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There are daily bus services from Bangkok to Phang Nga departing in the morning and evening. Traveling time is around 12 hours ... see more

From Bangkok there are two driving routes to Phang Nga, which is located 788 kilometers from Bangkok, an approximately 12 hour drive ... see more

The nearest airport to Phan Nga is Phuket, which is serviced by numerous Thai and international carriers from destinations within Thailand and abroad ... see more

There is no direct train to Phang Nga. The State Railways of Thailand operates daily train services between Bangkok and Surat Thani. Visitors ... see more


Guide to Phang Nga

Phang Nga [พังงา] has a variety of outstanding natural attractions including the stunning Phang Nga Bay, the idyllic Surin and Similan Islands, the sandy coast of Khao Lak, and Phang Nga is a province equally renowned for its beautiful land, spectacular bay, and amazing islands; Phang Nga national parks feature magnificent scenery with immensely different attractions. Phang Nga is also the province that includes two groups of islands considered the most beautiful in Thailand: Mu Koh Similan and Mu Koh Surin National Marine Parks. Along Phang Nga’s Andaman seashore lies Khao Lak, a stunning coastline of expansive beaches that bore the brunt of the 2004 Tsunami but has greatly recovered, and these two islands are little visited, yet well worth the effort.

Top things to do in Phang Nga

Khao Lak Beach

Takua Pa District  Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak Beach is very beautiful beach for nature lovers and tourists seeking a peaceful, quiet resort area. The beach is located 32 kilometres from Amphoe Takua Pa and offers another popular seaside attraction. There is a wide sandy beach with rocks of different sizes. The atmosphere is relaxing and ...

Ao Phang Nga or Phang Nga Bay

Takua Thung District  Ao Phang Nga National Park

It covers a total area of approximately 250,000 rai in Amphoe Mueang Phang Nga, Amphoe Takua Thung, and Amphoe Ko Yao. It is Thailand’s second marine national park where most of the area is sea water and islands of limestone mountains of different shapes and beauty. It is also the ...

Wat Suwan Khuha

Takua Thung District Wat Suwan Khuha

Wat Suwan Kuha is known locally as "Wat Tham" which mean a cave temple, located at M.2 Tambon Krasom. This temple is very impressive and popular for tourist both Thai and foreigner. Which Wat Suwan Kuha is one of the province’s important temples due to its historical and archaeological ...

Koh Yao

Between Phuket and Krabi

Koh Yao

Yao islands are located in the south of Phang-nga Bay, 42 kilometers away from the mainland of Phang-nga Province, Thailand. It is a district of Phang-nga Province with a total area of 141.067 square kilometer, consisting of 44 islands. Of these islands, the two most ...

Diving at Koh Tachai

Between Koh Similan and Koh Surin Diving at Koh Tachai

Tachai Island is one of the most beautiful Islands in South Thailand. It is known as the Maldives of Thailand with wonderful quiet white sandy beaches and stunning crytsal clear waters the snorkel sites around the Island are one of the most amazing coral reefs in Southern ...

Koh Similan

Khura Buri District

Koh Similan

Koh Similan or Koh Paet is the largest island in this group of islands. It has a distinctive horseshoe-shaped bay. The average depth of the water is 60 feet. Underwater is full of rock formations and coral reefs in several shapes and forms such as deer, leaf, brain, and mushroom ...

Phung Chang Cave

Phang nga Town Tham Phung Chang

Tham Phung Chang or Phung Chang Cave is located on Khao Chang or Elephant Mountain lies behind the provincial prison. A huge hill with a shape resembling a kneeling elephant, Khao Chang is Phangnga's landmark. Tham Phung Chang is located within the grounds of Prapaht Prajimkhet Temple ...

Thai Mueang Beach

Thai Mueang District Thai Mueang Beach

Thai Mueang Beach features a white sandy beach running parallel to the highway for a distance of more than 13 kilometres and crystal clear sea suitable for swimming. During November – February, sea turtles will come to lay their eggs on the beach. As such, there is an activity to watch spawning sea turtles ...

Koh Hong

West of Koh Yao Noi Koh Hong

Koh Hong is one of the most striking and noteworthy unique rock formations. About 12 islets lay in line vertically stretching from the north to the south of Phang-nga and the Krabi sea. The shady silhouettes of the islands trigger the imagination of travellers and invite all to discover Mother Nature's mystique ...

Sa Nang Manora

Takua Pa District Sa Nang Manora

Sa Nang Manora Forest Park covering a total area of 180 rai and has a topography of limestone mountains lying in the Northeast – South direction covered with an evergreen or rain forest. The Park is very shady with large trees and a stream flowing by from the headwater forest on the mountain ...

Surin Islands

North of Mu Koh Similan Sri Phang Nga National Park

"Koh Tachai" or "Tachai Island" is one of the Similan islands, and is located at the northern end of the Similan islands national park which is not very far from Surin islands. It is firstly discovered by a man called "Tachai" - this is why is named as "Tachai" island and it is the newest part of the Similan islands ...

