Koh Samui hotels and travel guide, Thailand. Hotel reservation for Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao

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samui mapYour journey starts . . .   Well, trhe most common way is to book a ticket in your country to Bangkok International Airport   also known as Suvarnabhumi Airport. Arriving in Bangkok, you maystop-over for some days for shopping or exploring Bangkok.

Hint: If you plan an extensive shopping tour, you should do it on your return trip . . .

Having arrived at Bangkok Airport, you can decide on how to continue . . . If this is your first trip to Thailand, we suggest you read our details about Bangkok Airport.
I want SAMUI I want stop-over in BANGKOK
Fine.That's what we like to hear. You will have several possibilities to travel from Bangkok to Koh Samui:monkey Whatever you do: ot forget your baggage!  This is very important if you intend to go on to a domestic airport. Your baggage will not be redirected automatically at Bangkok Airport, so you'll have to pick it up, move to the domestic terminal and check-in your baggage again.  You would not be the first traveler who arrives at Koh Samui, while the baggage is still in Bangkok ... Granted.  You will receive many offers for taxis and hotels just before leaving the arrival zone!   Ignore them.  Say: "no thank you".  Most of these services are too expensive.
After lAfter leaving the arrival zone without losing money, you may wish to first visit one of the currency exchange services. That's ok!  Do it.
To go to Bangkok now, you will need a taxi.  There are private taxis called taxi and public taxi call taxi-meter.    We highly recommend to read our notes for using a taxi.

You book a hotel at one of the counters in the airport, but take care of the location and the price - anyway: This is not the be the best idea!  Try to book a Bangkok hotel  before arriving ... over the Internet.
Enjoy Bangkok, but please do visit Samui ...
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Pick-up service provided through Sawadee.com

You will reach the island either at Samui airport, Samui ferry port or Nathon pier.  Generally, if your desired resort knows your arrival time, you will be picked up by the resort's mini-bus.  If not, there are many private taxi services (pickups) waiting for new guests.  Listen to words like "taxi sir ?".

Hint: ask for the price before entering any taxi - and bargain!

If you have a clear destination, avoid any discussions or suggestions for "a better hotel".  Always the best is to have a pickup service from your hotel.  You may also call the hotel from Samui, Bangkok or wherever you are now.
Enjoy your holiday. Web Sawadee Plc, Lamai (Koh Samui)
samui airport

samui airport


All travelers arriving at Koh Samui Airport should use the pick-up service of their hotel (which is the most convenient way) or the transportation service provided through sawadee.com.