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Kamala Beach
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From Bangkok, take Highway No.4 (Petchakasem Road) through Petchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon, Surat Thani and Phang Nga see more

There is fairly regular boat service between Phuket and nearby islands including Koh Yao and Koh Phi Phi. During the high season (October-May), travelers may also see more

Air-conditioned and non air-conditioned busses leave Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal for Phuket several times daily. Trips by air-conditioned bus, which see more

Flying to Phuket is arguably the easiest way to get to the island. Most domestic airlines operate several flights daily between Phuket and Bangkok, see more

Activities in Phuket

As one of the premier tourist destinations in Thailand, Phuket has innumerable activities to participate in, ensuring that visitors with any interest will find something to keep them entertained on their Phuket holiday. The following are some of the most popular activities on Phuket.

Recommended Activities

1 Aerial Sports

 Aerial Sports
Aerial Sports
Paragliding is a recreational and competitive flying sport. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by its suspension lines and the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing. The athlete will control the parachute to fly to the direction and land as expected. Paragliding is the very famous and popular for the one who love the excited and challenge sport.
KBA Kitesurfing
Location: Chalong Bay
Tel.: 08 1591 4594
Phuket Windsurfing
Location: Rawai Beach
Tel.: 0 7662 0516
Patong Hill Estate
Location: Patong Beach
Tel.: 08 1930 2212

2 ATV Quad Bike Adventure

ATV Quad Bike Adventure
Phuket ATV Adventure provide a great new fun way to explore the natural beauty of Phuket. Tour guides escort you along natural tracks through rubber plantations and jungle. Get to know the local forest workers, learn about the environment and discover local plants you never knew existed in this unspoiled environment.
Phuket ATV Park
Location: Thalang District
Tel.: 0 7661 7747

3 Bungy Jumping

 Bungy Jumping
Bungy Jumping
Phuket Bungy Jump is located a few kilometers outside Patong Beach, on the way go to Phuket Town. It is the chance to bungy jump from a height of 50 metres (165 feet) with some spectacular views across the green jungle of Phuket. If you are looking for extreme adventure during your holiday in Phuket bungy jumping is one of the best choice for your challenges
World Bungy Jump
Location: Patong Beach
Tel.: 0 7634 5185, 08 3645 6970

4 Elephant Trekking

Elephant Trekking
Elephant Trekking
Phuket Elephant Trekking offer an amazing experience during your stay in Phuket, especially for children. There are various elephant camps around Phuket, that provide an opportunity to ride an elephant along a trail through jungle and rubber plantations and that is close to nature, an exciting,enjoyable and unforgettable time.
Kok Chang Safari Elephant Trekking
Location: Kata Beach
Tel.: 08 4841 9794
World Bungy Jump
Location: Patong Beach
Tel.: 0 7634 5185, 08 3645 6970
Phuket Trekking Club
Location: East Chaofah Rd.
Tel.: 0 7637 7344

5 Game Zone

Game Zone
Game Zone
If you are looking for something different to do from the usual boat trip or elephant ride that Phuket has to offer, then why not try Phuket Games Zone? Located in the south east of the island in Chalong area, Phuket Games Zone offers several fun activities that are suitable for everyone; men, women, young and old. Great family entertainment.

Football Golf, Phuket Thailand
Phuket Games Zone’s Football Golf Course is the biggest and best in Phuket. 18 holes, multiple challenges, 2 prizes, large challenging bunkers, chip shot zones and unlimited fun! Plus a 19th hole where you can cool down with a chilled drink in the shade.

Frisbee Golf, Phuket Thailand
Frisbee golf is a relaxing game of skill and cunning for those who understand that the best sports are those that you can play with a drink in your hand. It’s easy to play. Simply pair up with a friend and see who can get their frisbee into the basket with the least number of throws. We have 9 baskets on our course and you can go round as many times as you like.

Body Zorbing
Phuket Games Zone is the only place to enjoy Body Zorbing in Phuket. Have fun bumping into friends, doing somersaults without getting hurt, rolling around, or challenge your mates to Body Zorbing Sumo – or as we like to call it, Zorbo!
Phuket Games Zone
Location: Soi Palai, Chaofa (East) Rd. Chalong
Tel.: 09 1010 5488

6 Go Karts

Phuket Kart is the best racing experience you can get. The track covers an area of 750 metres and is equip with flood lights, for night races. The track offers an exciting and also has a restaurant, where spectators can sit and watch.

The go karting center has a selection of 27 karts, varying in engine size from 160cc to 400cc. These are high speed super karts, standard single karts, 2 seater karts and kids karts. The karts can reach speeds of between 40 to 100 km per hour.
All of the karts are regularly maintained to an excellent standard. There has never been any reports of injury caused by carelessness on behalf of any of the staff at the center. Safety is a key objective for all of the professional staff at the go karting track.
Patong Go-Kart Speedway
Location: Kathu District
Tel.: 0 7632 1949, 0 7620 2689