Thai Boxing

Koh Yao Noi Mu Koh Surin National Park

Thailand's national sport and one of the most effective martial arts on the planet. One of Thailand’s true exports to the rest of the world, ‘Thai Boxing’ camps and studios are available in almost every major city in the west and the art is fast approaching Olympic sport status. In Phang-nga have real boxing ...

Ao Mai Ngam

Khura Buri District Ao Mai Ngam

Ao Mai Ngam is on the northwest coast of the North Surin Island. Most of the coral is located over two hundred meters out from the beach itself. During low tides of the full or new moon, one can walk and wade out tothe coral. During high tide, one must swim out. The water is calm except during the ...

Lod Cave

Takua Thung District Lod cave

Tham Lod is a large sea level cave and length about 50 metres, lies in Takua Thung District. The cave has evolved by being eroded by the sea over millions of years. There are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites inside the grotto. During way, you can see a perfect mangrove forest in Thailand. How to get there, ...

Koh Panyee

Phang Nga Bay Koh Panyee

Koh Panyee or Panyee Island is the island of the flag and located in Phang Nga Bay. Which is a fascinating fishing village and surrounded by huge limestone cliffs. The villagers are the descendants, directly or indirectly, of Toh Baboo and his family and friends from Indonesia who were the first ...

Laem Pakarang

Takuapa District Laem Pakarang

Laem Pakarang is an amazing testimony to the power of Nature which it was once an idyllic seascape, teeming with life and welcoming to human swimmers ... then came the tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 and everything changed. Huge rocks (right) were dredged up by the power of the waves ...

Koh Phra Thong

Khuraburi District Koh Phra Thong

Phra Thong Island is situated in the Province of Phang Nga close to the Island of Koh Cor Khao and Koh Ra. The Mu Ko Ra - Ko Phra Thong area (2 main islands) covers and area of 642 square kilometers. Of this 296.2 sq/km are water and 329.7 sq/km land. The habitat and geography of Koh Phra Thong ...

Kapong Hot Springs

Kapong District Khao Chang

Kapong hot spring is otherwise known locally as Plai Phu, located 8 km from the Kapong district office. The temperature is 65 degrees celsius, and a regular pool has been formed for the envigorating mineral water by damming up the streams. How to get there, The hot springs are just 8 km out of ...

Khao Tapu Island

Takua Thung District Khao Tapu

Khao Tapu Island called James Bond Island are the main tourist attractions in Phang Nga Bay. All tourist boats wil stop for visiting and sightseeing. The front side of Tapu Island is very well-known by most foreigners. The Islands gained world fame as the made a décor for the James Bond movie "the man...

Lam Ru Waterfall

Kapong District The Chulabhorn Underwater Park Conservation Centre

The most popular waterfall is Lam Ru (Nam Tok Lam Ru), in the area of Kradai ridge, close to Kapong, which is about 30km from the Park HQ. This is a pretty five level fall, of medium height, and flows throughout the year. Several varieties of birds are close by. Approach the waterfall via Kapong ...

Wat Bang Riang

Thap Put District Wat Bang Riang

Wat Bang Riang located on Khao Lan hill in Tambon Bang Riang, far from the Thap Put District office on Phetkasem Road around 11 kilometres, this temple contains several structures including an elaborate bell-shaped pagoda called Chedi Phutthathambanlue. The hilltop pagoda ...

Koh Panak

Southwest of Koh Hong Koh Panak

Koh Panak has wonderful scenery around the island, the cliffs and strange beautiful stalactites almost the same as Koh Hong. It located southwest of Koh Hong where many caves and inner sea are around the island. Some caves can be reach by kayaking while some have very high entrance that tourists ...

Khao Khien

Takua Thung District Khao Khien

Khao Khien or Rock Paintings is on the way to Ko Panyi and houses rock paintings on the cliff of various animals believed to have been painted by sailors who moored their ships here to take shelter from the monsoon. According to the Fine Arts Department, the paintings are at least 3,000 years old ...

Ton Chong Fah Waterfall

Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park Ton Chong Fah Waterfall

Ton Chong Fah Waterfall is Bang Nian canal and becomes a medium waterfall including 5 large levels which be classified as the beautiful waterfall. As a result they can be visited all year round. A quiet, leafy and out of the way destination, this is an excellent place to visit if you have the time to invest. How to ...

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Top Activites

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Recommended Activites see all Activites
Big C Market Phang Nga

Similan Snorkeling

Phang-nga is a province with two elements - land and sea - and is packed with national parks that border magnificent scenery with immensely different attractions. The island groups of Surin and Similan, renowned for ...

Type : Scuba & Snorkelling
Location : Mu Koh Similan National Park
Contact : Similan Dive Center
Tel. : 08 3176 1306
Takua Pa Sunday market

Canoeing through Lod Cave

Phang Nga Bay is a large, lovely area that seems different in every change in weather and light. There are many fine secluded islands that can be explored at our leisure in comfortable touring kayaks ...

