prachuap kirikhan attractions
Dan Singkhon Dan Singkhon
Location : Amphoe Hua Hin
This Myanmar-Thailand border pass is located in Tambon Khlong Wan, 4 kilometers from Khao Hin Thoen Stone Park. It used to be a strategic line for military movement in the past. In Thai, the name of the palace literally means far from worries. This summer palace consisting of 3 Spanish style mansions facing the sea was constructed to the north of Hua Hin under the royal command of King Rama Vll. Today, it is the permanent residence of the King.

It is open to the public daily from 9.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. Call (032) 511115 for more information. A permit must be obtained from the Royal Household Office prior to a visit.

Khao Krailat Located near Khao Takiap, this steep hill lends its name to the temple that is located there. The temple belongs to a Buddhist denomination originally founded by King Rama IV and showcases a collection of large Buddha images dating back several hundred years. Dan Singkhon King Mongkut Memorial Park of Science and Technology
This Science Park was established at Wa Ko in 1989 to commemorate King Monkut (King Rama IV), who is regarded as the Father of Thai Science Study. In 1968 the King made a trip to Wa Ko to witness an eclipse of the sun after his astronomical forecast. A science museum with many sections for youth education, an aquarium and a butterfly garden situated in the compound can be visited every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Adult 20 baht child 10 Baht. The park is located at Km.335 of Highway No. 4, about 12 kilometres from Prachuap Khiri Khan and 4 kilometres along a branch road. Call 0 3266 1098 for more information. For more information please visit website Chatchai Market
is an old market of Hua Hin, which is well-known among both domestic and international tourists, located by Phetchakasem Road in Hua Hin town. This market was built in 1926 after the royal initiative of King Rama VII on the occasion of his first royal visit to Klai Kangwon Palace with Queen Rambhai Barni. Pran Buri Pran Buri is some 30 kilometres south of Hua Hin. There are several beach resorts in peaceful atmosphere. It is a relatively new destination amongst in Thailand's thriving resort offerings. Blessed with endless miles of white sandy beaches, Pran Buri is fast becoming one of the preferred holiday getaways for discerning individuals and for those who yearn for their own private retreat. The Pran Buri Forest Park occupies a large area with a 1-kilometre pine-fringed beach and mangrove nature trails. Khao Hin Thoen Stone Park Location : Amphoe Muang
This is located to the west of the town. Travel along Highway No. 4 till Km. 331-332, then turn right and drive for another 8 kms. Among large stones placed by nature in the area, there are narrow walks leading to wide rocky fields on the mountain top overlooking the view of the city and the sea. Location : Amphoe Pranburi Kuiburi
Sam Roi Yot National Park Located 63 kilometres south of Hua Hin in the vicinity of Kui Buri district, this coastal national park covers an area of 98 square kilometres with limestone mountains, mangrove swamps, and beaches. It is also home to various kinds of local and migrating birds, which are plentiful from November to February. With a large number of ridges, Khao Sam Roi Yot (or the mountain of 300 peaks) stands as a landmark for seamen and also provides a good shelter for ships during a storm. To get to the park, follow the direction signs marking the remaining distances of 38 and 15 kilometres at Km. 256 and Km.286.5, respectively.

Attractions within the park area include:

Sam Phraya Beach, located 3.5 kilometres north of the park office, is a beautiful beach lined with pine trees. Accommodation is available.

Tham Sai

Kaeo Cave is situated some 23 kilometres from Pran Buri or 15 kilometres north of the park office. This cave is full of stalactites and stalagmites. Oil lamps can be rented at a nearby village for exploring the cave.

Sai Cave, is 9 kilometres north of the park office. Exploration inside the cave takes about half an hour. Oil lamps can be rented at nearby Khung Tanot Village.

