Phuket International Airport Information

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Phuket International Airport (HKT)
the gateway to Phuket Island, a paradise of tourists in the southern part of Thailand. HKT is now under supervision of the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited [AOT]. Phuket Island and nearby provinces are popular resort areas, Phuket International Airport then enjoys a high level of arriving passengers from all over the world and plays an important role in promoting travel and tourism in the southern region as well as throughout the kingdom. Nowadays, 38 airlines are on service and more than 2,900,000 passengers, 27,000 flights and 28,500 tons of cargo are handled at this airport.

Located at longitude 98 18' 45" and latitude 08 06' 38", 82 feet above sea level, Phuket International Airport is 32 kms. from downtown Phuket.

Domestic Flights - Time Tables

Total Area 45,688 m2 Peak Hour Capacity
Arrival 3,590m2 1200(Pax/Hour)
Departure 4,243m2 1000(Pax/Hour)
Government Office 659m2  
Rental Area 6,897m2  
Other Public Area 26,540 m2  
International Area
International Area


Total Area 19,144 m2 Peak Hour Capacity
Arrival 1,400m2 900 (Pax/Hour)
Departure 1,400m2 900 (Pax/Hour)
AOT Office 550m2  
Rental Area 4,106m2  
Other Public Area 11,688m2  
Domestic Area
Domestic Area

Information Services: For any enquiries and assistance, simply approach the airport officers at the Airport Information Counter. The central phone numbers (Long distant code 076) 327230-7
Retail Shops: More than 10 retail premises offer shopping delights and duty free buys like liquor, cigarettes, perfume and much more.
Food & Drink: Thai Airways International restaurant located on the 3rd floor serves Thai and European food. In addition, snack bars can be found at various areas in the terminal.
Tour Service: The Tour service counter is situated in the departure hall.
Post and Telegraph Office: Located in the departure hall, 2nd floor.
Exchange Service: There are 4 currency exchange counters in the arrival hall and 1 counter in the departure hall.
Transportation: Limousine - PLEASE READ the NOTE at the bottom of the page.
Car Rental - There are 2 car rental counters, one in the arrival hall at north end and the other at the south end.
Transit and Transfer: Transit area situated in the same area of the international departure lounge.
Left Luggage: This services is provided on the 1st floor, domestic arrival hall.
Baggage Claim: There are 6 baggage conveyors 2 of which are for domestic arrivals while other 2 for international arrivals and the remaining conveyors are for departing passengers.
Lost and Found: Passengers can trace their belongings at
- Counter of Thai Airways International on the 1st floor.
- Office of each airline company.
For tracking of lost belongings contact airport information counter.
Smoking Room: Smoking Room is provided in domestic and international departure lounge.
Muslim Praying Room: Muslim Praying Room for Muslim passengers/airport users is on the 3rd floor.
Meeting Point: Those who come to pick up passengers can make an appointment with passengers at the meeting points, located in arrival and departure hall.
Medical Service: First Aid is in the departure hall. Service hours is between 06.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m.
Hotel Reservation: Hotel Reservation counter can be found in the arrival hall.
Hotels near Airport: Phuket Airport Hotel, Dewa Phuket, Nai Yang Beach Resort, Indigo Pearl
Facility for the handicapped: Provided facilities for the handicapped are as follows :
- Car Park - Lift - Toilet - Telephone
Trolley : Complimentary trolleys are available within the terminal.


Government Regulations
All passengers over the age of 2 are required to pay the Passenger Service Charges. Passengers without a PSC ticket will not be permitted to fly. Payment of PSC is governed by the law of the Kingdom of Thailand. Please contact the PSC Counter for any queries.

International Passengers: Baht 500/person
Domestic Passengers: Baht 50/person (For domestic passengers, PSC is included in the ticket price)
Payment methods: 1. Payment of the PSC at special PSC Cash Counters
Payment can be made in cash. Refunds will be given to travelers if they decide not to fly.
2. Payment of the PSC via PSC Ticket Vending Machines

The PSC ticket vending machines will take Thai Baht only. While the PSC vending machines for domestic travel will take Thai Baht notes in the denomination of 20, 50 and 100 as well as 10 Baht coin. The PSC machines for international travel will take Thai Baht notes of 50,100,500,1,000 and 10 Baht coin. All machines will give change.

The central phone numbers
(Long distant code 076)
Information counter Ext. 1100,1111,1122
Security center Ext. 1191
First aid room Ext. 1133
Airlines Ext. 1206
Tourism Authority of Thailand 327110
Post office 327430
Immigration Ext. 1109
Customs Ext. 1161
The Southern Tourism Ext. 1284, 1285
Company Association ATTA 327154
Arrival Hall (first floor) Ext. 1100
Airlines Tel.
The central phone numbers
(Long distant code 076)
Domestic Airlines  
1. Thai Airways International Ext. 1202
2. Bangkok Airways Ext. 1235
International Airlines  
1. Bal Air Ext. 1240
2. Britannia Airways Ltd. Ext. 1240
3. Britannia (Sweden) Ext. 1240
4. China Airlines Ext. 1222-3
5. Condor Eludienst GMBH Ext. 1352
6. Far Eastern Air Transport Ext. 1352-3
7. Finn Air Ext. 1352-3
8. Hongkong Dragon Airlines Ext. 1230
9. Lauda Air Ext. 1238
10. Ltu Asia Tour Ltd. Ext. 1240
11. Malaysia Airlines Ext. 1232
12. Nova Airlines Ext. 345184
13. Premi Air Ext. 345184
14. Silk Air Ext. 1236
15. Trans Asia Airways Ext. 1361
16. Uni Airways Corporation Ext. 1367
Contact Map
NOTE: Limousine service from Phuket Airport to the hotel - It is reported that the drivers of the limousine service at the Airport are telling you that your booked or chosen hotel is not in operation, or something similar, and try to bring you to 'a friends' agency or hotel instead. Do not fall for it as this is a scam of the limousine drivers to extort huge commissions from the hotels - which you have to pay for.

Always book your Hotel and airport transfer in advance, even if only for one night. It is much easier to shop for a deal once you have escaped the Airport Taxi Touts, because no Hotel will be able to offer you any special deal when you arrive in an airport taxi. Also, drivers employed by Hotels are generally more friendly and helpful.

If you don't have time to book in advance, simply order the taxi to go directly to the hotel of your choice and tell him you already have a booking. But this will sometimes create a problem for the hotel because if you dont have any documentation of your booking, the taxi driver will insist the hotel pay a commission anyway. They are very pushy and often times will volunteer to help carry your bags to reception so they can see if you produce documentation of a booking at check in.

Never discuss your travel details with Airport Taxi drivers , treat them exactly as what they are, a service which employs low class people to perform the job of bringing you from point A to point B. Never give a taxi driver any respect, they see that as a sign that you are weak and can be taken advantage of. It is important to remember, they demand a commission on every night you stay not just the first night. They even come back and check with reception to see if you checked out or stayed longer.

Please keep a note of the taxis ID number in case you want to report any strange behavior and in case the driver asks the hotel to pay a commission after you check in, you can give that information to the Hotel. Use the metered taxis if possible. Help them to get their business going, but please follow the same guidelines above as they also would like to get a piece of the hotel action.