Phangnga Travel Guide

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Phang Nga was inhibited by small communities on the bank of the river and expanded around. One of the major industries of the residents is agriculture and as it is situated on the coastal area, Phang Nga’s major products are mainly from plantation as well as the sea. Most of the products are produced by hand in traditional and local styles. Below is the guide to local products that you should not miss to try or buy back home while in Phang Nga.
Art and Handicrafts
Artificial Flowers made of Para Rubber Leaves
Artificial Flowers made
of Para Rubber Leaves
Artificial Flowers made of Para Rubber Leaves
Initiated by Housewives’ Agriculture Group, these elaborately crafted hand-made flowers are well-known provincial products. They can be found at Provincial Agricultural Extension and Housewives’ Agriculture Group.

Where to find them:
Takuapa Women Agricultural Coop Group
16/1 M.1, Khok Kean, Takuapa, Phang Nga 82100;
Contact : Mr.Lamai Yenjit
Tel. 01 968 5250, 01 925 0030, 076 431 060

Para Rubber Leaves Artificial Flower Group (Krasom)
50/8 M.5, Krasom, Takuapa, Phang Nga 82130;
Contact : Mr.Apiradee Tongmungkron
Tel. 065 930 973

Para Rubber Leaves Artificial Flower Group (Koh Yao)
61 M.3, Baan Nam Jued, Koh Yao Noi, Koh Yao, Phang Nga 82160
Contact : Mr. Sureeporn Sakunsan
Tel. 076 597 104, 076 597 114, 068 968 007 Textiles
Residents’ of Phang Nga produces Batik fabrics which is originally an art and craft of Indonesia. It was brought in to Thailand and was added the sense of Thainess in the fabrics to create uniquely spectacular patterns. Batik fabrics can be made for blouses, sarongs or shirts.

Where to find them:
01 Batik
32/2, Nop Pring, Phang Nga 82000;
Tel. 076 408 408

Klong Kian Group Batik
M.1, Klong Kian, Phang Nga;
Tel. 095 927 253, 095 946 017
Local Food
Gaeng Tai Pla (Fish’s Stomach Curry)
Gaeng Tai Pla is very typical in the southern Thailand. It is a very spicy hot curry cooked with fish stomach, slices of grilled fish, green beans, pickled bamboo shoots, sweet potatoes and the curry paste which is made from fresh tumeric, dried chillis, garlic, red onions, lemon grass, peppercorn smashed together. Every ingredient is cooked in boiling water by adding fish stomach first, curry paste, seasoning, grilled fish and vegetables respectively.

Tao Sor Cake
Tao Sor Cake
Tao Sor Cake
Tao Sor is a dessert which is a famous souvenir from Phang Nga. The major area that makes Tao Sor is Amphoe Takua Pa. It is originally Chinese and bought to Thailand by Chinese migrants. It is similar to Chinese Mooncake but smaller and dryer. Tao Sor is made of baked dough stuffed with mashed baked soy bean and seasoning to give sweet or salty flavours. It can be eaten with tea and coffee.

Where to find them:
Ban Bang Yai Women Voluntary Group
Ban Bang Yai Pavilion, M.4, Bang Nai See, Takuapa, Phang Nga 82110;
Tel. 089 289 0629, 081 978 2800

Housewife groups of Bang Nai Si
19 M.8, Bang Nai See, Takuapa, Phang Nga 82110;
Tel. 076 422 086, 081 536 2469

Jew Bakery
6/10, Petkasame Rd., Takuapa, Phang Nga;
Tel. 076 421 521

Tao Sor
196, Takuapa, Phang Nga 82110;
Tel. 076 422 057

Tao Sor Je Yhee
36, Takuapa, Phang Nga 82110;
Tel. 076 421 418, 076 593 333

The dessert groups three flavor at Takuapa
24/2 M.3, Bang Sai, Takuapa, Phang Nga 82110;
Tel. 076 421 595

Toung Rat
202, Soi Rim Tanon, Bumrungrat Rd., Takuapa, Phang Nga;
Tel. 076 421 802, 081 797 1451

Sweeten Nutmeg
Sweeten Nutmeg
Sweeten Nutmeg
This dessert is the province’s special product. The nutmegs are commonly found in the Phang Nga. They taste sweet and has a hint of minty flavour. They are available almost for sales at every household in Ban Tham Nam Phud.

Cashew Nut
Grilled cashew nut is typical snack in this province. It is good for snack and can also be cooked with food. Cashew nut is widely sold at Ban Sanam Bin, Tambon Bang Muang, Amphoe Takua Pa, in particular between February to May. Prices are around 300 Baht per kg.
Seafood Products
As a coastal town, Phang Nga has fresh seafood as well as preserved and processed seafood products such as dried shrimp, sweeten prawn, salted fish, dried mussel. They can be found throughout the town in particular, Panyee Island, along the road from Amphoe Takua Thung to Amphoe Tai Muang.

Gung Siab (Grilled Prawns)
It is one of the most popular food products from Phang Nga. They looks like dried shrimps but the difference is the whole prawns (with the shells) are skewered and grilled until they are dry. They are available in most markets, in particular in Amphoe Mueang, Amphoe Takua Pa, Amphoe Thap Put and Panyee Island.

Shrimp Paste
Shrimp paste is a common ingredient used in many dishes in Southeast Asian cuisines. It is made from fermented ground shrimp and is sun dried. The most well-known shrimp paste in Phang Nga is from Panyee Island, Amphoe Mueang, Tambon Kok Kloi, Amphoe Thai Mueang and Amphoe Takua Thung.

Where to find them:
Seafood Products
Seafood Products
Baan Thep Nimit Occupational Group
1/1 M.3, Ban Tham Thong, Tab pud, Phang Nga;
Tel. 089 683 1237, 076 414 117

Sausage, Dried Shredded Pork 185 Soi Rim Tanon, Sri Mueang, Takuapa, Phang Nga;
Tel. 076 421 146, 076 431 637

Women's Group Food Processing (Shrimp Paste, Kaeng Tai Pla)
M.4, Baan Nuey, Ka Lai, Takua Tung, Phang Nga;
Tel. 081 893 6479, 076 444 217