Phetchabun National Parks, Travel Guide to National Parks of Phetchabun

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National Parks
Khao Kho National Park
Location : Amphoe Lom Sak
Khao Kho National Park
Khao Kho National Park
Khao Kho National Park covers an area of forest Amphoe Lom Kao, Amphoe Lom Sak, Amphoe Mueang Petchabun, and Amphoe Khao Kho and with an area of 304,521 hectares. The forest, which will declare to be Khao Kho National Park, used to be Namtok Than Thip Forest Park. It has high bio-diversity, species and wildlife, beautiful natural tourism places such as the waterfall, caves, isles, islet, cliffs, scenery view point and historical fighting monument encountered between the government and the communist terrorists, which had taken along time before tranquilized. At present has a memorial construction for the heroes who passed away in that war, especially the village’s name, the bridge’s name used first name and last name of the heroes. The beautiful palace made for His majesty the King and Her majesty the Queen in the occasion were be in residence at Khao Kho, Phetchabun.
How to get there
By Car
Khao Kho National Park is in the office of Namtok Than Thip Forest Park, 32 kms away from the city of Mueang Phetchabun. Beside travel by personnel car, also travel by first class bus and by the plane, which has just 9 kms far from the commercial airport.
Tourist Attractions
Khao Kho: Khao Kho includes various small and large mountains of the Phetchabun range in Khao Kho district. The reason it is called “Khao Kho” is because there are a lot of “Ton Kho” – Mountain Serdang (Livistona speciosa). Due to the chilly temperature throughout the year, and its coolness in the winter with beautiful scenery, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Phetchabun.

Khao Kho comprises complex mountain ranges. Its summit is 1,174 metres above sea level. Khao Ya is 1,290 metres, while Khao Yai is 865 metres. Moreover, there is Khao Takhian Ngo, Khao Hin Tang Bat, Khao Huai Sai and Khao Um Phae. The forests in this area are deciduous dipterocarp forest, pine forest and evergreen forest. The interesting point is the plants in the Family Palmae which seem like the Asian Palmyra Palm, but they bear fruits in bunches similar to betel nuts. Although, at present a large area of forests has already been cut down, some are still to be seen.

Interesting attractions at Khao Kho are as follows:
Chedi Phra Borommasaririkkathat Khao Kho At the summit of the chedi contains the relics of the Lord Buddha brought from Sri Lanka. The chedi was built by the people of Phetchabun as merit making for the King on the auspicious occasion of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty’s Accession to the Throne, as well as, to be an object of worship for Buddhists. On significant religious days, tourists and people will come to conduct a religious ceremony at this place such as a candlelight procession around the temple.
Khao Kho Palace (Phra Tamnak Khao Kho) Phra Tamnak Khao Kho is located on Khao Ya Mountain. The palace was constructed for the King on the occasion of his royal visit to observe the projects from his royal initiatives, as well as, to visit the people in Khao Kho district and the ones nearby. It is a concrete building in a semi-circle shape with 15 rooms overall making it different from other places. Visitors can ask officials for permission to visit the surroundings of the palace.
Khao Kho Sacrificial Monument
It was built to honour the heroic deeds of the civilians, soldiers, policemen and those who sacrificed their lives in the fight to protect the connecting area of the 3 provinces; namely, Phitsanulok, Phetchabun and Loei during 1968 – 1982. It is made of marble in a triangle shape with a height of 24 metres. It represents the cooperative mission between the civilians, soldiers, and policemen in 1981. The inside wall displays the history of the Memorial and a name list of the people in the event. To get there, Take Highway 2196 until Km. 28. At the T-junction, turn right to Highway 2323 for 3 kilometres, being a total distance of 31 kilometres.
Than Itthi (Weapon Museum)
Than Itthi (Weapon Museum) is situated a bit after Km. 28 on Highway 2196. Turn right into Highway 2323 for 3 kilometres. It is a view point where beautiful scenery can be seen and was once an important strategic base in the past. At present, it is a weapon museum, displaying the cannons, military tank remains and weapons used in the battle on Khao Kho. There is also a briefing room for a group visit.

