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Animals and Animal Shows

icon Monkeys icon

On Samui, the monkey undoubtedly qualifies as man's best friend. This isn't surprising, since for centuries the people here have used monkeys to do the hardest part of the work climbing to the trees to "pick ripe nuts" on their coconut plantations. Until the advent of tourism, coconuts represented the main industry here, so these industrious little animals were greatly prized.
    To see the monkeys at work just watch out for signs at the roadside which say "Monkey work coconut" or go to the monkey theatre which offers shows in which the monkeys display their dexterity, and not just at picking coconuts.

monkey picks coconut

> Do you know? Monkeys are trained at the monkey school in
Surat Thani and can pick 700 - 1000 coconuts per day!

icon Buffalos icon
samui buffalo fight

These heavyweights are mostly involved in fighting as there is no (rice) farming anymore on Samui. This is a sport specific to the south of Thailand, and on Samui it generates a great deal of excitement. There are about a half dozen rough " stadiums" around the island, most being no more than a cleared area under the palms with a wall of bamboo matting or coconut leaves to hinder the view of those who haven't paid for a seat.Great crowds gather when a fight is on, and while men pay about 100 Baht, women enter free.

Usually, the more aggressive the buffalo, the greater the crowd's delight.The fight ends when one animal turns and runs, usually well before either animal gets hurt. But for the peace-loving ones there is now the "Living Thailand Buffalo Show" - which is located at the road 4173 to Ban Thale. Features are a Thai farming museum, a buffalo theater showing paddy ploughing and rice planting and a ride in a buffalo cart.

> Do you know?The Thai swamp buffalo is called "Ai Tui" in Thai language which means "it is an honest royal worker".20 years ago the buffalo population in Thailand was app. 6 million  which has now declined to app. 1,5 million. A female buffalo weighs app. 350-450 kg and a male app. 450-600 kg and they can work for 14 years and get up to 20 years old.

icon Butterflies icon

Visiting a butterfly farm is a great way of getting up close to some beautiful creatures that one would otherwise only ever see as a flash of vivid color against green forest. The butterflies on the Samui farm flit about naturally amid tropical foliage, but they can't completely escape from view. Besides observing at close range some of the region's most beautiful butterflies, you can witness the breeding cycle of some species that are raised on the spot. Also featured are insects, moths and a bee house. The farm is set up on a hillside overlooking the ocean on the southeast corner of the island and makes for a pleasant short outing.

Open: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Fee: 120 Baht for adults, 60 Baht for kids under 12 years.

samui butterfly garden
> Do you know? There are app. 520 species of butterflies in Thailand.

icon Snakes icon
snake farm

Samui snake farm is located at Talingngam on the south of the island. As its name implies, it is where all kinds of snakes and reptiles are gathered. Some rare species of poisonous snakes those that cannot be found in Europe or America are kept here. Some of these snakes take the center stage during the farm's special shows. An exciting part is a fight between man and scorpion, and even centipede (a show unique here). There is also a cobra show that only Samui Snake Farm can put up and don't worry,

The animals are not harmed during the show. Snakes, for example, aren't caught to have their teeth or their poison taken away. These natural shows are presented in line with the highest standards of Thailand. Visitors can be assured of 100 percent safety during the performances. Aside from the exciting shows, you can also avail of various interesting information in the exhibition rooms and snakes' houses. Showtime: 11 a.m. & 2 p.m. daily. Fee is 250/150 Bahtadult/kids

> Do you know?There are about 163 species of snake in Thailand, 85 of which are venomous. The largest snake ever discovered was a 32 foot long python, found in the jungles of Thailand.


 icon Marine Life / Tiger / Birds icon

all kind of marine life requires to go snorkeling, be a diver and moving around the surrounding islands. but you do not have to get wet to enjoy Samui's stunning underwater world. Just visit Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo which has been fascinating visitors with their marvelous collection of tropical marine life such as sharks, tropical fish and innumerable other colorful species of aquatic creatures, including turtles which are displayed in vast tanks that line either side of a 120meter long cave-like tunnel. Each tank also houses multi-colored coral, rocks and sea forests, adding to the realism of the exhibition.
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> Do you know? Thailand has more than 900 species of birds, app. 250 wild tigers and app. 650 species of freshwater fishes. The largest freshwater fish ever recorded - a Mekong Giant Catfish -  was caught in Northern Thailand in May 2005. The fish was 2,7 meters long and weighted 293 kg.

icon Crocodile Farm icon
samui crocodile farm
Samui Crocodile farm is located behind the airport and easy to find. On an area of  7,000 sqm you can find app. 100 animals of various kinds like Siam crocodiles, caimans, Saltwater crocodiles, snakes, lizards, monkeys and many others. Showtime is two times daily, at 1400h and 1630h

> Do you know? There are three types of crocodile in Thailand, two of which are believed to be extinct in the wild. Of the third, the Siamese crocodile, there are less than 200 left in the world. Crocodiles can go up to 18 months without eating.


icon Elephants icon

Did you ever want to ride an elephant? If the answer is yes just head down to Namuang Waterfall where you can find the elephant camp at Namuang Safari Park.The ride lasts app. 30 minutes and costs about 500-700 Baht. You also can join one of the safari tours which mostly includes a elephant ride.

> Do you know? lEephants are herbivores and will consume about 2-300kg of food per day, and 150 liters of water. Elephants may be heavy animals, but they can run up to 15 miles per hour.

samui elephant trekking
samui elephant Samui Safari

Mr.Ung's Safari Tour

iconParadise Park Farm icon

paradise park

Whatever your fancy, Paradise Park Farm has something for you...
lates and biggest attraction! Set on 20 acres of land, Paradise Park Farm is a spectacle. Spend a day, or two, in the cool air of Samui's highest mountain covered by tropical rainforest. Surround yourself by water falls, small rivers, canyons and exotic birds and wildlife. Sit in a number of beautiful gardens and enjoy the spectacular views. Leisurely walk the trails beneath towering natural rock formations. Have fun among the ponies and deers, visit the aviaries filled with hundreds of birds or simply laugh at the emus and Pygmy goats.
Frolic in the infinity swimming pool, unwind in the spa, and marvel at the famous " Free Flying Painted Doves of Samui " Relax in the restaurant and enjoy fine food or refresh yourself with a drink or two at the poolside bar. See and smell the local fruit trees, flowers, orchids and view traditional rubber tree tapping on site.

paradise park location map


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7 am. - 7 pm.

Animal Rescue Services on Samui


Dog (&Cat) Rescue Center Dog Rescue Center Samui
112 / 35 Moo 6, Bophut
Koh Samui
Tel: 077 413 490
E-mail: info@samuidog.org
Snake Rescue Samui Snake Rescue & Relocation Center
Call Phil: 096635085
E-mail: phil_brookie@yahoo.com

Poisonous Animals in Thailand