Phuket attractions in Amphoe Talang - What to do and where to see

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Religious Site
Phra Nang Sang Temple
Location : Amphoe Talang
The grounds of this historic temple are where the Battle of Thalang took place in 1785. Inside are three very old statues, wrought  in tin, of the Buddha; they are the largest in the world and date from a time when tin was regarded as a semi-precious metal. The bellies of the three big statues each contains a smaller statue, from which derives their name, "Monks in the Belly" in local vernacular. or 'The Three Kings' in formal language. Located on Thep Krasatri Rd., in Thalang Town at the traffic light. Phra Tong Temple
Phra Tong Temple
Location : Amphoe Talang
This temple enshrines a golden Buddha image that sprang up from beneath the earth long ago. The story is of a young boy who tied his buffalo to what he thought was a post; it was in an area at that time given over to the raising of animals. After doing so, he fell down in agony and died. The father of the boy dreamed that the reason his son had died was for the sin of tying a filthy buffalo to a sacred object, that what the boy thought was a post was in reality the golden peak of the Buddhas conical cap. He told his neighbors the dream and they all went out to dig up the statue but had no success.

Later, at the time of Thao Thep Kasatris heroic defense against the Burmese in 1785, the invaders tried to succeed where the villagers had failed; their intention was to take the Buddha image back to Burma. Sacred objects and slaves were then the most sought after spoils for armies. The Burmese, however, were unable to retrieve the golden Buddha despite several attempts; they were finally driven off by a swarm of angry hornets. After this the villagers decided to protect their miraculous statue by covering the part that stuck up from the ground with a plaster cast of Buddhas head and shoulders which is the way it is today. Located north of the traffic light on the outskirts of Thalang Town. A large sign shows the entrance.
Thalang National Museum
Location : Amphoe Talang
Thalang National Museum
Thalang National Museum
Ancient artifacts from Phukets long history are on display; the oldest were found on the west coast. In addition there are exhibits detailing the famous Battle of Thalang involving the Two Heroines, daily life in Phuket, and the Sea Gypsy culture. Located just east of the Two Heroines Monument on the Pa Khlok Rd. Read more...
Open Hours : Daily except holidays from 9.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Admission fee : Foreigner 100 Baht (Price are subject to change)
Tel: 0 7631 1426
Park & National Park
Khao Phra Theaw
Location : Amphoe Talang
Wildlife Conservation Development and Extension Center 22.28 square kilometers of virgin forest are covered by this park, which also actively conserves a number of wild animals; they would otherwise be extinct in fast-growing Phuket. It is a center for study of the environment. Forest vegetation is spectacular : Giant trees supported by huge buttresses are thick with creepers and climbers of every description. One species of palm found, the Governors Palm or White Back Palm (palm lang khao in Thai) is especially rare. Langurs, barking deer, mouse deer, deer, bear, wild boar, monkeys, gibbons, and many species of birds inhabit the forest. Khao Phra Thaeo serves also as one of Phukets most important water sources. Read more...  Best known now as the site of the Gibbon Fund, a project to return domesticated gibbons to the forest, Bang Pae is a small waterfall with a shady forest and thick foliage surrounding. To get there go to the Two Heroines Monument and take the road running east, the Pakhlok Rd., 7 kms. to Bang Pae. Look for the posted signs. A small falls over which pours a great volume of water during the rainy season. The trees, watercourses, and pools nearby provide one of Phukets loveliest scenes.The park headquarter and a small restaurant with an excellent view are also at Ton Sai. Located near Thalang Town, 22 kms. from Phuket Town. Location : Amphoe Talang
Situated in Sirinat National Park near Ta Chatchai on Phukets northern tip, the mangroves--saltwater swamps with unique eco-systems much prized by scientists searching for clues about adaptation and evolution - cover about 800 rai. Anyone with an interest in horticulture will be interested in the many unusual perennial plants found here: mountain ebony (kong kang bai lek), red cycas (prong daeng), black myrsina (samae dam), the Ladys Nails quisqualis (leb mue nang), and various creepers and climbers are among the more significant. There are also many mangrove-dwelling animals with unique evolutionary characteristics. A nature trail has been cleared for the convenience of visitors with signs indicating and explaining the various species. Location : Amphoe Talang
Located near Phuket International Airport, the national park covers an area of 90 square kilometers. The park stretches all the way to the island's northern tip. There are a number of interesting places to visit: Read more...
Mai Khao Beach Nakha Island Nai Yang Beach
Islands Around Amphoe Talang
Other Attractions
Cable Jungle Adventure Phuket
Location : Amphoe Talang
This cable runs 1200 meters through the magnificent jungle, via 15 stations, between 6 and 30 meters above the ground. No need to worry this European management and the team have 20 years of experience, the ride is safe, fast and fun. Fly through the jungle past ancient tropical trees and feel the energy rush.

Contact: Tel. 0 7652 7054, 08 7896 9076, 08 1977 4904