group of islands are situated at a distance about 13 kilometers from Pattaya and takes 2 hours to reach by boat. There is a light house on top of a hill at Ko Phai. Visitors can enjoy relaxing-moments, swimming, fishing and diving down to view the coral.

Tourists interested in visiting all the island mentioned here can arrange to hire boats from the promenade or pier at South Pattaya. Large boats can carry between 20-80 passengers, speed boats carry 10-15 passengers. Rental fees cost between 1,000-5,000 Baht, depending on the spot one intends to visit as well as the size and type of boat.
Pattaya Beach
Pattaya Beach is situated along the central city in close proximity to shopping, hotels and bars. The beaches are popular and busy places. For the thrill-seekers, activities include banana-boat rides, jet-skiing, water-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, and the like and anyone who just wants to enjoy a simple swim or a good splash around with a frisbee or rented inner tube will always find themselves with plenty of company. However, while in and beyond the surf, a wary eye does need to be kept on the more frenetic elements of the passing traffic.

How to get there
From Bangkok, take Motor Way (Bangkok-Chonburi Rd.), drive along Sukhumvit Rd., pass Si Racha and Banglamung districts until km 147 marker. You will reach the route to South Pattaya.
Jomtien Beach
Jomtien Beach is about 6 kilometers long with clean and quite beach. The Beach is fringed with pine trees, quite narrow and has a small slope into the sea. Most of tourists both Thai and foreigner like to do many activities along the Jomtien Beach such as Banana Boat, Jet Ski etc.

There are restaurants and cafes along the beach for tourists to enjoy fresh seafood and drinks while looking out into the sea. Entertainment and leisure activities are ample to enjoy a lively nigh tout. A galore of water sports are available including kite surf, para sail, jet ski and windsurf.

How to go there
The beach located about 2 km from South Pattaya and 4 km from Pattaya City.

Opening Hours: Daily 24 hrs.
Admission: Free (Price are subject to change)
Contact: Tel. 0 3842 7667 (TAT)
Koh Phai group Pattaya Beach Jomtien Beach
Wong Phrachan Beach
Situated on the northern side of Pattaya Bay, this 1-kilometer beach shares the same entrance as the Central Wong Amart Hotel. Wong Phrachan Beach is a quiet spot, good for swimming and relaxation.
Khao Pattaya or Khao Phra Bat
This is a small hill to the south of Pattaya Beach. It is accessible by an asphalt road, which leads up to the hilltop. Khao Pattaya is now the site of the Naval Radio Station where the monument of Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak, the Father of Royal Thai Navy, is situated. A sacred Buddha image is also enshrined on the hilltop. The viewpoint on the hilltop offers a panoramic view of Pattaya City and Pattaya Bay.
Wong Phrachan beach Khao Pattaya (Khao Phra Bat)