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khao lampi national park
Khao Lam Pee - Hat Tai Muang National Park is formerly so called "Lam Pee Waterfall" prior to The Royal Forest Department of Thailand established it as "Lam Pee Forest Park" and assigned to manage and control by the National Park Division on April 14, 1986. It is the 52th national park of Thailand which cover area of 72 square kilometers or 45,000 rais.
Lam Pee Mountain -Tai Muang Beach National Park is the eastern area of Andaman coast, consisting of two parts, the first part is Tai Muang beach and the second is Lam Pee mountain. The Tai Muang is located on the coast of Andaman sea, the end of beach is the Kham Bay Peninsula (Giant Face mountain) , the eastern part of this area has a big brackish water canal getting fresh water from Lam Pee mountain which still has the fertile primary rainforest. Lam Pee comprises of a lot of mountains which laid from north to south with getting higher about 40-100 meters above the average sea level. The highest mountain is Kanim mountain, located in the northern part area with height of 622 meters from the average sea level.
It has got an influence from the southwestern monsoon wind which has a strong wind during May and October. This wind brings some moisture from Indian ocean which induces to have frequently raining. This area does not affect from the northeastern monsoon wind because the mountain laid in the north-south direction is the barrier and redues the wind speed. However, in November, the strong wind of northeastern monsoon wind could induce to have raining here. While during December and April is the dry season with has a little bit cloud, rain and higher temperature. Thus, the suitable duration of travel is December-April. Mangrove Forest
Flora and Fauna
From study of Lam Pee Mountain -Tai Muang Beach National Park found that society of plants could be classify into 4 groups as follows :
Primary Rainforest
Primary Rainforestcould be found in the steeply high mountains such as Kanim mountain, Lam Pee mountain and some eastern part of Tai Muang beach. The forest on the Lam Pee mountains is very fertile and can find many kinds of plant such as Dipterocarpus, Anisoptera costata Korth, Hopea odorata Roxb., Bullet Wood while the low level plants consist of Rattan and Bamboo.
Mangrove Forest
mangrove forest could be found in the mud area and mounth of a big river, here you can find it in the coconut field mud beach and Hin Lad canal along the eastern part of Tai Muang beach which has some mud creek that suitable for growing of mangrove woods. Kinds of plant that you could find here are Rhizophora mucronata, Rhizophora apiculata, B. parviflora ,Bruguiera cylindrica, etc.
Beach Forest
Beach forest could be found as the tall forest along the Tai Muang beach. The found plants are Cassuarina equisetifolia, Terminalia catappa, Derris indica, and Barringtonia, etc. Wild Animals
Swamp Forest
Swamp forest of Phru forest is the plant society that found in the year-round contained water area. You can find it at the center area of Tai Muang beach which has a white sand soil. The outstanding plant society here is a pure samed forest.
Wild Animals
Could be classified as follows :
Birds has been found totally 188 types such as Black-thighed Falconet, Oriental Honey-Buzzard, etc.
Animals could be found totally 64 types including 2 types of conserved animals, namely Malayan Tapir and Serow while the others are Hylobates lar, Malayan sun bear etc.
Retiles totally found 57 types including 26 types of conserved animals and 31 types that not under conservation. There are 2 types which are severely going to be gone; Leather-backed turtle, Leathery turtle and Lepidochelys olivacea and the other two types which also would be gone; Green Turtle and Siamese Hawksbill Turtle while 4 types of reptiles; Giant Asiatic Tortoise, Spiny Terrapin, Python curtus and Malayan pit viper or Siamese pit viper, Wirot's pit viper at present, have tendly to be gone.
Amphibians from survey found totally 16 types consisting of 2 types which under the official conservation while the other 14 types are not under conservation such as frog etc. Thai Mueang Beach
Fresh Water Fishes
Fresh Water Fishes was found 31 types. Only one types, namely Nile tilapia have trend to be gone. Nile tilapia is the only non-local fresh water fish which could be found in the natural water sources here. The rare fishes are Mystus wykii and saltwater eel while others fishes are Nieuhof's walking catfish and Blue panchax, etc.
Thai Mueang Beach
Thai Mueang Beach, is protected primarily as a nesting site for 2 species of sea turtles the Leatherback and the Olive Ridley. The females come ashore to lay their eggs between November and April. Unfortunately sea turtles are now very rare, and only a few come ashore. In the nesting season, the beach is patrolled by park staff who remove the eggs from the nests they find and take them to a nursery (on the beach by the sentry box). This is done because the eggs are considered good to eat and fetch a high price. Nests left on the beach would be poached.

The eggs incubate for about 60 days. The hatchlings are released naturally into the sea as soon as they are born. Please do not go out looking for turtles on your own. You are welcome to join a patrol, ask a ranger at the office. If you are interested in learning more about sea turtles, there are leaflets at the office. Sea turtles are protected world wide, and it is illegal to take stuffed turtles or shells into other countries. You can help protect them by not eating turtle eggs or buying souvenirs made from their shells. Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle
Far from the national park office only 800 meters, be one part of Had Thai Muang.
Lam Pee Waterfall
The inland section of the park, covers a waterfall and surrounding forested hills, it is located about 14 km from the park headquarters. To get there: turn left at the junction in Thai Mueang and continue for about 10 km until you see a blue sign for the waterfall. Turn right and continue up the track for about 2 km. The waterfall is a local attraction and has a pool suitable for swimming at its base. Meals and drinks can be purchased at the several small stalls located near the waterfall.
Ton Phri Waterfall
50 meters height, the lower level be the big pond suitable for swimming. Origin of this waterfall is Khao Ton Ban Sai which has a fertile.
Na Yak Mountain
Activities - Activities on Beach - View Top.  Lam Pee Waterfall
Accommodation - Bungalows are also available.
Camping site/Tent - Campground is available for visitors.
Parking - National Park provides parking lot for visitors.
Food services - Restaurant is available in the Park.
Visitor center - Located in the area of the Lam Pee Mountain - Tai Muang Beach national park office which can serve you with multimedia equipment and exhibition.
Getting There
By Car: Using the 3 roads :
the road no. 4, no. 401 and no. 402.
By Airplane:
Since Phangnga is just far from Phuket airport only 66 kilometers, therefore you can easily take a plane to Phuket and then take a car to Phang Nga on the road no. 4th which only 57 kilometer to Tai Muang market and then drive for 6 kilometers to the national park office.

Contact & Source
Khao Lampi - Hat Thai Mueang National Park
Moo 5, Thai Muang Sub-district, Amphur Thai Muang Phangnga Thailand 82120
Tel. 0 7641 7206 Fax 0 7641 7206 E-mail