7 Golf Course

Adventure Golf
Adventure Golf
Challenging for professionals as well as amateurs, Phuket’s top golf courses extends excellent facilities and service in addition to accommodation and dining venues. Green and caddie fees are affordable and professional golf lessons for varying skill levels are available. Choice of indoor/outdoor driving range, equipment hire facility, first-class pro shop and club house extending a wide range of facilities like Jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and relaxing massages make Phuket a great destination for golf vacation. Overnight golf packages with a good selection of golf courses and Phuket resorts are there to choose from. Packages are also available without accommodation.
Blue Canyon Country Club
Location: Thalang District
Tel.: 0 7632 8088
Mission Hills Phuket Golf Resort & Spa
Location: Thalang District
Tel.: 0 7631 0888
Dino Park Mini Golf
Location: Karon Beach
Tel.: 0 7633 0625, 0 7633 00516, 0 7633 0999
Phuket Adventure Mini Golf
Location: Thalang District
Tel.: 0 7631 4345, 08 0147 2468
Laguna Phuket Golf Club
Location: Mueang District
Tel.: 0 7627 0991 - 2
Phunaka Golf Course
Location: Chaofa West Rd., Chalong
Tel.: 0 7652 1991-5
Loch Palm Golf Club
Location: Katu District
Tel.: 0 7632 1929 - 34
Red Mountain Golf Club
Location: Vichitsongkram Rd., Kathu District
Tel.: 0 7632 2000-1

8 Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Phuket and the surrounding region is quite rightly considered by many people to be one of the top diving destinations anywhere in the world. The waters are consistently clear and pleasantly warm (close to 30 degrees Celsius all year), and there are amazing and unforgettable underwater sights that can astound even the most experienced divers. From out of this world rock formations to plenty of colourful, exotic and unique marine life, the natural habitat supports and provides shelter to a staggering array of creatures and plant life. See more dive sites
All4Diving Retail Phuket
Location: Patong Beach
Tel.: 0 7634 4611
Kon-Tiki Phuket
Location: Patong Beach
Tel.: 0 7634 5114
Andy Scuba Diving @ Around Island Phuket
Location: Rawai Beach
Tel.: 08 4734 8807, 08 0601 3901
Merlin Divers
Location: Kamala Beach
Tel.: 08 9591 8105
Location: Chalong / Rawai Beach
Tel.: 0 7638 4564
Phuket Pro Dive @ Chalong
Location: Rawai Beach
Tel.: 0 7638 3913-4, 08 1893 4686

9 Thai Cooking Classes

Thai Cooking Classes
Thai Cooking Classes
Enjoying cooking favorite Thai dishes and your home made delicious meal from Thai Cooking Classes on Phuket. You will find authentic Thai cooking classes in southern Thailand. Learn how to cook healthy and delicious Thai food to surprise your family and friends at home as a gourmet souvenir form Thailand. Real hands-on experience. Here you get a much more in depth cooking experience.
Boathouse Wine & Gril
Location: Kata Beach
Tel.: 0 7633 0015-7
Pats Home Style Cooking School
Location: Phuket Town
Tel.: 08 1538 8276
Moo's Kitchen
Location: Nai Yang Beach
Tel.: 0 7632 7006, 0 7632 7015
Phuket Thai Cookery's Courses
Location: Patong Beach
Tel.: 0 7625 2354, 0 7625 2355

10 Thai Boxing Classes

Thai Boxing
Thai Boxing
"The Art of the Eight Limbs"or known as a charming traditional Thai boxing which is famous all over the world. Phuket Thai boxing stadium provides to all Thai boxing lovers. Any highlight matches of the day in Phuket you will found here as well as Thai boxing school in Phuket also offers on this island.
Bangla Boxing Stadium Patong
Location: Patong Beach
Tel.: 08 9726 1112, 08 6954 2999
Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp
Location: Chalong Bay
Tel.: 0 7636 7071, 0 7636 7072
Sinbi Muay Thai
Location: Rawai Beach
Tel.: 08 3391 5535, 08 0879 8092

11 Watersports & Water Park

Watersports & Water Park
Watersports & Water Park
Phuket offers a great watersport activities such as scuba diving, fishing, surfing, snorkeling, parasailing, cable skiing or kite surfing, or just relaxing on the beach. From sea kayaking in Phang Nga to visiting a waterpark in Mai Khao Beach, outdoor activities are readily available. It’s all here on this glorious island. Don’t miss the water sports opportunities Phuket has to offer.
Kite Surfing Phuket
Location: Chalong Bay
Tel.: 08 3395 2005
Phuket Wake Park
Location: Kathu District
Tel.: 0 7620 2527
Phuket Surf
Location: Phuket Town
Tel.: 08 7889 7308, 08 1611 0791
Splash Jungle Water Park
Location: Mai Khao Beach
Tel.: 0 7637 2111

12 Horse Riding

Horse Riding
Horse Riding
Phuket horse riding is a fun and romantic way to explore Phuket's natural scenery. You can ride along excellent guided tour trails - marshland fields, groves of conifer trees, sandy beaches and in the vicinity of lagoons. All riding clubs have well trained horses, with gentle horses available for children and beginners.
Phuket Bang Tao (Laguna) Riding Club
Location: Bang Tao Beach
Tel.: 0 7632 4199
Phuket Riding Club
Location: Rawai Beach
Tel.: 0 7628 8213, 08 1477 7185

13 Yoga

Yoga is fast growing in popularity all over the world, especially in Thailand in places such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Phuket, and is definitely not just for women and tree huggers despite some common misconceptions. It’s become quite a big business in Phuket with many established yoga centres and specialist retreats, and there are dozens of private instructors that can tailor sessions to each individual.
Abbysan Yoga
Location: Chalong Bay
Tel.: 0 7630 4277, 08 3107 0277
TaiChi Class
Location: Layan Beach
Tel.: 0 7631 7200 ext.6007
Pilates Mat
Location: Indigo Pearl
Tel.: 0 7632 7006, 0 7632 7015
Yoga House
Location: Thalang District
Tel.: 08 5889 1580
Kata Hot Yoga
Location: Kata Beach
Tel.: 0 7660 5950