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Welcome to Phichit
Bueng Si Fai Situated in the Lower North some 345 kilometres from Bangkok, Pichit is accessible by both road and rail. Nurtured by two rivers, the Yom and the Nan running parallel to one another north to south, the land is agriculturally fertile. Once the site of an ancient town dating back almost a thousand years ago, Phichit has played in a major role in the history of both Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.
Known as the land of the crocodiles, it has been home to this ferocious reptile which has thrived in its waters. There are today several fresh-water crocodile farms. Phichit features in the Thai epic Krai Thong composed by King Rama II which tells of Chalawa.
North : Phitsanulok
South : Nakhon Sawan
East : Phetchabun
West : Kamphaengphet and Nakhon Sawan
Distances to Other Provinces
Phitsanulok 73 km Nakhon Sawan 113 km
Kamphaengphet 90 km Phetchabun 129 km

Distances from Amphoe Muaeng to Other Province
Amphoe Sam Ngaam 18 km Amphoe Tap Khlo 44 km
Amphoe Sak Lek 20 km Amphoe Bang Mul Nak 50 km
Amphoe Poh Pratab Chang 25 km Amphoe Poh Talay 66 km
Amphoe Wachirabaramee 26 km Amphoe Dong Charoen 78 km
Amphoe Tapan Hin 28 km Amphoe Bueng Narang 86 km
Amphoe Wang Sai Phun 31 km    
Festivals & Events
Long Boat Racings Festival
Where: 1st Saturday & Sun day of September
When: Amphoe Muaeng
Long Boat Racing Festival
Long Boat Racing Festival
In September, when the rivers and waterways are in full spate, boat-racing festivals are held in several provinces of Thailand. The Phichit Festivals are best known. Long-boat racing is a traditional event for the Thais who are used to living by the rivers. Although not restricted to any particular region, boat racing can be traced back to Ayutthaya, some 600 years ago. At that time, boat races were held to keep the young men physically and mentally fit in preparation for invasions by rival states. Today, boat racing is considered a national sport.