Phayao National Parks, Travel Guide to National Parks of Phayao

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National Parks
Doi Phu Nang National Park
Location : Amphoe Dok Kham Tai, Amphoe Pong, Amphoe Chiang Muan
Doi Phu Nang National Park
Doi Phu Nang National Park
Doi Phu Nang National Park has many interesting points inside especially to peacock and many waterfalls. The overall area is 538,128 rai or 861 sq. km. which cover 3 districts of Phayao; Amphoe Chiang Muan, Amphoe Pong and Amphoe Dok Kham Tai. Almost area consists of mixed forest and dry dipterocarp forest with various types of rare wildlife; fishing cat, marbled cat, leopard cat, mountain goat, armadillo, etc. The most important wildlife is peacocks which very easy to meet them especially on their breeding time in the period of November-February. There are 265 peacocks inside the national park area. Thai peacocks or green peacock will prowl in the small group around 3-5 members but sometimes, in the big group that up to 30 members per group. The area that easy to find them is along the edge of hill. There is the peacock watching trail. Near to the national park office, it is the peacock breeding area; the peacock will spread tail-feathers to show its colorful trail and grab the peahen attention. The peahen will lays her eggs on the ground and after its brood into the babies; peahen will feed them until 1 year then leave away. The familiar peacock in the national park will show every time, so it can guarantee that tourists can precisely meet the peacock.
How to get there
By Car
The Doi Phu Nang National Park Office is located on Baan Bor Bae, Tumbon Baan Bang, Amphoe Chiang Muan, from Amphoe Dok Kham Tai using highway no. 1251 to Amphoe Chinag Muan, turn right when meet the intersection, there is the signage of national park office on the left hand side 3 km. from the intersection, turn left around 1 km.
Tourist Attractions
Than Sawan Waterfall: Not the long distance from national park office, the waterfall location is there. Tourists must walked down through step by step of ladder and continue with the flat area around 300 meters. The sources of waterfall are from many streams; Huay Song Sob, Huay Pong, Huay Aoon and Bor Bae natural fountain lead to be the water in Huay Mae Ping and fall down from the cliff with 15 meters height which consist of large trees and have plentifully water for all year.

Na-bua Waterfall: Na-bua Waterfall is a 3-step limestone waterfall with the flowing water throughout the year, situated on the right-hand side of Mae-yom Forest next to Ban-bua, Moo 4, Tambol Sra, Chiang-muan District, Phayao Province. The Waterfall originated from Mae-jung Gully. Step 1 of the Waterfall is about 10 meters high and 6 meters wide; meanwhile, Step 2 is about 6 meters high and 15 meters wide, located in the northeast of Step 1 (approximately 5 km away); and Step 3 is about 20 meters wide, located in the north of Step 2 (approximately 500 meters away).

Tad Poo Kaeng Waterfall: There is 5 km. from the national park office by walking. The car can run only 3.5 km. The waterfall is in its small size, water run through stone ground area with 20 meters width which is appropriate for relaxing.

Huai Ton Phueng Waterfall: The waterfall consists of many levels which lead to have the water falling down as cascade on the cliff with approximately 80 meters height. This waterfall has water along the year because of the plentifully of the forest. The route to waterfall is quite isolate and quietly that tourists should go in group for saving. The waterfall location is using highway no.1251 from Baan Bor Bae cross road direct to Amphoe Chiang Muan, until at the 53th kilometers that is the entry of waterfall on the right hand side, the waterfall is far from the main road around 2.5 km.

Huai Yua Reservoir: Huai Yua Reservoir possesses the beautiful scenery of mountains and rivers. It is a viewpoint for admiring the sunrise. Moreover, in the mornings of winter, there will be fog, creating a very splendid environment.

