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Animals and Animal Shows


samui aquarium

Welcome to Samui's only Aquarium and Tiger Zoo

Located at the Samui Orchid Resort at Ban Harn beach, near Laem Set, coming from Lamai simply make the first left after Ban Hua Thanon village. Welcome to the undersea world of Koh Samui. You do not have to get wet to enjoy Samui’s stunning underwater world.
Be fascinated by the spectacular collection of tropical fish and innumerable other colorful aquatic creatures, such as turtles and a lot of other beautiful sea life, which you personally can hand feed. The tanks also house many varieties of rocks, multi colored coral to create natural surroundings.
There is something for all the family. Discover all you need to know about the colorful world beneath the sea of Koh Samui.

Next in the line of events is the Tiger Zoo. Say hello to the Royal Bengal Tigers and young leopards.

These magnificent creatures, with their grace and formidable power; evokes in us both fear and awe, they are two of natures most feared predators.

samui aquarium and tiger zooNow you can enjoy watching these magnificent animals, playing with one another and relaxing in the natural surroundings.
For those little more adventurous, you may have the chance to have a photo of you beside one of these amazing creatures.

A photograph and memory of Samui you will always remember.

Finally, visit the large Avery of exotic birds, including South American Macao’s, cockatoo’s, a variety of colorful parrots, birds of prey, including Sea Eagles, Red Eagles etc. and a lot more

Do not forget to say hello to Nancy and Woody, two of the many crazy sea otters, playing and resting in their own private swimming pool

Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo

Open: daily from 9am till 6pm
Contact: 077 424017