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Welcome to Phayao
Phayao is area of approximately 6,335 consists of 7 districts; Mueang Phayao, Chun, Chiang Kham, Chiang Muan, Dok Khamtai, Pong, Mae Chai, Phu Sang and Phu Kamyao. Phayao is one of oldest city, formerly named Phu Kamyao or Phayaw, had been governed by king inherited with long period. At that time, Phayao was located in the valley of Chom Phu hill or Doi Duan and Saita river (Ing river) pass through, which was called "Phayao Lake" or "Kwan Phayao". In legend of Phayao history informed that the ancestor of Phayao is Pu Chao Lao Chok or Lawa Chakkarat who used to live in Doi Tung, Chiang Rai and then move down to establish Hirannakorn Nguenyang City which was Mueang Chiang San. Era of Pra Chao Laonguen (King Laonguen), who is a son of Lawa Chakkarat, the king commanded Khun Jomtham (his latest son) to govern Phayao. Khun Jomtham managed the govern of Phayao to 36 districts, the ruler of each district had a rank as Muen and constructed the city gate as 8 locations named Chai, Hor Klong, Lek, Thanang, Thalao, Prasart, Thapan, and Aompom by 500 people in each district.
North : Chiang Rai South : Phrae and Lampang
East : Nan and Laos West : Chiang Mai
Distances to Other Provinces
Chiang Rai 94 km Chiang Mai 222 km
Lampang 131 km Sukhothai 337 km

Distances from Amphoe Mueang to Other Districts
Dok Kham Tai 15 km Chiang Kham 76 km
Phu Kamyao 17 km Pong 79 km
Mae Chai 24 km Phu Sang 85 km
Chun 48 km Chiang Muan 117 km
Festivals & Events
Sacrificial Combined Force 2324 Monument Fair
When : End of January - beginning of February
Where: Amphoe Chiang Kham
It is a merit making ceremony dedicated to the civilians, policemen and soldiers, who passed away in their fighting with the communist terrorists in 1980-early 1981 (2523-early 2524 B.E.). Moreover, it is a charity fair to raise money to assist the descendants of the deceased. Other activities include games, performances, exhibitions and a fair consisting of various booths of the government authorities.
Cassie Flower Blooming Day
When: 13-14 February
Where: Amphoe Dok kham Tai
Takes place on 14 February every year at the ground in front of the Dok Kham Tai District Office. Activities are the handicraft contests and sales of souvenirs.
Thai Lue Cultural Festival
When: Begin of March
Where: Wat Phrathat Sop Waen, Amphoe Chiang Kham
There are folk games, cultural performances, as well as, lifestyle of the Thai Lue people. In the event, people will dress up in the traditional costume. Also, there will be a cotton spinning demonstration, dessert making, Lue singing, Choeng or martial art dance, and Makon game.
Pho Khun Ngam Mueang Fair
When: 5 March
Where: Pho khun Ngam Mueang Monument
Is organized on 5 March every year at the Pho khun Ngam Mueang Monument with a beautiful and magnificent procession of the worship offerings.
Pu Cha Phaya Lo Fair (Bucha Phra Lo)
When: 9 April
Where: Amphoe Chun
In the event, there are parades, light and sound presentations, a procession inviting the spirits of Wiang Lo’s past kings, Khan Tok dinner at night, as well as, cultural performances.
Songkran Festival (Pi Mai Mueang)
When: 13- 16 April
Where: Amphoe Mueang
Is organized during 13-16 April every year behind the Mueang Phayao Municipality and in every district.
Phayao Lychee and Quality Products Fair
When: May
Where: The ground behind the Mueang Phayao Municipality
In the event, there are fairs offering lychees and quality products of Phayao and a lychee beauty pageant.
Wien Tien Klang Nam ceremony of Kwan Phayao
When: Full moon (March, June and August)
Where: Wat Thilok Aram Klang Kwan Phayao
Making merit by going to temples, offering food to monks and novices, listening to Dhamma preaching, doing meditation, and ending the day with Candle Light Processions (locally known as Wien Tien) in the evening.
Candle Procession Festival
When: 1st of the eight waning moon (August) (The begin of the Buddhist Lent)
Where: The ground behind the municipality office
Takes place one day before the Buddhist Lent Day at the ground behind the municipality office and in every district. Beautifully engraved candles are brought to participate in the parade. Various cultural shows are performed, as well as, the contest for the most beautiful candle is organized. After the contest, all the candles are offered to the temples.
Phayao Jewelry Industry and Quality Products Fair
When: August
Where: Phayao Jewellery Centre, Amphoe Mueang
There are show of jewelry and products of Phayao and sell jewelry from Phayao.
Yi Peng and Thai Lue Festival
When: November
Where: Phayao Lake
Nang Nopphamas beauty contest, floating of Yi Peng lanterns at the Phayao Lake, cultural performances, Thai Lue parade, sales of OTOP products, and a light and sound performance.
Hilltribe Traditional Festival
When: December
Where: Amphoe Chiang Kham
Traditional dances and games of the hill tribe people, which are a winter tradition, are performed.