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There are daily bus services from Bangkok to Phang Nga departing in the morning and evening. Traveling time is around 12 hours ... see more

From Bangkok there are two driving routes to Phang Nga, which is located 788 kilometers from Bangkok, an approximately 12 hour drive ... see more

The nearest airport to Phan Nga is Phuket, which is serviced by numerous Thai and international carriers from destinations within Thailand and abroad ... see more

There is no direct train to Phang Nga. The State Railways of Thailand operates daily train services between Bangkok and Surat Thani. Visitors ... see more


Attractions in Khao Lak

is surrounded by rice fields and rubber, palm and coconut plantations. The interior is covered in magnificent natural jungle and rises to meet high hills, cut by streams and cascading waterfalls such as Saeng Thong, Lam Roo and Chong Fa.

As an alternative, take a boat cruise or sea kayak through Phang Nga Bay with its unique limestone rock formations and sea gypsy village. Or venture further north to Khao Sok in neighbouring Surat Thani, southern Thailand's oldest and largest national park, and canoe through the awesome scenery with lakeside wildlife viewing, trekking and camping. Khao Lak is the ideal Thailand tourist destination for couples, nature lovers, divers and families alike offering hotel accommodation of all kinds.

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Recommended Attractions

1 Laem Pakarang

Location : Takuapa District Laem PakarangLaem Pakarang is an amazing testimony to the power of Nature which it was once an idyllic seascape, teeming with life and welcoming to human swimmers ... then came the tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 and everything changed.

Huge rocks (right) were dredged up by the power of the waves and left on the foreshore. The natural wonder of a raised sandbank has been used for restaurants. They were washed away and today you can walk out, at low tide, to see where they once offered their culinary delights in an unforgettable setting (below). When you have marvelled at Nature, walk round the shoreline to Ao Thong and the beaches, eateries and welcome shade from the palm trees.

How to get there
Drive north from Khao Lak and Bang Niang for about 15 minutes; look for the 7/Eleven and turn left follow the signs to Laem Pakarang

2 The Chulabhorn Underwater Park Conservation Centre

Location : Thai Meuang District The Chulabhorn Underwater Park The Chulabhorn Underwater Park Conservation Centre This centre is near Thap Lamu pier, provides knowledge on undersea natural resources to visitors and the public. The Centre is housed in a 2-story building and exhibits the value and importance of undersea natural resources and environment, the new aspects of marine eco-tourism, and the wonders of the undersea world.

Opening Hours 08:30 am. – 03:00 pm.
Contact Tel. 0 7659 5170, 0 7659 5090

3 Sai Rung Waterfall

Location : Takuapa District Sai Rung Waterfall Sai Rung Waterfall previously called Pakthaweep Waterfall. Located near Bangsak and Pakthaweep Beaches, on Highway No 4 at 70-71 km. 1,800 metres along the cement road and walk about 30 metres to the waterfall. With 60 m of height, falling from wide cliff about 20 metres. You can enjoy swimming but carefully.

4 Lampi Waterfall

Location : Thai Mueang District Lampi WaterfallLampi Waterfall, medium sized falls, has three levels each of which is about 100 meters in height. The falls exist all year round and more people like to visit during rainy season.

How to get there
located at Mu 6, Tambon Thai Mueang, on Phetkasem Road (Highway No.4), between kilometre markers 32 and 33, and taking an unpaved access road for another 1.5 kilometres.
Administered by Khao Lampi - Hat Thai Muang National Park, Thai Mueang District

5 Ton Phrai Waterfall

Location : Thai Mueang District Ton Phrai Waterfall Ton Prai is the larger waterfall next to Thai Mueang beach. After a day of sand and salt sea, spend several spare seconds at this splendid stream to shower. Combined with a visit to Lumpee Waterfall, this can fill an afternoon, and better than Lumpee, you can get into the falling water and enjoy the waterfall fully. There's a nature walk here too, if you want to explore the forest, this takes you up one level to a higher section of the waterfall, where another pool of water is there to play in.

The water here is cold, straight out of the hill and hasn't had time to warm up. Refreshing after the heat of the Andaman sea. I get to clean out the sand from between my toes from the beach and enjoy some cool down time.

Admission Fee 100 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Administered by Khao Lampi - Hat Thai Muang National Park, Thai Mueang District
Contact Tel. 08 4059 7879, 0 7641 7206 (TAT)

6 Koh Kho Khao

Location : Takuapa District Koh Kho Khao Lies off the coast of Takuapa to the North of Khaolak. Koh Kor Kao Island's western coast has endless beaches lined by Casuarina trees while the interior is covered by grassland. Several wild animals dwell Kho Koh Khao Island, and sea turtles use to lay their eggs in its sands, between November and February. Those, interested in this fascinating event will have the possibility to observe turtles in their natural environment.

7 Royal Thai Navy's Third Fleet Sea Turtle Nursery

Location : Takuapa District Royal Thai Navy's Third Fleet Sea Turtle Nursery This nursery is at the naval base at Thap Lamu. Infant turtles from various areas on the Andaman seaboard are brought here, nursed along until strong enough to fend for themselves, then released into the sea. One of the main such releasings takes place on the well known Turtle Releasing Festival at Thai Muang beach, several kilometers down the coast. It is the country's most important such nursery on the Andaman coast.