Type : Canoeing & Kayaking
Location : Ao Phang Nga National Park
Contact : Ao Phang Nga National Park
Tel. : 0 2562 0760
Takua Pa fresh market

Kayak - Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is a large, lovely area that seems different in every change in weather and light. There are many fine secluded islands that can be explored at our leisure ...

Type : Kayak & Canoe
Location : Phang Nga Bay
Contact : Sealand Camp
Tel. : 0 7622 2900-1, 0 7623 2900-4

Recommended Restaurants see all Restaurants
Smile Khaolak Restaurant

Smile Khaolak Restaurant

Smile is friendly, the kitchen is very professional with a peaceful location, friendly staff, food is first class, tasty, fresh and very reasonably priced authentic Thai cuisine ...

Cuisines : Thai , Seafood and Asian fusion
Opening Hours : 11.00 am. - 11.00 pm.
Location : Phetkasem Road, Takuapa
Tel. : 08 3391 2600
Hill Tribe Restaurant

Hill Tribe Restaurant

The restaurant is not amongst all the popular places, on the main road between town and Bang Niang. Price is very reasonable with five star food. The staff was very attentive and friendly ...

Cuisines : Thai & North Thai
Opening Hours : 01:00 pm. – 10:00 pm.
Location : Phetkasem Road, Takuapa
Tel. : 08 6283 0933
Blue Mist

Blue Mist

The restaurant located near the beach within a few minutes walk of the Marriott. The restaurant very nice palce for dinner, for drink and watching the sun set. The food to be fresh, tasty and authentic Thai ...

Cuisines : Thai
Opening Hours : 08:00 am. - 10:00 pm.
Location : Khuk Khak beach, Khao Lak
Tel. : 08 4744 3255

Recommended Pub & Bars see all Pub & Bars
O'Connor's Irish Pub

O'Connor's Irish Pub

The O'Connor's Irish Pub is located in Nang Thong Beach (Khao Lak center) opposite 7-eleven. The pub offers Thai dishes, tasty cocktails, whiskey and beers. The pub offer very good price / performance ratio, cozy atmosphere and nice staff ...

Category : Sports Bar & Beergarden
Opening Hours : 10:00 am. – 12:00 pm.
Location : Khuk Khak, Takhua Pa District
Tel. : 08 5784 9645
Mars Bar & Cafe

Mars Bar & Cafe

Take a visit to Mars bar and cafe for the warmest welcome you could imagine. Take it easy on the sofa reading a book or watching the latest sports on TV ...

Category : Beer Bar
Opening Hours : 09:00 am. - 12:00 am.
Location : Ban Bang Niang
Tel. : 08 4746 5951
Happy Snapper Bar

Happy Snapper Bar

Happy Snapper has kicked off again for the 2012 season with lots of bands, lots of people and lots of fun. The bar is located in beautiful Khao Lak unspoilt Andaman coast, and offer the most exciting night life in the area ...

Category : Live Music Bar
Opening Hours : 05:00 pm. - 02.00 am.
Location : Khuk Khak, Takua Pa District
Tel. : 0 7648 5500

Festivals & Events


Songkran Festival

When : 13 - 15 Apr 2018
Where: Throughout Phang Nga

Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year celebrated. Most of the activities during Songkran Festival involve water, as the underlying significance of this festival is the process of cleansing and purifying one's self before starting the New Year.


Phangnga Lantern Festival

When : Aug 2018
Where: Khao Lak Center

This year set up Lantern Festival with combine Batik of Phangnga. The venue set up 1000 of lantern and hi light with 4.00 m. hight batik lantern designed and 20.00 m. Batik and lightning tunnel.


Phang Nga Vegetarian Festival

When : 9 - 17 Oct 2018
Where: At the shrine in Phang Nga

The vegetarian festival to purify mind and soul by refraining from meat consumption and meditating. Symbolising the presence of the deities throughout the festival are 9 lanterns lit up and placed aloft on Ko Teng poles.


Loy Krathong Festival

When : 22 Nov 2018
Where: Throughout Phang Nga

In the festival, there are krathong desire contest, an amazing the procession of hanging lanterns, firework display, arts and local culture performances and enjoy with the shows from many artists.


Phang Nga Opening Festival 2016

When : Nov 2018
Where: Khao Lak Center

High Season Opening in Phang Nga "Opening of the Wonderful Phangnga" is scheduled in November every year. The ceremony features entertainment, cultural shows, and enjoy vast variety of sea food from many resort in Khao Lak.


Phang Nga Countdown 2019

When : 31 Dec 2018 - 1 Jan 2019
Where: Mueang District

Visitors will find a food market, shows from promising actors, singers and the multimedia entertainment of light and sound contemporary performances called "Phang Nga Pha Sook". Additionally, at night there are "Sai Tara" magnificent and dazzling firework displays of more than 100 shots.