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Welcome to Phetchabun
Phu Thap Boek
Phu Thap Boek
Phetchabun borders on three regions, the North, the Central and the Northeast. Distance of 346 km from Bangkok, The central part of the province is on the Pa Sak river basin with mountain ranges running along both the western and eastern sectors. Because of the fertility of the land, Phetchabun has always been an agriculturally productive area. The very name of the province actually means the land of crops and foods.

Today, Phetchabun is a province with rich tourism potential. Its climate is pleasant due to the mountainous and forested areas and it has a history of richness and prosperity for more than 1,400 years. As and Sukhothai styles have been discovered.
North : Loei
South : Lopburi
East : Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum
West : Phitsanulok, Nakhon Sawan, and Phichit
Distances to Other Provinces
Phichit 129 km Nakhon Sawan 192 km
Phitsanulok 170 km Khon Kaen 240 km
Loei 190 km    

Distances from Amphoe Mueang to Other Districts
Lom Sak 25 km Wang Pong 53 km
Khao Kho 35 km Bueng Sam Phan 83 km
Chon Daen 43 km Wichian Buri 106 km
Lom Kao 43 km Si Thep 123 km
Nong Phai 50 km Nam Nao 144 km
Festivals & Events
Sweet Tamarind and Phetchabun Red Cross Fair
When: January
Where: Amphoe Lom Sak
Phetchabun province and Tourism Authority of Thailand, Phitsanulok Office invite everyone to visit the, annually held, Sweet Tamarind and Phetchabun Red Cross Fair of 2010, from 21-23 January, at the field of City Hall, Amphoe Mueang, Phetchabun, Interesting activities include flower Car Parade, sweet tamarind from various agencies, traditional performance, Mach Red Cross Shop, tourism promotion exhibition, Miss Sweet Tamarind contest, Sweet Tamarind contest, OTOP products, stage performance and concert throughout the event.

The Red Cross Sweet Tamarind in Nakhon Ban Phetchabun Fair is held annually in Phetchabun which prides itself for cultivating the sweetest and highest quality tamarinds. Sweet Tamarind Taste fair was stared in 1973 at Amphoe Lom Kao where is the source of sweet tamarind or Makham Wan. Local people are extremely proud of tamarind which is considered as vital economic crop and also to promote the development of the tamarind and its by-products. The fair has set since1978. Then the provincial office has organized sweet tamarind contest at Buddha Footprint cerebrating fair, Wat Phu Kao Din, Amphoe Muaeng, Phetchabun.

In 1984, the Provincial Administrative Organization established the beauty contest with cultural performances and many other forms of entertainment. The farmers bring their sweet tamarind to sell at reasonable price. The fair is on January 17 - 25 and changed to be "The Red Cross Sweet Tamarind in Nakhon Ban Phetchabun Fair "in 1999. In addition, the fair was moved to set at new provincial hall (Highway no. 21, kilometers 225) near town office and the Provincial Administrative Organization. This fair is in responsibility of Phetchabun province, Tambon Administrative Organization, Red Cross office, Sweet tamarind club, the committee of government and private sector cooperation, and Tourism Authority of Thailand.
Seng Klong - Long Kom Fire - Wai Phor Khun Pha Muang Festival
When: December – January
Where: Pho Khun Pha Mueang Memorial
This festival is an honor to Pho Khun Pha Muang, the past great city governor. This festival is held annually in December – January, 5 days and nights, in front of Pho Khun Pha Muang Monument, Nam Chum sub district, Amphoe Lom Sak. The purposes of the festival are:
- To honor to Pho Khun Pha Muang to people.
- To publicize the attraction place in Phetchabun. Moreover, one part of provincial slogan is related "Nakhon Pho Khun Pha Muang".
- To conserve the Seng Klong - Long Kom Fire festival of Lom Sak people.
- To earn money for expansion the land around the Pho Khun Pha Muang Monument in order to be an recreation and exercise area of Lom Sak and neighboring district.
Festival tasting grilled chicken Wichian Buri
When: August - September
Where: Amphoe Wichian Buri
Way to go tasting. Grilled Chicken grilled chicken on a Wichian Buri gourmets say that many people do not like. Chicken elsewhere. Roast chicken is about himself. Festival held every year Phetchabun province is considered more work up front in the eyes of the province. In addition, sweet tamarind and grilled chicken Amphoe Wichian Buri. Can be considered as a food dish known as one pass, it must stop and get them on a regular basis. The original shop is considered authentic grilled chicken named Ta Pae Wichian Buri this is the entrance to Amphoe Wichian Buri sure enough. With grilled chicken and how to select chicken Make grilled chicken. Dried meat, which has no oil, along with tasty sauce like no other. Called tamarind sauce- the spicy taste sour. Ta Pae make grilled chicken is grilled chicken Wichian Buri original. And later on have to do and turned on by. Each other dozens of stores. When you called the drive through the district Wichian Buri. Kai Yang will meet along the way lined.

Festival tasting chicken In addition, it roasted Wichian Buri. Tourist Grilled chicken will taste the flavors that are not certified as Five Star Chicken of course the event had a contest to eat grilled and fair distribution. Local products as well. The event will be held at three separate Wichian Buri None in December of each year to stop circulation through time and taste.
Um Phra Dam Nam
When: September
Where: Amphoe Mueang
Um Phra Dam Nam
Um Phra Dam Nam
This festival is an annual tradition of Phetchabun which is unique and found no where. This religious ceremony means the bathing of a Buddha image. This event is annually held on the fifteenth day of the waning moon in the 10th lunar month or during the Sat Thai period, in September. All the city inhabitants cerebrate and enjoy this ceremony. In the past, the tradition’s name is different such as Um Phra Dam Nam, Um Phra Song Nam. Somebody calls Pra Pea Ni Sat Thai Wat Trai Phum or Pra Pea Ni Phra Put Tha Rup Song Nam. Until October 1985, the tradition arrangement committee announces an official name "Um Phra Dam Nam".