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Welcome to Phrae
Wat Phrathat Chohae
Wat Phrathat Chohae
Phrae is one of the most ancient cities in northern Thailand. The city was established in 1371 B.E. by Phya Pol, and was named "Pol Nakhon".

Phrae is located on the banks of the Yom River, about 555 kilometers from Bangkok. It covers an area of 6,538.6 square kilometers, and is administratively divided into 8 Amphoes (Districts). As the topography mainly consists of mountains and lush forest, Phrae is endowed with abundant natural attractions - parks, waterfalls, caves, etc. Due to its long history, it also features many historical sites, Buddhist temples and many other cultural attractions. The inner town of Phrae is surrounded by an old city wall more than 1,000 years old and 2 km. long.

In the past, Phrae was the hub of the teak industry in Thailand. Presently many old teak houses still can be found in the old city and are the distinctive feature of the city. Most old houses with great historical value are more than 100 years old. So this province is the place where you can truly appreciate the old charm of the north that cannot be found elsewhere. To explore the cultural attractions in the town at a more relaxing pace, you are recommended to hire a pedicab to take you around the town. You can stop whenever and wherever you want and enjoy the place to your heart's content.
North : Phayao and Nan
East : Nan and Uttaradit
South : Uttaradit and Sukhothai
West : Lampang
Distances to Other Provinces
Uttaradit 74 km Nan 121 km
Lampang 112 km Phayao 144 km

Distances from Amphoe Mueang to Other Districts
Sung Men 12 km Long 36 km
Nongmuang Khai 18 km Song 55 km
Denchai 24 km Wang Chin 87 km
Rong Kwang 30 km    
Festivals & Events
Kam Fah Thai-Puan Festival
When: February
Where: Thung Hong Village
Phra That Cho Hae Fair
Phra That Cho Hae Fair
Kam Fah Thai-Puan Festival is held for harmony and remembering Thai-Puan forefather at Thung Hong Village. In the past Thai-Paun people moved from Wiang Chan (Laos). The festival was held on February 1-4 annual and more than 100 years ago. Their propose is protect people from thunderbolt and no Thai-Puan was be dead by thunderbolt in the history.
Phra That Neang Fair
When: February
Where: Thung Hong Village
In the morning grand openings Ceremonies of Buddhist such as give alms to a Buddhist monk, listen to sermon In evening have entertainment and celebration.
Phrathat Chohae Fair
When: March
Where: Wat Phrathat Chohae
The Phra That Cho Hae Fair, held in around March, involves a procession to carry robes to cover the Chedi. The procession follows the Lanna style. All participants are decked out in traditional Lanna attires. They carry varied styles of Lanna Flags. There is entertainment every night till the morning of last day of festival (full moon night) they join together to arm giving for the monks. Also they walk with lighted candles in hand around Cho Hae Chedi and building of temple.
Songkran Festival in Phrae
When: April
Where: Amphoe Mueang
Songkran festival is held at the Wiang Ko Sai handicraft Center, Muang district from 13 to 17 of April yearly. Mo Hom dressed (local dark blue shirt) people will join Khantoke dinner and sprinkle water as playing. Moreover they sprinkle water to honour for older relations and also get blessing from them.
Kin Salak Fair
When: November
Where: Amphoe Mueang
The Kin Salak Fair is an old Buddhist merit-making event. Villagers prepare offerings and carry them in procession to present to the monks. The fair is held at Muang district around November yearly.
Waing Ko Sai Loy Krathong, Candle light and Fireworks Festival
When: November
Waing Ko Sai Loy Krathong, Candle light and Fireworks Festival
Waing Ko Sai Loy Krathong,
Candle light and Fireworks Festival
Where: Amphoe Mueang
Waing Ko Sai Loy Krathong, Candle light and Fireworks Festival is held annually on Loi Krathong day that around full moon night of November yearly. People with Mo Hom dressed (local dark blue shirt) will join Khantoke dinner at the Sri Chum Landing.
Khanhom Sen Festival
When: December - January
Where: Amphoe Mueang
This is held around December 31- January 4 yearly. Many organization and restaurants will join the great procession.