Phuket Transportation - Travel around Phuket

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Modes of transport for getting around Phuket island
Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuks are the small red open taxis which you can find everywhere on the island. They are great to get around. You have to negotiate the fare before you hop in. Rates depend on distance, time, weather and many other things and starts at app. 20 Baht for a short distance and can go up to 500 Baht for a longer trip. Rates are negotiable and will cost at least 200 baht to Patong Beach, 230 baht to Karon and Kata Beaches and 300 baht to Nai Han and Kamala Beaches. It is normally cheaper to stop a Tuk Tuk when it passes by then to take one which is waiting in front of a hotel or restaurant.
Songthaews are the open blue-yellow local buses. They follow fixed routes and operate between 7.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. The cost ranges from 20 baht to 25 baht person trip. There are no bus-stops so you just stop the songthaews when they pass by and give the driver a sign when you want to leave the bus. Prices are fixed and much cheaper then Tuk Tuks but it takes a bit longer to reach your destination. They operate mostly from Phuket Town to the different beaches but not between the beaches.
Taxi Meter
Visitors can call 0 7623 2157-8 to get a metered taxi that will take them anywhere on Phuket. The metered fare will include a 20 baht surcharge. There are metered taxis everywhere. Only use them when they go by the meter - if they ask for a fixed price don't go for it and take another one.
songthaew tuktuk
Motorbike Taxi
They are just everywhere. You can recognize them by there green or red wests with numbers on them. This transport is for the more adventures ones as it is not the safest but it is fast, cheap and bring you wherever you want. As with the Tuk Tuks the price must be negotiated before the ride.
Motorcycle taxis
It costs approximately 20 baht/person/trip to travel via motorbike taxi around Phuket Town.
If you want to drive by your own you can rent a motorbike or car everywhere on the island. Keep in mind that in Thailand you drive on the left hand side and traffic rules are widely ignored. Busses, trucks, water buffalos and elephants have always the right of way - because they are bigger than you.
Can be rented everywhere. Rates are app. 200 Baht/24h for a small bike and up to 1000 Baht/24h for a big one. It is very dangerous riding a bike in Thailand so it is advisable to pool together and rent a car instead.
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Cars of all types can be rented - from private rental shops or professional rental companies. Rates per 24h start at 800 Baht. You need to provide a driving license when renting a car.