How to get there
By Car: Take Highway 2196 until reaching Km. 29, continue for 4 kilometres and turn left to the palace. The route is quite steep, vehicles should be in good condition and possess high engine power. From Phetchabun to Khao Kho, take Highway No. 21, Phetchabun – Lom Sak to the Na Ngua T-junction, a distance of 13 kilometres. Turn left along Highway 2258 for another 30 kilometres. Otherwise, take Highway No. 12, Phitsanulok – Lom Sak to Km. 100. At Ban Camp Son, turn left into Khao Kho along Highway 2196 for 33 kilometres. The transport to Khao Kho should not be a coach because there are many curves along the route. The roads are quite narrow and steep. A pick-up or a van in good condition is more appropriate.

By Bus: Tourists who travel by bus can rent a Song Thaeo at the entrance to Khao Kho in the Camp Son area. At Km. 100, there is a minibus provided from 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Otherwise, a Song Thaeo can be rented at the Municipal Market in Mueang Phetchabun.

Opening Hours : Daily from 06.00 am. – 06.00 pm.

Hotels : Khao Kho Hotels

Huai Yai Waterfall: Namtok Huai Yai is in the boundary of Thaphon sub-district and Mueang district, inconvenient traveling, able to access only in the winter and the summer. From Ban Om Chi, Tha Phon sub-district, keep going along the route on west about 8 kms and then keep walking about 4 kms. Or will chose keep walk from Namtok Than Thip about 10 kms to Namtok Huai Yai. This waterfall is a large sized with 12-20 m high.

Kaeng Liang Pha: Namtok Kaeng Liangpha is the waterfall, which has a story background that in the past time there were a lot of the mountain goats in this waterfall. It is on the north of Namtok Khan Bandai about 300 m, its beautiful is a large stoneyard and high-slope cliff.

Khan Bandai Waterfall: Namtok Khan Bandai is a waterfall which looks like the step about 20 steps, is 4 kms on the north of Namtok Than Thip, this waterfall is shady beautiful for relaxing.

Noen Mahatsachan: Noen Mahatsachan is located at Km. 17.5, Na Ngua – Sado Phong Road on Highway 2258. After driving to this spot, stop the engine, the car will move back up the hill by itself. This happening is from an illusion because when measuring the height of both spots, the hill’s height is lower than that of the path to the hill.

Pha Lat Waterfall: Namtok Phalat is in the local of Bung Khla sub-district, Lom Sak district. Able to travel to Namtok Than Thip forest park office and then walk on the trail about 5 kms. or able to travel to Ban Hua Na, Bung Khla sub-district ,and walk on the trail about 2 kms. It depends on the person. Namtok Phalat is the waterfall from the cliff for the person who prefers adventure. From Namtok Phalat able to walk on the trail which is connect to Namtok Thanthip, Namtok Khan Bandai Scenery view point, Namtok Huai Chok that will pass the various of forest type condition and astonishing view point.

Samsipkot Waterfall: Namtok Samsipkot, Ban Phatthana Woraphong, there is one level waterfall, which has clear water for relaxing.

Tat Fa Waterfall: Namtok Tat Fa is on the north of the boundary of Lomkao district and Lom Sak district. The entrance of Namtok Tatfa is about 7 kms. From province highway number 2008, It is the most biggest and largest waterfall in Khao Kho National Parks, appropriate in the mode of adventure and the person who prefer natural activities such as trekking, rafting along the stream etc.

Than Thip Waterfall: Namtok Than Thip is on Bung Namtao sub-district, Lom Sak district from 250-kilometer stone on highway number 21 (Sara Buri-Lom Sak) Bung Namtao intersection then go to province highway number 2302 (Bung Namtao-Thung Samo) about 4 kms and there is a crossroad to the waterfall about 2.4 kms. The waterfall has one level, 26 m high and 30 m wide. There is natural attraction for learning along the route and the stream all year long. In front of the waterfall has a large basin and astonishing beautiful beach for playing water. Moreover there are the other tourism places in the vicinity as following.

