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Welcome to Phetchaburi
Khao Wang
Khao Wang
Phetchaburi is an old city with very long history, mentioned in the 1st stone inscription from the Sukhothai period. Phetchaburi located 160 kilometers south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand and it covered area of approximately 6,225 square kilometers. Almost Thais will know Phetchaburi as “Mueang Phetch”. Phetchaburi, there are 3 major rivers feeding the province; namely, the Phetchaburi, Bang Kloi, and Bang Tabun. Its terrains throughout the western border, where Tanaosri Range lies as a natural border between Thailand and Myanmar, are mountainous dense jungles. In the east, there is an 80-kilometer long coastline towards the Gulf of Thailand.

Petchaburi is believed by some historians to have Indian roots for its name, as the Indian influence over a millennia ago was quite strong. Archaeological findings even indicate that the city may date back to the Dvaravati Period, sometime between the 6th and 11th centuries C.E. Three kings of the Ratanakosin Period, King Rama IV, V, and VI established their rainy season retreats here, each building a palace respectively named Phranakhonkhiri, Phraramrajanivet, Phrarajnivesmarugadayawan.

Consequently, Petchaburi is also known as Muang Sam Wang, the city of the three palaces. Petchaburi province is also well known for its splendid historical park, ancient temples, wonderful beaches and caves, as well as a great variety of local foods and fresh seafood. Petchaburi also has a popular resort town, Cha-am, which is the premier beach resort in the province.

As the location is conveniently located for visitors heading south either by road or rail, Petchaburi is now a major stop for sightseeing along the way to Hua Hin or beach towns in Southern Thailand.
North : Samut Songkhram and Ratchaburi
South : Prachuap Khiri Khan
East : Gulf of Thailand
West : Border Myanmar
Distances to Other Provinces
Prachuap Kiri Khan 58 km Ratchaburi 54 km

Distances from Mueang District to Other Districts
Ban Lat 8 km Nong Ya Plong 34 km
Ban Laem 12 km Cha-Am 40 km
Tha Yang 18 km Kaeng Krachan 57 km
Khao Yoi 23 km Hua Hin 66 km
Festival & Events
Thai Song Dam Tradition
When: April
Where: Khao Yoi District
Thai Song Dam Tradition is held annually around April every year at Khao Yoi District. The tradition features is a merit-making ceremony of the Lao Song or Thai Song Dam minority of Phetchaburi. There will be tribal and authentic cooking by the Thai Song Dam people who are clad in their rarely-seen traditional costume.
Phra Nakhon Khiri Fair
When: Early April
Where: Phra Nakhon Kriri Historical Park
Phra Nakhon Khiri Fair
Phra Nakhon Khiri Fair
Phra Nakhon Khiri or Khao Wang hill has been the place of the annual fair of Phetchaburi every year. It combines with the Phetchaburi Red Cross Fair for the public and tourists to participate in the activities and make merits with the Phetchaburi Red Cross Society. Activities in the fair there are the ceremony is to worship the city pillar shrine and the ancestral kings, exhibition to honor the ancestral kings and sustainable economy, the performances of Department of Fine Arts, a parade to honor the kings and the Phetchaburi way of life. Performances on the central stage, a contest of sweet Phetchaburi beauties, demonstration of foods and local sweets, ox chariot racing, decoration of lights and fireworks on Khao Wang each night.
Khao Ho Kariang Tradition
When: August
Where: Nong Ya Plong District and Kaeng Krachan District
Khao Ho Kariang Tradition is the culture and lifestyle of the Karen people who live in Nong Ya Plong and Kaeng Krachan District. It is held annually on the 14th day of the waxing moon of the 9th lunar month.