Phangnga Travel Guide

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Attractions in Khao Lak - Phangnga Province, Thailand Attractions in Khao Lak
Thai Mueang
is a fair sized town and varying levels of accommodation are available.
Koh Kho Khao
lies off the coast of Takuapa to the North of Khaolak. Koh Kor Kao Island's western coast has endless beaches lined by Casuarina trees while the interior is covered by grassland. Several wild animals dwell Kho Koh Khao Island, and sea turtles use to lay their eggs in its sands, between November and February. Those, interested in this fascinating event will have the possibility to observe turtles in their natural environment.
Khao Lampi - Hat Thai Mueang National Park
The park occupies an area of 45,000 rais (18,000 acres). It was declared a national park on April 14, 1988.

Interesting attractions in the park include:
- Lampi Waterfall (Nam Tok Lampi)
located at Mu 6, Tambon Thai Mueang, on Phetkasem Road (Highway No.4), between kilometre markers 32 and 33, and taking an unpaved access road for another 1.5 kilometres. It is a 6-tiered waterfall that runs all year round.

- Ton Phrai Waterfall (Nam Tok Ton Phrai)
is a large waterfall with water flowing year round. At km. 28-29 of Petch Kasem Rd. is a gravel side road intersection. Turn left and go for 7 kms; park your vehicle. Then continue on foot another kilometer. The hike to the falls is most enjoyable during dry season. Hat Thai Mueang
Hat Thai Mueang
located in the Thai Mueang Sanitary area. Going into the area, take the right-hand road for about 1.5 kilometres, then drive another 5 kilometres on the beach road to the National Park office. The 13-kilometre long beach has fine white sand and runs along the Highway. The area is blessed with crystal clear water. The recommended time to visit is between November and February. Sea turtles come to lay their eggs on the shore, thus creating a tradition of walking on the beach to watch turtles lay their eggs on a moonlit night. When the eggs hatch, you can join in releasing them into the sea during the Sea Turtle Festival in March each year.
Ban Bor Dan Hot Springs
The waters here are heavy with sodium, calcium, iodine chloride and other minerals good for relief of arthritis, beriberi, mental and physical stress they even make skin fresher and hair healthier. Open for bathing and soaking daily; the service costs just 10 baht. Located in Tambon Na Toey on the Andaman Coast : from Phuket go north through the Koke Kloy intersection in Phang-nga Province (do not turn right at the intersection) and proceed to approximately kilometer stone 6. Look for a road running beside Ban Bor Dan School, and proceed down it for about 3 kms.

Conservation Center of the Princess Chulabhorn Undersea Park Project created to spread knowledge of the undersea environment and its resources. The two-storey building has rooms displaying the work of the Chulaborn Research Institute's royal chairman, a meeting room, a dining room, a performance sala, and an exhibition hall. The exhibition hall has 4 rooms detailing the Chulabhorn Projects origins, the importance of undersea resources and environment, new ideas in undersea eco-tourism, and an exhibit of artworks focusing on undersea world themes. The featured exhibit of artworks focusing on undersea world themes. The featured exhibition in the large hall is entitled Progress in Tourism Through Circulation of Information and Knowledge. Located at Tap Lamu Naval Base.
Royal Navy's Third Fleet Sea Turtle Nursery
is at the naval base at Tap Lamu. Infant turtles from various areas on the Andaman seaboard are brought here, nursed along until strong enough to fend for themselves, then released into the sea. It is the country's most important such nursery on the Andaman coast.