Wang Nam Rin Waterfall: Wang Nam Rin is a small waterfall about 5 m high with spring up water all the year, fill with a various species of fern which is far 150 m from Namtok Than Thip, above Wang Namrin can see the view of Namtok Than Thip.

Wang Tum Waterfall: Namtok Wang Tum is in the boundary of Campson Khao kho district. From Campson district goes to Ban Dong Long and keep walking about 1 km. Namtok Wangtum is 40 kms. high, it is on Huai Sam Muang, There is a large basin of front of the waterfall for relaxing.

Yai Namko Cave: The entrance is from province highway number 2008, which is on Khao Namko Yai cliff above 1,023 m from msl. It is the settle of Buddha image for the local people and in the vicinity to adore. This place also able to see a large view of Lomsak district.
Nam Nao National Park
Location : Amphoe Nam Nao
Suan Son Phu Goom Kow View Point
Suan Son Phu Goom Kow View Point
Nam Nao one of Thailand most beautiful Park covers an area within Amphur Mueang Lom Sak and Lom Kow in Phetchabun provice and Amphur Kornsan within Chaiyaphum province. The park Headquarters is in an unusual and fascinating landscape: deciduous forest dominated by tall pine trees.

The area is mountainous and its forests provide an important watershed for the surrounding districts. The Park covers in total an area of about 966 square Kilometres. The unusual and fascinating Park designated a National Park on the 4th May 1972
How to get there
By Car
To get to Nam Nao from Khon Kaen follow highway 12 for 145 km. to the km. 50 point and then turn right and follow the road for 2km. to the Park entrance.

From Lom Sak follow Highway 12 for 55 km. to km. 50 point and then turn left and follow the road for a further 2km. to the park.
Tourist Attractions
Forest of Changing Colour: This area of forest is between km. 63 – 70 on Highway 12. Between December to January every year the trees in this area change colour, due to this area being mixed deciduous forest, which loses its leaves every year.

Heaw Sai Waterfall: Located at Km. 67 on Highway 12. From the road walk the 1,000 m. trail to the waterfall. The water here comes from Sa Nam Sai strem. This forms a natural border between Nam Nao destrict and Khom san district.

Pha Hong Cave View Point: This is located at Km. 39 on Highway 12. From the road walk 300m. to the view point where you will be rewarded with a good view. Walk a further 200m. to a spot which is particularly good for watching the sunset.

Pha Lom Pha Kong: The entrance called Phu Pha Klang Dong Park sub station (Sum Maung) is at milestone no. 40 on Ban Hui SanaamSai - Amphoe Lom Khao state highway. It will take a further 5-7 km on foot. This limestone mountain high 1,134 meters above average sea level. At the top, you can view the beautiful landscape lower down consisted of Evergreen forest and Mixed evergreen forest which composed with plenty of valued fauna. Besides, neighboring area consisted with Pha Klang Loan Cliff, the 850 meters height cliff, and Pha Ton Hom Cliff, the 900 meters height is also very attractive.

Phu Khor View Point: It’s located at milestone number 42 on state highway number 12 (Lom Sak-Chum Pae). This is one of the most wonderful view point, especially in winter, which you can view the beautiful scenery of sunrise. Besides, you can enjoy nature study by trekking a 4 km nature trails routing between this view point to the tourist center.

Phu Pha Jit: The entrance is located at 69 km along state highway number 12 (Don Lomsak - Chum Pae), followed by a further 10 km walk - about 6-7 hours walk. General geography of its plateau summit mountain with Pine forest and standing alone in the mainland plateau seem like Phu Gradung National Park but differ by its smaller size. Phu Pha Jit is the highest mountain of Nam Nao National Park at a peak that is 1,271 meters above average sea level.