Mae Puem National Park
Location : Amphoe Mae Chai
Mae-puem National Park is situated in the areas of Chiang Rai Province and Phayao Province, covering an approximately area of 356 square kilometers or 222,500 rai. The National Park can be divided into 2 sections, including: Section 1 of the National Park is situated in the area of Doi-pui National Conserved Forest, Muang District, Chiang Rai Province, within the area of 67,500 rai.

Approximately 220 square kilometers or 137,431 rai of the areas of the National Park are situated in Chiang Rai Province; and approximately 136 square kilometers or 85,069 rai of the areas of the National Park are situated in Phayao Province. At present, Mae-puem National Park is being established as a national park.
How to get there
By Car
From the city of Phayao, you may take Highway No.1 (Phayao-Chiang Rai) until reaching km. 754, then, make a right hand turn to the National Park’s office, situated in the area of Mae-puem Reservoir. The total distance is approximately 22 kilometers.
Tourist Attractions
Doi Ngam: Doi Ngam or Doi Hua-ngom is a mesa with flatlands on the mountaintop (similar to Phu Kra-dueng). When standing on the mountaintop, you can watch a beautiful sunrise and sunset, as well as the scenery of mountains. In a nearby area, you can see a lot of wild orchids growing on trees and reefs. And next to the area of wild orchids, you can see the ground of cracked stones covered with mosses in a wide area, where two-leaf pines have thickly grown. The Sightseeing Spot has its perfect ecological system and being suitable for natural studying and camping.

Mae-puem Reservoir: Mae-puem is situated in an approximately area of 5,000 rai between Muang District and Mae-jai District of Phayao Province (approximately 22 km away from the city of Phayao to Chiang Rai Province). Interesting activities for tourists include recreations, sightseeing, natural studying, swimming, and canoeing.

Phu Sang National Park
Location : Amphoe Phu Sang
The 284.8 sq. km. park located in Amphoe Tueng, Chiangrai province, Amphoe Phu Sang and Amphoe Chiang Kham, Phayao province. The park border adjacent to Laos People Democratic Republic and right now the park is the important tourist attraction of the north. It is plentiful with forest and wildlife that come up with the beautiful natural resources such as waterfall, mountain, cave and the atmosphere of pinnacle which attract traveler to visit.
How to get there
By Car
From Phayao, drive on the Phayao-Amphoe Chun - Amphoe Chiang Kham-Nam Tok Phu Sang route. Total distance is 104 km. Altematively, from Chiang Rai via Amphoe Thoeng via Amphoe Chiag Kham to Nam tok Phu Sang. Total distance is 124 km.
Tourist Attractions
Bo Nam Sup Aun: Bo Nam Sup Aun is a pond which hot water percolated from the ground. The temperature of water is 35 oC meanwhile the temperature of weather is 10 oC.

Doi Pha Dam: Doi Pha Dum is a limestone mountain which its big cliff is very beautiful.

Huay Mieng Nature Trail: Located area on The fourth National Park Protection (Baan Huak), overall 12 stations by which 1,200 meters length, 1 hour walk. The forest still fully wet evergreen forest and this is the house of big-headed turtles.

Nam Dan Cave: Nam Dan is a huge cave decorated with amazing stalactites. Interestingly, there is a small waterfall inside. This cave used to be a shelter of communism terrorists.

Pha Dang Cave: 450 meters deep into the cave, there is a beautiful stalagmite along the cave. Furthermore, there is Nam Lod cave which has pass through stream under the cave nearby this area and also another interested cave named Nam Dan cave beside.

Phu Sang Waterfall: The fall plunges down 25 meters height into the pool with only one cascade level. The distinguish character is warmly stream in 35 degree Celsius temperature Moreover, there is a nature trail in the north of waterfall with highlight location on water-well warming and water-well crust of soft earth. Water-well warming is the origin of Phu Sang waterfall which surrounding by peat swamp forest that consists of many rare woods. Phu Sang water fall is 300 meters length from the national park office and in this way, tourists can travel to Baan Huak, Thai-Lao market and Phu Chee Fah which far from Phu Sang national park only 45 km.