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There are daily bus services from Bangkok to Phang Nga departing in the morning and evening. Traveling time is around 12 hours ... see more

From Bangkok there are two driving routes to Phang Nga, which is located 788 kilometers from Bangkok, an approximately 12 hour drive ... see more

The nearest airport to Phan Nga is Phuket, which is serviced by numerous Thai and international carriers from destinations within Thailand and abroad ... see more

There is no direct train to Phang Nga. The State Railways of Thailand operates daily train services between Bangkok and Surat Thani. Visitors ... see more


Dive Sites in Phang Nga

Phang Nga's Andaman coast offers equally stunning national parks of a different kind; the island groups of Surin and Similan are renowned for their beautiful, unspoiled beaches and spectacular underwater scenery, attracting divers from around the world.

1 Christmas Point

Location : North West of Koh Ba Ngu Ao Chong Khad (Chong Khad Bay) Christmas Point is a dramatic series of underwater pinnacles. The best area of the site is around 24 meters where you will be in awe at the coral gardens of soft and hard coral variety. The dive comes to an end close to the island with exciting tunnels formed by large rock formations. Often you can see some of the bigger pelagics taking a "siesta" in the crevices.

2East of Eden

Location : South of Koh Similan East of Eden The name of this world-renowned marine national park is derived from a Malay word - "Similan" meaning nine. This park extends over nine islands hence the origins of its name. The US publication - Skin Diving Magazine rates this national park as among the top ten most beautiful archipelagos in the world citing its many attractions both on land, and water.

3 Elephant Rock

Location : South West of Koh Similan Ao Chong Khad (Chong Khad Bay) This is probably the most "famous" dive site at the Similans. The name comes from a formation of three rocks that break the surface, with the largest of the rocks resembling an elephant head. You will be amazed at seeing fish and corals in all the colors of the rainbow, from every world class fish and reef guide.

4 Fantasy Reef

Location : West of Koh Similan Ao Chong Khad (Chong Khad Bay) Many a divemasters’ favorite, Fantasea Reef boasts enormous rocks, some as large as houses, create a spectacular underwater landscape that attracts large amounts of fish. The curious and beautiful looking Clown Trigger Fish is often seen at 15 to 20 meters of depth. Large stingrays are also often seen congregating on the sandy bottom. Richelieu Rock

This large underwater granite pinnacle rises steeply from a depth of around 33 meters. It barely breaks the surface making it a navigational hazard for many boats. The dive site is spectacular with a large number of anemones, sponges of all shapes and sizes and soft corals the color of the rainbow lining the rock. The star of the show, however, is the amazing whale shark which is often spotted here.

5 Koh Hin Pousar

Location : North of Koh Similan Ao Chong Khad (Chong Khad Bay) Hin Pousar Island or Island 7 or Hin Huwagralok is the rock with the elephant head shaped-rock outcrop. Beneath this curious rock structure you will find caves, swim through and unique underwater formations to delight your eyes. This island is a rock of approximately 30 metres in width with piles of rock around it at a depth of 20-50 metres. Soft corals can be found along the cliffs and there are many types of fish around such as rabbit fish and wrasse. Further away from the piles of rock to the south, there are many sea fans scattering around at 30 metres. Manta rays and sea tortoises can also be found a little deeper.

6 Koh Khai or Koh Torinla

Location : Koh Surin Koh Khai or Koh Torinla Koh Khai or Koh Torinla is south of Koh Surin Tai. To the east of the island, there is a very long stretch of coral reefs that are still in perfect condition and ideal for scuba diving.

How to get there
From Khuraburi Port (Mu Koh Surin National Park Office), board a passenger boat (40-60 persons), or speedboat (20-40 persons) to Mu Koh Surin. The former takes around 3 hours, and the latter one hour.

Administered by Mu Koh Surin National Park, Khuraburi District

7Koh Tachai (Tachai Island)

Location : Between Koh Similan and Koh Surin Ao Chong Khad (Chong Khad Bay) Tachai Island is one of the most beautiful Islands in South Thailand. It is known as the Maldives of Thailand with wonderful quiet white sandy beaches and stunning crytsal clear waters the snorkel sites around the Island are one of the most amazing coral reefs in Southern Thailand. The variety of marine life here is incredible, you can walk through the jungle and see of lot of the big hairy chicken crabs, you can see the black ribbed baby sharks at the shark rock viewpoint, you can see many variety of tropical fishes and larger animals such as Manta Rays, leopard sharks, nurse sharks and the Hawksbill turtles, white sharts and manta rays are regulars to this area.

How to get there
Thap Lamu Peir to Mu Ko Similan National Park , you can take a private tour boat which controlled by the national park and serves tourists everyday ( 1 sep - 30 may ) . This tour boat departs from Thap Lamu Port at 08.30 am and return boat from Mu Ko Similan National Park to Thap Lamu Port departs at 15.00 pm in everyday. From the port to this islands is about 70 kilometers which takes about 1.5 hours of journey(for speed boat).

Administered by Mu Koh Similan National Park, Thai Muang District

8Richelieu Rock

Location : South East of Koh Surin Ao Chong Khad (Chong Khad Bay) The Richelieu Rock snorkeling season is November to April. Whale shark sightings are not guaranteed, you need luck. The best months are February to April. When they come they hang around in shallow water often allowing snorkelers to swim with them for hours. Richelieu Rock is full of fish. Another highlight for snorkelers is big swirling schools of chevron barracuda.

Richelieu Rock is a pinnacle that breaks the surface in the middle of the ocean. There is no other land around which is why so much fish life is attracted to the area. The water clarity is sometimes very clear but at other times it can be a little green, the limestone rock makes the water very nutrient rich, again, attracting the pelagic fish to feed. Currents can be strong at times. So this open ocean snorkeling is really only suitable for those comfortable in the water.

9 Shark Fin Reef / Boulder City

Location : South of Koh Similan Sharkfin Reef They are anyway part of the same ridge which juts out into the sea from Similan Island. The seabed at this site is smothered with coral. Large boulders sit on the seabed and gaps between the boulders are also covered in coral. The marine life in the area is splendid with parrotfish in abundance and the occasional spotting of leopard sharks. The site goes down to a depth of 55 metres and is probably best
left to divers with a bit of experience.

10Snapper Alley and Gorill Bay

Location : South East of Koh Bangu Ao Chong Khad (Chong Khad Bay) This is a typical east-coast dive and one of our favorite sites from which we like to start of our dive trips. The light is incredible early in the morning, hence the name. The hard coral is aboundant and healthy. At depth where the coral ends and the sand take over "Garden eels" rule and Leopard sharks are often spotted