Sam Pak Kaw Waterfall: The Upper Sand Creek Stadium. Waterfall with a height of about 3 meters. Direct access to the main road at Km 64 of Lom Sak - Chum Phae. Walking distance about 400 meters.

Sai Ngoen Waterfall: Away from the Kaew waterfall about 700 meters from the pedestrian streets, Lom Sak - Chum Phae same entrance at the main waterfall waterfall is 64.5 km at a height of about 5 meters.

Sai Thong Waterfall: Sai Thong Waterfall, about 500 meters from Heaw Sai Waterfall, is about 30 meters wide and 4 meters high, and has nicely atmosphere suitable for recreation especially in rainy season, which has water drop full of 30 meters wide very beautiful.

Suan Son Dong Paek: Suan Son Dong Paek or Dong Paek Pine Forest, not so far from Suan Son Phu Kum Kao, is where Son Song Bai or Two-needle-leafed pine trees (Pinus merkusii) and Three-needle-leafed pine trees growdensely to form a thick pine forest. Thesepine trees are over a hundred years old andare 35-50 metres in height. The large treeshave grown into spectacular forms. This is located at Km. 49 on Highway 12. From Km. 49 follow a track for about 5 Km. to the view point. This area has pine forest and grassland areas. There is a nature trial that you can walk within this area.

Suan Son Phu Kum Khao: From Km.53 on Highway 12. There is a track from this point that leads to the view point. A distance of about 15 Km. This area of pine forest covers an area of about 10 km2. During the cold season this area changes colour from green to brown and the grass becomes green. Many beautiful plants and flowers grow within this area. Phu Goom Kow Hill is about 880 m. tall. If you were to stand on top of this hill you would be able to see Chulabhorn Reservoir.

Tad Pran Ba Waterfall: The entrance is near Nam Nao Sub District Office, at the milestone number 20 on Ban Hauy Sanaam Sai - Amphoe Lom Sak state highway, then the laterite road will lead you to the waterfall. Tad Pran Ba is a medium size waterfall with its 20 meters height and 2 floors. The water originated from Khern Stream flows all year round. It’s so called Pran Ba because that is the name of the person who first discovered it, and Tad is a local word means waterfall.

Yai Nam Nao Cave: At Km. 60 on Highway (Ban Huai Sa Nam Sai-Amphur Lom Kow-Ban Nong Chart) The cave is close to the Park Substation (named after the cave). From the substation is a 3Km. track to the cave.

The cave is Limestone reaching a height of 955m. There is water flowing within the cave and you will see stalagmites and stalactites. Be careful not to touch these as it will stop their growth.

Opening Hours: Daily from 06.00 am. – 06.00 pm.
Tat Mok National Park
Location : Amphoe Lom Sak
Nam Tok Song Nang
Nam Tok Song Nang
The forest, which will declare to be Khao Kho National Park, used to be Namtok Than Thipl Forest Park. It was established on May 1, 1995 with about 14 in the border of Pa Khao Plok Lon National Reserved Forest. From consider of Director of Natural Resources Conservation Office on February 15, 2000 (a seminar that meeting of the head of Forest park) assigned the head of forest park to survey around the area by Mr. Cholathron Chamnankit a forest technicial officer, National Park Division is a primary data surveyor.
How to get there
By Car
From Provincial Public Building aling the highway 2271 to Ban Chaliang Lub for 12 km. and continue until junction turn right to Ban Nam Ron highway 2275 for 200 m., then turn left to Tat Mhok National Park Headquarters for 19 kms. After that one can walk up to the stream at about 2 km.
Tourist Attractions
Song Nang Waterfall: Song Nang Waterfall; come from Huay Bong has total 12 levels with 5-100m.high. The visitor can view of 12 levels a day.

Tat Mok Waterfall: The head from Tat Mok mountain is a particularly tall waterfall. Moreover, its one of beautiful steeply cliff which has only 1 level a bout 200-300m.high.

Admission: Adult 100 baht Child 50 baht
Opening Hours: Daily from 06.00 am. – 06.00 pm.