Huai Yang Waterfall National Park
Location : Amphoe Thap SaKae
This 16-square kilometre-park covers a forested area on the Tanao Si Mountain Range. A 5-layer waterfall, Namtok Huai Yang, near the park office is its main attraction. The highest elevation is the 1,251-metre Khao Luang mountain. Admission is 100 baht per person. Accommodation is available near the park headquarters. Hat Wanakon National Park Location : Amphoe Thap SaKae
23 kilometres from Prachuap Khiri Khan, this 38-square kilometre park is centred on a fine 7 kilometre-pine-fringed beach. Camping is permitted. Snorkelling around offshore islands, swimming, hiking and bird watching number among major attractions. Accommodation facilities are available.
Butterfly Garden
Located opposite Klai Kangwon Palace, this is the first butterfly and herbal garden in Hua Hin. Surrounded by diverse local plants from all over Thailand, it features varied species of butterflies, birds, orchids, flowers and herbal plants. It opens daily from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Hua Hin Arts and Crafts Centre
Hua Hin Arts and Crafts Centre
Location : Amphoe Hua Hin
Situated in an old typical house on Naepkhehat Road, the center features a private collection of contemporary works of many Thai artists-paintings, sculptures and local handicrafts, as well as old furniture and many pictures about Hua Hin in the past.
Khao Hin Lek Fai
Definitely a vantage point to see the whole town of Hua Hin, the hill is located approximately 3 kilometers west of the town. The best time to see the city is in the early morning. Khao Takiap Location : Amphoe Hua Hin
This hill is situated at the southern end of Hua Hin, only 4 kilometers from the town. It can be easily reached by local minibus. Visitors can go up the hilltop to enjoy a bird's eye view of Hua Hin, which is one of the delightful views either during the day or night. There is a temple call Wat Khao Takiap situated on top of the hill. The nearby Khao Takiap Beach offers mostly bungalow accommodations. The giant golden Buddha Statue standing against the cliff has become a landmark of Khao Takiap.
Koh Singto
Location : Amphoe Hua Hin
Approximately 800 meters off the coast of Suan Son Beach is Ko Singto, a small island suitable for fishing and diving. Some boats for hire are available. Location : Amphoe Hua Hin
This beachside area belongs to the Army Welfare Office and is open to the public. It is at Kilometer 241, some 8 kilometers south of Hua Hin. This is a tranquil and relaxing place to visit with various restaurants and accommodations in the form of guesthouses, hotels and self-catering bungalows.
Khao Tao Beach
Location : Amphoe Hua Hin
This beach lies about 10 kilometers south of Hua Hin and 1 kilometer along an access road. It is a pine-fringed beach, more secluded than Hua Hin. Bungalows are available. Pa La-u Waterfall Location : Amphoe Hua Hin
This beautiful 11-tiered rock waterfall is located in the densely verdant forest in the area of Kaengkrajan National Park where various kinds of birds and butterflies are found, especially in the morning. Some levels of the waterfall can be reached along a trekking trail parallel to the stream. The best time to watch butterflies is from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. In addition, visitors may be able to spot wild animals and several species of rare birds. The best time to visit the fall is from November to April when the fall is at its most beautiful. The waterfall can be reached by local transportation from Hua Hin for a distance of 63 kilometers. For more information, call the Kaeng Krachan National Park at 032 459293. Ao Bo Thonglang Location : Amphoe Thap SaKae
Situated in the southern extremities of the province, both are scenic bays in the Bang Saphan district area. Travel about 75 kilometres south of Phrachuap Khiri Khan to Km. 399, turn left and continue for another 17 kilometres via Bang Saphan Market to Ao Mae Ramphueng. Ao Bo Thonglang is 4 kilometres away. Accommodation and seafood restaurants are available.

Koh Thalu, Koh Sang and Koh Sing
Ko Thalu, Ko Sang and Ko Sing Location : Amphoe Thap SaKae
These three islands suitable for fishing can be reached within 20 minutes by boat from Ban Pak Khlong, 3 kilometres east of Bang Saphan.
Location : Amphoe Muang
This locality has had historical importance since the reign of King Rama IV. The King made a trip to Wa Ko to witness the full moon eclipse. A long white sandy beach lined with pine trees offers a pleasant atmosphere. It is located at Km. 335 of Highway No. 4, about 12 kilometers south of the town.
Khao Chong Krachok or Mirror Mount Location : Amphoe Muang
From the foot of the hill in the north of the town, up 395 steps, sits a much revered monastery. There is a small pagoda and a troop of playful monkeys. The hill also offers a splendid panorama of the coastline and seascape Location : Amphoe Muang
Ao Manao Lying some 5 kilometres south of the town, this beautiful curved bay, once a battlefield between the Thai and Japanese armies during the Second World War, is under the care of the Royal Thai Airforce. Part of the beach is lined with souvenir stalls. The remainder, and the greater part, is tranquil and largely untouched by commercialism.
Laem Sala Beach
Location : King Amphoe Sam Roi Yot
is located 16 kilometers north of the park office. It can be reached by boat or walking across a hill from Bang Pu Village. Walking up a beachside mountain for a while, visitors will arrive at a famous cave called "Tham Phraya Nakhon". The cave has a big hole through which a shaft of light reaches and permits the growth of various kinds of plants. Phra Thi Nang Khuha Kharuhat, a Thai style pavilion, lends the most attractive sight to the cave and has become the symbol of Prachuap Khiri Khan. It is a four-porched building first constructed in Bangkok in 1890 during the reign of King Rama V, then dismantled and moved to the cave where it was reconstructed. Its gable tops were raised by the King himself. In addition, there is a viewpoint on Khao Daeng, 400 meters from the park office and Ban Khao Daeng , a canal side village, which is the starting point for a boat trip to watch wild birds.
Ban Krut Beach
This quiet beach is situated mid-way between Amphoe Thap Sakae and Bang Saphan. A good view of the beach can be seen from the top of Thong Chai Mountain where a huge sitting Buddha image is situated. Accommodation is available along the beach.
Hua Hin Beach
Location : Amphoe Hua Hin
huahin Hat Hua Hin is a 5-kilometer white sandy beach lined with a wide range of accommodations, from bungalows to five-star hotels and resorts. Located at the sunrise side of the city, the beach runs from a rocky headland which separates it from a tiny fishing pier, and gently curves for some three kilometers to the south where the Giant Standing Buddha Sculpture is located at the foot of Khao Takiap. While 3offering a tranquil atmosphere, the beach is also the place for fun-filled activities ranging from jogging, walking, sun bathing, horse riding, kite boarding, and other kinds of water sports. More Detail...
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